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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "No, I cannot."
2.  "A very remarkable note," said Holmes, glancing it over. "I mustcompliment you, Mr. Baynes, upon your attention to detail in yourexamination of it. A few trifling points might perhaps be added. Theoval seal is undoubtedly a plain sleeve-link- what else is of such ashape? The scissors were bent nail scissors. Short as the two snipsare, you can distinctly see the same slight curve in each."The country detective chuckled.
3.  "Certainly, it was most interesting. Has this woman only been hereonce, constable?"
4.  "Well, sir, as you put it, perhaps it does."
5.  "And yet I gather that they were not friends."
6.  "They must have done so. I have a confused memory, too, of havingbeen lifted and conveyed somewhere."


1.  "I have told you all that happened, Mr. Hopkins," she said, wearily."Could you not repeat it for me? Well, if you think it necessary, Iwill tell these gentlemen what occurred. Have they been in thedining-room yet?"
2.  "Oh, so so. Nothing to complain of. I have been out to Streathamsince I saw you last, but I did not call at the house. It is a verysweet little problem, and I would not have missed it for a gooddeal. However, I must not sit gossiping here, but must get thesedisreputable clothes off and return to my highly respectable self."I could see by his manner that he had stronger reasons forsatisfaction than his words alone would imply. His eyes twinkled,and there was even a touch of colour upon his sallow cheeks. Hehastened upstairs, and a few minutes later I heard the slam of thehall door, which told me that he was off once more upon hiscongenial hunt.
3.  "I will make no allowance. I am very angry indeed, and I have beenshamefully used."
4.  "Is a very simple one. I shall go down with Hill to the ItalianQuarter, find the man whose photograph we have got, and arrest himon the charge of murder. Will you come with us?"
5.  "`No excuse will avail,' said Mr. Duncan Ross; `neithersickness nor business nor anything else. There you must stay, oryou lose your billet.'
6.  "You are proud of your brains, Holmes, are you not? Think yourselfsmart, don't you? You came across someone who was smarter this time.Now cast your mind back, Holmes. Can you think of no other way youcould have got this thing?"


1.  "She puts them all down as slanders."
2.  We both put our eyes to the grating. The prisoner lay with hisface towards us, in a very deep sleep, breathing slowly and heavily.He was a middle-sized man, coarsely clad as became his calling, with acoloured shirt protruding through the rent in his tattered coat. Hewas, as the inspector had said, extremely dirty, but the grime whichcovered his face could not conceal its repulsive ugliness. A broadwheal from an old scar ran right across it from eye to chin, and byits contraction had turned up one side of the upper lip, so that threeteeth were exposed in a perpetual snarl. A shock of very bright redhair grew low over his eyes and forehead.
3.  "Syracusan- of the best period," he explained, bolding it up."They degenerated greatly towards the end. At their best I hold themsupreme, though some prefer the Alexandrian school. You will find achair here, Mr. Holmes. Pray allow me to clear these bones. And you,sir- ah, yes, Dr. Watson- if you would have the goodness to put thejapanese vase to one side. You see round me my little interests inlife. My doctor lectures me about never going out, but why should I goout when I have so much to hold me here? I can assure you that theadequate cataloguing of one of those cabinets would take me three goodmonths."
4.  "And now I have to consider the motive of this singular crime. Toget at this, I endeavoured first of all to solve the reason of theoriginal burglary at Mr. Acton's. I understood, from something whichthe colonel told us, that a lawsuit had been going on between you, Mr.Acton, and the Cunninghams. Of course, it instantly occurred to methat they had broken into your library with the intention of gettingat some document which might be of importance in the case.""Precisely so," said Mr. Acton. "There can be no possible doubt asto their intentions. I have the clearest claim upon half of theirpresent estate, and if they could have found a single paper-which,fortunately, was in the strong-box of my solicitors-they wouldundoubtedly have crippled our case."
5.   "I should like to see him very much."
6.  "Now, Count, if you will be reasonable we can do business. If not,you will get hurt."


1.  In the cab was a woman, half-collapsed from nervous exhaustion.She bore upon her aquiline and emaciated face the traces of somerecent tragedy. Her head hung listlessly upon her breast but as sheraised it and turned her dun eyes upon us I saw that her pupils weredark dots in the centre of the broad gray iris. She was drugged withopium.
2.  "That is so. He called last Tuesday."
3.  "Was there a fellow about thirty, black-bearded, dark, of middlesize?"
4、  "Who told you this?"
5、  "Wait a bit, Mrs. Warren. Do nothing rash. I begin to think thatthis affair may be very much more important than appeared at firstsight. It is clear now that some danger is threatening your lodger. Itis equally clear that his enemies, lying in wait for him near yourdoor, mistook your husband for him in the foggy morning light. Ondiscovering their mistake they released him. What they would have donehad it not been a mistake, we can only conjecture."




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      "For England, home and beauty- eh, Watson? Martyrs on the altar ofour country. But what do you think of it, Mycroft?"

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      -THE END-

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       "I think there will be no difficulty in clearing it up," saidLestrade, grimly.

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      So far all had gone admirably. My luggage was waiting for me, andI had no difficulty in finding the carriage which Holmes hadindicated, the less so as it was the only one in the train which wasmarked "Engaged." My only source of anxiety now was the non-appearanceof Holmes. The station clock marked only seven minutes from the timewhen we were due to start. In vain I searched among the groups oftravellers and leave-takers for the lithe figure of my friend. Therewas no sign of him. I spent a few minutes in assisting a venerableItalian priest, who was endeavouring to make a porter understand, inhis broken English, that his luggage was to be booked through toParis. Then, having taken another look round, I returned to mycarriage, where I found that the porter, in spite of the ticket, hadgiven me my decrepit Italian friend as a travelling companion. Itwas useless for me to explain to him that his presence was anintrusion, for my Italian was even more limited than his English, so Ishrugged my shoulders resignedly, and continued to look outanxiously for my friend. A chill of fear had come over me, as Ithought that his absence might mean that some blow had fallen duringthe night. Already the doors had all been shut and the whistleblown, when-

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    {  "Where was he sitting?"

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      "No; he is clean dazed. He just knows that he was lifted up as if bymagic and dropped as if by magic. Two at least were in it, and maybethree."

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      "I've got him thoroughly frightened for his own skin, Watson,"Holmes remarked as we walked on. "I think he would double-cross hisemployer if he knew who he was. It was lucky I had some knowledge ofthe Spencer John crowd, and that Steve was one of them. Now, Watson,this is a case for Langdale Pike, and I am going to see him now.When I get back I may be clearer in the matter."

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       The Scotland Yard inspector was still writing in the parlour whenHolmes interrupted him.

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    {  "He asked my terms, sir. I said fifty shillings a week. There is asmall sittingroom and bedroom, and all complete, at the top of thehouse."

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      "Who did know of the existence of that letter?"