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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Felton cast his eyes round for means of escape, and seeing the doorfree, he rushed into the next chamber, in which, as we have said, thedeputies from La Rochelle were waiting, crossed it as quickly aspossible, and rushed toward the staircase; but upon the first step hemet Lord de Winter, who, seeing him pale, confused, livid, and stainedwith blood both on his hands and face, seized him by the throat, crying,"I knew it! I guessed it! But too late by a minute, unfortunate,unfortunate that I am!"
2.  Mme. Bonacieux pronounced these words with tears in her eyes.D'Artagnan saw those tears, and much disturbed, softened, hethrew himself at her feet.
3.  "Instantly," said Athos.
4.  "Monsieur, we must not confound prudence with cowardice; prudenceis a virtue."
5.  "I think not."
6.  "Listen! You must try to see her, and have an explanationwith her. Say to her: 'Peace or war! My word as agentleman never to say anything of you, never to do anythingagainst you; on your side, a solemn oath to remain neutralwith respect to me. If not, I will apply to the chancellor,I will apply to the king, I will apply to the hangman, Iwill move the courts against you, I will denounce you asbranded, I will bring you to trial; and if you areacquitted, well, by the faith of a gentleman, I will killyou at the corner of some wall, as I would a mad dog.'""I like the means well enough," said D'Artagnan, "but whereand how to meet with her?"


1.  Milady seized the occasion,
2.  "Give a ball; you know how much the queen loves dancing. I willanswer for it, her resentment will not hold out against such anattention."
3.  Musketeers."
4.  "Well, are you going away in that manner? Where, and how?""That's true!"
5.  "Oh, I inquired after him for the purpose of hanging himlikewise; but he was beforehand with me, he had quit the curacythe night before."
6.  The baron drew out his watch. "It wants ten minutes to nine," said he.Milady had hastened her departure by an hour and a half. As soon as sheheard the cannon which announced the fatal event, she had ordered theanchor to be weighed. The vessel was making way under a blue sky, atgreat distance from the coast.


1.  "There is something horribly mysterious under all this,Athos; this woman is one of the cardinal's spies, I am sureof that."
2.  Scarcely had he descended the first stair, when a hand of ironseized him by the belt and stopped him.
3.  "I don't find a good musket, twelve cartridges, and a powderflask very useless in the face of an enemy."
4.  "How is that? You told me yourself that that ring--""That ring I have! The Comte de Wardes of Thursday and theD'Artagnan of today are the same person."
5.   "I was to take your dispatches, written or verbal, and return by post;and when he shall know what you have done, he will advise what you haveto do."
6.  "Monsieur Bonacieux," said the commissary, looking at the accusedas if his little eyes had the faculty of reading to the verydepths of hearts, "you have a wife?"


1.  "Speak! By the word of a gentleman, you shall have no cause torepent of your confidence."
2.  "Not I, unfortunately!" said Porthos. "This miserable strainconfines me to my bed; but Mousqueton forages, and brings inprovisions. Friend Mousqueton, you see that we have areinforcement, and we must have an increase of supplies.""Mousqueton," said D'Artagnan, "you must render me a service.""What, monsieur?"
3.  He remained on the bench, with his back leaning against the walland his hands hanging down, exactly on the spot where the guardsplaced him.
4、  The lackey bowed to the ground and departed.
5、  "Oh, that's very well, young man," continued M. de Treville,"that's all very well. I know these airs; I myself came to Pariswith four crowns in my purse, and would have fought with anyonewho dared to tell me I was not in a condition to purchase theLouvre."




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      The four friends seated themselves on the ground with theirlegs crossed like Turks, or even tailors.

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      At the same instant, four men, armed to the teeth, entered byside doors, and rushed upon Athos.

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       "Good God! To imprison him, monseigneur? Why, he imprisonedhimself, I swear to you he did. In the first place he had maderough work of it; one man was killed on the spot, and two otherswere severely wounded. The dead man and the two wounded werecarried off by their comrades, and I have heard nothing of eitherof them since. As for myself, as soon as I recovered my senses Iwent to Monsieur the Governor, to whom I related all that hadpassed, and asked, what I should do with my prisoner. Monsieurthe Governor was all astonishment. He told me he knew nothingabout the matter, that the orders I had received did not comefrom him, and that if I had the audacity to mention his name asbeing concerned in this disturbance he would have me hanged. Itappears that I had made a mistake, monsieur, that I had arrestedthe wrong person, and that he whom I ought to have arrested hadescaped."

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      "Yes," continued Athos, "four times only; once at the house ofMonsieur Crequy; another time at my own house in the country, inmy chateau at--when I had a chateau; a third time at Monsieur deTreville's where it surprised us all; and the fourth time at acabaret, where it fell to my lot, and where I lost a hundredlouis and a supper on it."

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    {  "The Lord of the estate on which the chapel of the curacy was situatedsaw this pretend sister, and became enamoured of her--amorous to such adegree that he proposed to marry her. Then she quitted him she hadruined for him she was destined to ruin, and became the Comtesse de laFere--"

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      "Not at all," said Athos, calmly.}

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      "Well, merit this pretended happiness, then!"

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      "But you say she is English?"

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       The cardinal seemed furious.

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    {  "For you and nobody else, as the horse which paws the ground ismine, and the other horse, which is caracoling, belongs toAthos."

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      Porthos succeeded him; and thanks to one of those disappearancesto which he was accustomed, he was able to provide for the wantsof all for a fortnight. At last it became Aramis's turn, whoperformed it with a good grace and who succeeded--as he said, byselling some theological books--in procuring a few pistoles.Then, as they had been accustomed to do, they had recourse to M.de Treville, who made some advances on their pay; but theseadvances could not go far with three Musketeers who were alreadymuch in arrears and a Guardsman who as yet had no pay at all.At length when they found they were likely to be really in want,they got together, as a last effort, eight or ten pistoles, withwhich Porthos went to the gaming table. Unfortunately he was ina bad vein; he lost all, together with twenty-five pistoles forwhich he had given his word.