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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Is your jailer gone?"
2.  "Very true."
3.  "But that is the history of the Hundred Days, M. Bertuccio,"said the count; "unless I am mistaken, it has been alreadywritten."
4.  "Oh, yes," returned Monte Cristo; "I make no secret of it.It is a mixture of excellent opium, which I fetched myselffrom Canton in order to have it pure, and the best hashishwhich grows in the East -- that is, between the Tigris andthe Euphrates. These two ingredients are mixed in equalproportions, and formed into pills. Ten minutes after one istaken, the effect is produced. Ask Baron Franz d'Epinay; Ithink he tasted them one day."
5.  "To be my second."
6.  "Middling."


1.  "Well, my dear viscount," said Monte Cristo, "I have aninfallible remedy to propose to you."
2.  "I," cried the steward with a strange expression. "Hisexcellency did not charge me to purchase this house. If hisexcellency will recollect -- if he will think" --
3.  "Only to our host. Upon my return home I sent for him, and Ithen explained to him what I wished to procure. He assuredme that nothing would be easier than to furnish all Idesired. One thing I was sorry for; when I bade him have thehorns of the oxen gilded, he told me there would not betime, as it would require three days to do that; so you seewe must do without this little superfluity."
4.  "And Dauphine, sir?" inquired the king, of Villefort. "Doyou think it possible to rouse that as well as Provence?"
5.  "Did you notice the symptoms of the disease to which Madamede Saint-Meran has fallen a victim?"
6.  "Their own -- M. de Morcerf's, who is deceased."


1.  "Shall I call him?"
2.  "Why?"
3.  Franz interrupted himself by saying, "My father was aroyalist; they need not have asked his sentiments, whichwere well known."
4.  "What shall we do?"
5.   It was one o'clock in the morning. Barrois, who wished to goto bed himself, observed that after such sad events everyone stood in need of rest. Noirtier would not say that theonly rest he needed was to see his child, but wished hergood-night, for grief and fatigue had made her appear quiteill. The next morning she found her grandmother in bed; thefever had not abated, on the contrary her eyes glistened andshe appeared to be suffering from violent nervousirritability. "Oh, dear grandmamma, are you worse?"exclaimed Valentine, perceiving all these signs ofagitation.
6.  "He quietly said, `What do I care if I am?'"


1.  "Indeed I am," replied the young magistrate with a smile;"and in the interesting trial that young lady is anxious towitness, the case would only be still more aggravated.Suppose, for instance, the prisoner, as is more thanprobable, to have served under Napoleon -- well, can youexpect for an instant, that one accustomed, at the word ofhis commander, to rush fearlessly on the very bayonets ofhis foe, will scruple more to drive a stiletto into theheart of one he knows to be his personal enemy, than toslaughter his fellow-creatures, merely because bidden to doso by one he is bound to obey? Besides, one requires theexcitement of being hateful in the eyes of the accused, inorder to lash one's self into a state of sufficientvehemence and power. I would not choose to see the managainst whom I pleaded smile, as though in mockery of mywords. No; my pride is to see the accused pale, agitated,and as though beaten out of all composure by the fire of myeloquence." Renee uttered a smothered exclamation.
2.  "Which they deserve, do they not?"
3.  "But how could a dose prepared for M. Noirtier poison Madamede Saint-Meran?"
4、  "Have you not saved Peppino's life?"
5、  "May I know the cause which procures me the pleasure ofseeing M. de Morcerf so early?"




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      "I thank you, doctor," said Villefort with indescribablejoy; "I never had a better friend than you." And, as if hefeared Doctor d'Avrigny would recall his promise, he hurriedhim towards the house.

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      "Mademoiselle Eugenie," said the maid, "retired to herapartment with Mademoiselle d'Armilly; they then took teatogether, after which they desired me to leave, saying thatthey needed me no longer." Since then the maid had beenbelow, and like every one else she thought the young ladieswere in their own room; Madame Danglars, therefore, went tobed without a shadow of suspicion, and began to muse overthe recent events. In proportion as her memory becameclearer, the occurrences of the evening were revealed intheir true light; what she had taken for confusion was atumult; what she had regarded as something distressing, wasin reality a disgrace. And then the baroness remembered thatshe had felt no pity for poor Mercedes, who had beenafflicted with as severe a blow through her husband and son.

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      "Eh, eh, eh!" stammered Caderousse. "What do I see downthere by the wall, in the direction of the Catalans? Look,Fernand, your eyes are better than mine. I believe I seedouble. You know wine is a deceiver; but I should say it wastwo lovers walking side by side, and hand in hand. Heavenforgive me, they do not know that we can see them, and theyare actually embracing!"

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    {  "Oh, dear mother, it was a dream."

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      When the afternoon arrived and he felt that the hour wasdrawing near, he wished for solitude, his agitation wasextreme; a simple question from a friend would haveirritated him. He shut himself in his room, and tried toread, but his eye glanced over the page withoutunderstanding a word, and he threw away the book, and forthe second time sat down to sketch his plan, the ladders andthe fence. At length the hour drew near. Never did a mandeeply in love allow the clocks to go on peacefully. Morreltormented his so effectually that they struck eight athalf-past six. He then said, "It is time to start; thesignature was indeed fixed to take place at nine o'clock,but perhaps Valentine will not wait for that. Consequently,Morrel, having left the Rue Meslay at half-past eight by histimepiece, entered the clover-field while the clock ofSaint-Phillippe du Roule was striking eight. The horse andcabriolet were concealed behind a small ruin, where Morrelhad often waited.

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      "You mean, then, that if I leave you, Haidee" --

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       "And," asked the abbe, "is M. Morrel still alive?"

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    {  The next day M. Noirtier sent for the notary; the first willwas torn up and a second made, in which he left the whole ofhis fortune to Valentine, on condition that she should neverbe separated from him. It was then generally reported thatMademoiselle de Villefort, the heiress of the marquis andmarchioness of Saint-Meran, had regained the good graces ofher grandfather, and that she would ultimately be inpossession of an income of 300,000 livres.

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      "Poor count! And is he aware of the danger he has been in?"