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ַ:a g 9 559 v i p<"Anything remarkable about him?""They discovered him a year ago," said Miss Burnet, who had sat upand was now intently following the conversation. "Once already hislife has been attempted, but some evil spirit shielded him. Now,again, it is the noble, chivalrous Garcia who has fallen, while themonster goes safe. But another will come, and yet another, untilsome day justice will be done, that is as certain as the rise ofto-morrow's sun." Her thin hands clenched, and her worn faceblanched with the passion of her hatred.

"Before examining the room I cross-questioned the servants, but onlysucceeded in eliciting the facts which I have already stated. Oneother detail of interest was remembered by Jane Stewart, thehousemaid. You will remember that on hearing the sound of thequarrel she descended and returned with the other servants. On thatfirst occasion, when she was alone, she says that the voices of hermaster and mistress were sunk so low that she could hardly hearanything, and judged by their tones rather than their words thatthey had fallen out. On my pressing her, however, she rememberedthat she heard the word David uttered twice by the lady. The pointis of the utmost importance as guiding us towards the reason of thesudden quarrel. The colonel's name, you remember, was James."There was one thing in the case which had made the deepestimpression both upon the servants and the police. This was thecontortion of the colonel's face. It had set, according to theiraccount, into the most dreadful expression of fear and horror whicha human countenance is capable of assuming. More than one personfainted at the mere sight of him, so terrible was the effect. It wasquite certain that he had foreseen his fate, and that it had causedhim the utmost horror. This, of course, fitted in well enough with thepolice theory, if the colonel could have seen his wife making amurderous attack upon him. Nor was the fact of the wound being onthe back of his head a fatal objection to this, as he might haveturned to avoid the blow. No information could be got from the ladyherself, who was temporarily insane from an acute attack ofbrain-fever.


"`What, be driven out of our own house by a practical joker?' saidI. `Why, we should have the whole county laughing at us.'"`Well, come to bed,' said she, `and we can discuss it in themorning.'

"Mr. Mortimer Tregennis died during the night, and with exactlythe same symptoms as the rest of his family."

"I understand that, Mr. Holmes, and it is already settled that heshall leave me forever, and go to seek his fortune in Australia.""In that case, your Grace, since you have yourself stated that anyunhappiness in your married life was caused by his presence I wouldsuggest that you make such amends as you can to the Duchess, andthat you try to resume those relations which have been so unhappilyinterrupted."

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I think I stood stunned for some moments. Then I have a confusedrecollection of snatching at a paper, of the remonstrance of theman, whom I had not paid, and, finally, of standing in the doorwayof a chemist's shop while I turned up the fateful paragraph. Thiswas how it ran:<"What do you wish me to do?"

Holmes leaned back in his armchair and took his notebook from hispocket.

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"Here we are!" said Holmes cheerily as we filed into the room."The fire looks very seasonable in this weather. You look cold,Mr. Ryder. Pray take the basket-chair. I will just put on myslippers before we settle this little matter of yours. Now, then!You want to know what became of those geese?"

"At last we have a clue!" he cried. "Thank heaven! at last we are onthe dear boy's track! It is his cap."

<"Can I help you in any way?""It has been touch and go with him," said I, "but he'll live now.Just open that window, and hand me the water carafe." I undid hiscollar, poured the cold water over his face, and raised and sank hisarms until he drew a long, natural breath. "It's only a question oftime now," said I as I turned away from him.

"What of the rat, then?"


<"Six out and six back. Nothing simpler. You say yourself that thehorse was fresh and glossy when you got in. How could it be that if ithad gone twelve miles over heavy roads?"SHERLOCK HOLMES

"We progress, my dear Watson, we progress. I had seven differentschemes for getting a glimpse of that telegram, but I could hardlyhope to succeed the very first time."





羺߸ʷС£жѲ In the middle of the floor of the empty room was huddled thefigure of an enormous man, his clean-shaven, swarthy facegrotesquely horrible in its contortion and his head encircled by aghastly crimson halo of blood, lying in a broad wet circle upon thewhite woodwork. His knees were drawn up, his hands thrown out inagony, and from the centre of his broad, brown, upturned throatthere projected the white haft of a knife driven blade-deep into hisbody. Giant as he was, the man must have gone down like a pole-axed oxbefore that terrific blow. Beside his right hand a most formidablehorn-handled, two-edged dagger lay upon the floor, and near it a blackkid glove. ϸ

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羺ƾѶ|ɽ 2900ս "Why should you go further in it? What have you to gain from it?""What, indeed? It is art for art's sake, Watson. I suppose whenyou doctored you found yourself studying cases without thought of afee?" ϸ

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