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pptv体育竞猜【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】<  "Ian Murdoch held them back," said he. "He would insist upon somealgebraic demonstration before breakfast. Poor chap, he isdreadfully cut up about it all."   "Oh, he has a European fame, has he? Well, we've learned all abouthim in America. We know he is at the bottom of fifty murders, andyet we have nothing positive we can take him on. I tracked him overfrom New York, and I've been close to him for a week in London,waiting some excuse to get my hand on his collar. Mr. Gregson and Iran him to ground in that big tenement house, and there's only the onedoor, so he can't slip us. There's three folk come out since he wentin, but I'll swear he wasn't one of them."

    But suddenly I was aware of that which his keener senses had alreadydistinguished. A low, stealthy sound came to my ears, not from thedirection of Baker Street, but from the back of the very house inwhich we lay concealed. A door opened and shut. An instant later stepscrept down the passage- steps which were meant to be silent, but whichreverberated harshly through the empty house. Holmes crouched backagainst the wall, and I did the same, my hand closing upon thehandle of my revolver. Peering through the gloom, I saw the vagueoutline of a man, a shade blacker than the blackness of the open door.He stood for an instant, and then he crept forward, crouching,menacing, into the room. He was within three yards of us, thissinister figure, and I had braced myself to meet his spring, beforeI realized that he had no idea of our presence. He passed close besideus, stole over to the window, and very softly and noiselessly raisedit for half a foot. As he sank to the level of this opening, the lightof the street, no longer dimmed by the dusty glass, fell full upon hisface. The man seemed to be beside himself with excitement. His twoeyes shone like stars, and his features were working convulsively.He was an elderly man, with a thin, projecting nose, a high, baldforehead, and a huge grizzled moustache. An opera hat was pushed tothe back of his head, and an evening dress shirt-front gleamed outthrough his open overcoat. His face was gaunt and swarthy, scored withdeep, savage lines. In his hand he carried what appeared to be astick, but as he laid it down upon the floor it gave a metallic clang.Then from the pocket of his overcoat he drew a bulky object, and hebusied himself in some task which ended with a loud, sharp click, asif a spring or bolt had fallen into its place. Still kneeling upon thefloor he bent forward and threw all his weight and strength uponsome lever, with the result that there came a long, whirling, grindingnoise, ending once more in a powerful click. He straightened himselfthen, and I saw that what he held in his hand was a sort of gun,with a curiously misshapen butt. He opened it at the breech, putsomething in, and snapped the breech-lock. Then, crouching down, herested the end of the barrel upon the ledge of the open window, andI saw his long moustache droop over the stock and his eye gleam asit peered along the sights. I heard a little sigh of satisfaction ashe cuddled the butt into his shoulder; and saw that amazing target,the black man on the yellow ground, standing clear at the end of hisforesight. For an instant he was rigid and motionless. Then his fingertightened on the trigger. There was a strange, loud whiz and a long,silvery tinkle of broken glass. At that instant Holmes sprang like atiger on to the marksman's back, and hurled him flat upon his face. Hewas up again in a moment, and with convulsive strength he seizedHolmes by the throat, but I struck him on the head with the butt of myrevolver, and he dropped again upon the floor. I fell upon him, and asI held him my comrade blew a shrill call upon a whistle. There was theclatter of running feet upon the pavement, and two policemen inuniform, with one plain-clothes detective, rushed through the frontentrance and into the room.

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   "On the third day after the coming of the letter my fatherwent from home to visit an old friend of his, Major Freebody, whois in command of one of the forts upon Portsdown Hill. I was gladthat he should go, for it seemed to me that he was farther fromdanger when he was away from home. In that, however, I was inerror. Upon the second day of his absence I received a telegramfrom the major, imploring me to come at once. My father hadfallen over one of the deep chalk-pits which abound in theneighbourhood, and was lying senseless, with a shattered skull. Ihurried to him, but he passed away without having ever recoveredhis consciousness. He had, as it appears, been returning fromFareham in the twilight, and as the country was unknown to him,and the chalk-pit unfenced, the jury had no hesitation in bringingin a verdict of `death from accidental causes.' Carefully as Iexamined every fact connected with his death, I was unable to findanything which could suggest the idea of murder. There were nosigns of violence, no footmarks, no robbery, no record ofstrangers having been seen upon the roads. And yet I need nottell you that my mind was far from at ease, and that I waswell-nigh certain that some foul plot had been woven round him."In this sinister way I came into my inheritance. You willask me why I did not dispose of it? I answer, because I was wellconvinced that our troubles were in some way dependent upon anincident in my uncle's life, and that the danger would be aspressing in one house as in another.

