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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1如果这届奥斯卡最佳影片的提名数有9或10部电影的话,那么《逃出绝命镇》能占一个。乔登?皮尔的剧本应该一定会被提名。
2.The Bloomberg soft commodities index has gained 21 per cent, compared with 24 per cent for industrial metals and 1.5 per cent for energy.
3.Captivating, funny and possessed of a surprise-filled zig-zag structure that makes it impossible to anticipate where it's headed, this is a deeply humane film that, like the best Hollywood classics, feels both entirely of its moment and timeless.
4.An industry insider said the survey indicated that China was in the process of an industrial upgrade and a high value-added service sector was on the rise. This is leading to a thriving Internet industry, which needs science and engineering professionals, and a booming finance industry, which requires finance and economics professionals.
5.Those who graduated from Peking University and Beijing Foreign Studies University took second and third place, earning 9,042 yuan and 9,020 yuan a month, respectively.
6."Everywhere I go business owners are seeing an increase in demand," said Gus Faucher, senior economist at PNC Financial Services. "Businesses will have to raise wages to attract or maintain workers."


1.Since 1983 the annual Spring Festival Gala hosted by China Central Television has always been an important part of the Chinese Lunar New Year celebration - no wonder every move organizers make becomes the center of attention.
2.● “一男子持枪自拍时不小心把自己JJ射了”
3.The most famous tourist attractions in Belize include the Great Blue Hole, a giant submarine sinkhole and the Mayan ruins.


1.Another exceptional new field is that of nanotechnology.
3.Despots use the former as an excuse for repression and the latter to demand absolute obedience.
5. Feng said that the Goal for 2017 is to maintain an overall punctuality rate of about 75%.
6.单词effective 联想记忆:


1.We will deepen rural reform.
2.《请以你的名字呼唤我 》
3.China's booming cyberstar economy has gone through three stages -- the first based on text, then text and images, and now video thanks to the availability of broadband networks.
5、Will the UK economy be the slowest-growing in the G7




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    In the ranking of finance programmes for students already working in the industry, London Business School regains the top place it occupied between 2011 and 2015, while Judge Business School at Cambridge university drops back into second place.

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     n. 委员会,委托,委任,佣金,犯罪

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    {Meghan Markle

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    {We will promote coordinated urban development above and below the ground, and begin construction on at least another 2,000 kilometers of underground utility tunnels in cities. A three-year initiative will be launched to remove the risk of flooding in highly vulnerable urban areas; and further progress will be made in the development of sponge cities. All these efforts will make our cities more attractive and function better.

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