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صַ:a g 9 559 v i p<"Then to admit no one except Major Bartolomeo Cavalcanti andhis son.""No."

"I would swear to it; what I heard of his symptoms agreestoo well with what I have seen in the other cases."Villefort ceased to contend; he only groaned. "He firstkills M. de Saint-Meran," repeated the doctor, "then Madamede Saint-Meran, -- a double fortune to inherit." Villefortwiped the perspiration from his forehead. "Listenattentively."


Julie uttered a faint cry, blushed like a rose, and leanedagainst the baluster. The stranger waved his hand, andcontinued to descend. In the court he found Penelon, who,with a rouleau of a hundred francs in either hand, seemedunable to make up his mind to retain them. "Come with me, myfriend," said the Englishman; "I wish to speak to you."

"Oh, your excellency!" exclaimed Baptistin eagerly.

"I am on the point of starting on a journey," replied Morreldisdainfully.

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"Not more than eight or ten feet."<"Such are my reasons for not liking to marry MademoiselleDanglars. Have you ever noticed how much a thing isheightened in value when we obtain possession of it? Thediamond which glittered in the window at Marle's or Fossin'sshines with more splendor when it is our own; but if we arecompelled to acknowledge the superiority of another, andstill must retain the one that is inferior, do you not knowwhat we have to endure?"

"Not a word."

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"Listen," said Morcerf -- "if Mademoiselle Danglars weredisposed to take pity on my supposed martyrdom on heraccount, and would dispense with all matrimonial formalitiesbetween our two families, I am ready to agree to thearrangement. In a word, Mademoiselle Danglars would make acharming mistress -- but a wife -- diable!"

"Well, M. Morrel," said Danglars, "you have heard of themisfortune that has befallen us?"

<"Approach, M. de Villefort," resumed the king, addressingthe young man, who, motionless and breathless, was listeningto a conversation on which depended the destiny of akingdom. "Approach, and tell monsieur that it is possible toknow beforehand all that he has not known.""Come; you are joking yourself now. Are there any moreslaves to be had who bear this beautiful name?"

"Do you observe," said the Countess G---- to Albert, whohad returned to her side, "that man does nothing like otherpeople; he listens most devoutly to the third act of `Robertle Diable,' and when the fourth begins, takes hisdeparture."


<"Ah," said Andrea, "who knows?""I thank you from the depths of my heart," said the youngman, taking the spoon from the hands of Monte Cristo. Thecount took another spoon, and again dipped it into thegolden box. "What are you going to do, my friend?" askedMorrel, arresting his hand.

"Now go," returned Franz, "or I shall go myself and bargainwith your affettatore, who is mine also; he is an old friendof mine, who has plundered me pretty well already, and, inthe hope of making more out of me, he will take a less pricethan the one I offer you; you will lose the preference, andthat will be your fault."





صض÷5ֵ500Ԫ ˹ɼ "Oh, do not fear, my friend," said Morrel, raising his head,and smiling with a sweet expression on the count; "I shallno longer attempt my life." ϸ

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صذһ죬оΣЩҪɱ "Oh, as for that, I'll take you to a splendid place," saidthe man with the handkerchief; and taking the horse's bit heled the tilbury where it was certainly impossible for anyone to witness the honor that Andrea conferred upon him. ϸ

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