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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "The one M. de Villefort is preparing against my amiableassassin -- some brigand escaped from the gallowsapparently."
2.  A general exclamation of surprise ran round the table, withthe exception of the elder Dantes, whose laugh displayed thestill perfect beauty of his large white teeth. Mercedeslooked pleased and gratified, while Fernand grasped thehandle of his knife with a convulsive clutch.
3.  "Do you require my services now?" asked d'Avrigny.
4.  "In France!" he cried, "the usurper in France! Then they didnot watch over this man. Who knows? they were, perhaps, inleague with him."
5.  "That did more honor to your heart than to your experience,M. Bertuccio. Had you known this Edmond Dantes, of whom theyspoke?"
6.  "Could you have swum so far?"


1.  "It is she!"
2.  Villefort had, as we have said, hastened back to Madame deSaint-Meran's in the Place du Grand Cours, and on enteringthe house found that the guests whom he had left at tablewere taking coffee in the salon. Renee was, with all therest of the company, anxiously awaiting him, and hisentrance was followed by a general exclamation.
3.  "And where do the servants sleep?"
4.  "Never mind, Renee," replied the marquise, with a look oftenderness that seemed out of keeping with her harsh dryfeatures; but, however all other feelings may be withered ina woman's nature, there is always one bright smiling spot inthe desert of her heart, and that is the shrine of maternallove. "I forgive you. What I was saying, Villefort, was,that the Bonapartists had not our sincerity, enthusiasm, ordevotion."
5.  The prisoner followed his guide, who led him into a roomalmost under ground, whose bare and reeking walls seemed asthough impregnated with tears; a lamp placed on a stoolillumined the apartment faintly, and showed Dantes thefeatures of his conductor, an under-jailer, ill-clothed, andof sullen appearance.
6.  "Then you see, my good fellow, with a cart and a couple ofoxen our business can be managed. The cart must betastefully ornamented; and if you and I dress ourselves asNeapolitan reapers, we may get up a striking tableau, afterthe manner of that splendid picture by Leopold Robert. Itwould add greatly to the effect if the countess would joinus in the costume of a peasant from Puzzoli or Sorrento. Ourgroup would then be quite complete, more especially as thecountess is quite beautiful enough to represent a madonna."


1.  "And you have doubtless brought all your papers with you?"said Monte Cristo.
2.  "Yes, which catches the thief in a trap and plays a tune. Iwas told there were such at the last exhibition."
3.  "Why, about ten or eleven o'clock."
4.  "What did your excellency say?" inquired the other.
5.   "I am Edmond Dantes!"
6.  "I was forced to read the address to know to whom to giveit."


1.  "Sir," said Villefort, striving to struggle against thistriple force and his own emotion, -- "sir, you are deceived;no one commits crimes here. I am stricken by fate. It ishorrible, indeed, but no one assassinates."
2.  "What are we to say to this?" asked Franz.
3.  "That was an oversight, certainly," replied the count; "buttell me, does the Count of Morcerf never visit the Opera? Ihave been looking for him, but without success."
4、  "On what I could get."
5、  "You wish to speak to me alone?" said the marquis.




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      "Yes, -- I fear."

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      "With your tastes, and means of gratifying them," continuedDanglars, "you will exhibit a splendor that must effectuallyput us poor miserable millionaires quite in the shade. If Imistake not you are an admirer of paintings, at least Ijudged so from the attention you appeared to be bestowing onmine when I entered the room. If you will permit me, I shallbe happy to show you my picture gallery, composed entirelyof works by the ancient masters -- warranted as such. Not amodern picture among them. I cannot endure the modern schoolof painting."

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       "Well," said Morrel, changing his expression of calmness forone of violence -- "well, and if I do intend to turn thispistol against myself, who shall prevent me -- who will dareprevent me? All my hopes are blighted, my heart is broken,my life a burden, everything around me is sad and mournful;earth has become distasteful to me, and human voicesdistract me. It is a mercy to let me die, for if I live Ishall lose my reason and become mad. When, sir, I tell youall this with tears of heartfelt anguish, can you reply thatI am wrong, can you prevent my putting an end to mymiserable existence? Tell me, sir, could you have thecourage to do so?"

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      "Does it require much study to learn the art oftelegraphing?" asked Monte Cristo.

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    {  "Ah, really? -- to Paris! and will it be the first time youhave ever been there, Dantes?"

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      "Faith, Franz," whispered Albert, "there is not much to findfault with here."}

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      "But did you not say that my kind grandfather's precautionhad neutralized the poison?"

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      "Well, I must detain you some time longer, but I will striveto make it as short as possible. The principal chargeagainst you is this letter, and you see" -- Villefortapproached the fire, cast it in, and waited until it wasentirely consumed.

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       "My mother experienced the same sensations, for I felt hertremble. `Mamma, mamma,' said I, `are we really to bekilled?' And at the sound of my voice the slaves redoubledtheir cries and prayers and lamentations. `My child,' saidVasiliki, `may God preserve you from ever wishing for thatdeath which to-day you so much dread!' Then, whispering toSelim, she asked what were her master's orders. `If he sendme his poniard, it will signify that the emperor'sintentions are not favorable, and I am to set fire to thepowder; if, on the contrary, he send me his ring, it will bea sign that the emperor pardons him, and I am to extinguishthe match and leave the magazine untouched.' -- `My friend,'said my mother, `when your master's orders arrive, if it isthe poniard which he sends, instead of despatching us bythat horrible death which we both so much dread, you willmercifully kill us with this same poniard, will you not?' --`Yes, Vasiliki,' replied Selim tranquilly.

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    {  "Why not? my husband could accompany me."

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      "Perhaps," returned the count, smiling.