    "Ah, indeed!" There was no change of expression in the ruggedfeatures of the doctor.

    "A single man in a dog-cart, so far as I could see. Well, itcertainly was not Mr. James Wilder, for there he is at the door."A red square of light had sprung out of the darkness. In themiddle of it was the black figure of the secretary, his head advanced,peering out into the night. It was evident that he was expectingsomeone. Then at last there were steps in the road, a second figurewas visible for an instant against the light, the door shut, and allwas black once more. Five minutes later a lamp was lit in a roomupon the first floor.

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   "Yesterday morning I was seated in my office at the bank when a cardwas brought in to me by one of the clerks. I started when I saw thename, for it was that of none other than-well, perhaps even to you Ihad better say no more than that it was a name which is a householdword all over the earth-one of the highest, noblest, most exaltednames in England. I was overwhelmed by the honour and attempted,when he entered, to say so, but he plunged at once into businesswith the air of a man who wishes to hurry quickly through adisagreeable task.<  "James came into contact with this fellow Hayes, because the man wasa tenant of mine, and James acted as agent. The fellow was a rascalfrom the beginning, but, in some extraordinary way, James becameintimate with him. He had always a taste for low company. When Jamesdetermined to kidnap Lord Saltire, it was of this man's service thathe availed himself. You remember that I wrote to Arthur upon that lastday. Well, James opened the letter and inserted a note asking Arthurto meet him in a little wood called the Ragged Shaw, which is nearto the school. He used the Duchess's name, and in that way got the boyto come. That evening James bicycled over- I am telling you what hehas himself confessed to me- and he told Arthur, whom he met in thewood, that his mother longed to see him, that she was awaiting himon the moor, and that if he would come back into the wood atmidnight he would find a man with a horse, who would take him toher. Poor Arthur fell into the trap. He came to the appointment, andfound this fellow Hayes with a led pony. Arthur mounted, and theyset off together. It appears- though this James only heardyesterday- that they were pursued, that Hayes struck the pursuerwith his stick, and that the man died of his injuries. Hayes broughtArthur to his public-house, the Fighting Cock, where he was confinedin an upper room, under the care of Mrs. Hayes, who is a kindly woman,but entirely under the control of her brutal husband.

    "We have an inspector who makes a specialty of Saffron Hill andthe Italian Quarter. Well, this dead man had some Catholic emblemround his neck, and that, along with his colour, made me think hewas from the South. Inspector Hill knew him the moment he caught sightof him. His name is Pietro Venucci, from Naples, and he is one ofthe greatest cut-throats in London. He is connected with the Mafia,which, as you know, is a secret political society, enforcing itsdecrees by murder. Now, you see how the affair begins to clear up. Theother fellow is probably an Italian also, and a member of the Mafia.He has broken the rules in some fashion. Pietro is set upon his track.Probably the photograph we found in his pocket is the man himself,so that he may not knife the wrong person. He dogs the fellow, he seeshim enter a house, he waits outside for him, and in the scuffle hereceives his own death-wound. How is that, Mr. Sherlock Holmes?"Holmes clapped his hands approvingly.

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   It was a nice equipment for a respectable citizen to carry throughthe dim, fog-draped streets. I stowed them all discreetly away in myovercoat and drove straight to the address given. There sat myfriend at a little round table near the door of the garish Italianrestaurant.

    "For an instant I imagined that Bannister had taken the unpardonableliberty of examining my papers. He denied it, however, with the utmostearnestness, and I am convinced that he was speaking the truth. Thealternative was that someone passing had observed the key in the door,had known that I was out, and had entered to look at the papers. Alarge sum of money is at stake, for the scholarship is a very valuableone, and an unscrupulous man might very well run a risk in order togain an advantage over his fellows.

<  "Certainly."   "Well, if you wish to see Godfrey, you shall. It is no doing ofmine, but you have forced my hand. Ralph, tell Mr. Godfrey and Mr.Kent that in five minutes we shall be with them."

    "No, I wrote upon the day before."


<  "No, there! was never any love between them."   The Secretary rang the bell.

    "A side-slip," I suggested.





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