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Ȧַ:a g 9 559 v i p<"The shadow has moved!" I cried."Do not ring, Lady Hilda. If you do, then all my earnest effortsto avoid a scandal will be frustrated. Give up the letter and all willbe set right. If you will work with me I can arrange everything. Ifyou work against me I must expose you."



Such was the remarkable narrative to which I listened on thatApril evening- a narrative which would have been utterly incredible tome had it not been confirmed by the actual sight of the tall, sparefigure and the keen, eager face, which I had never thought to seeagain. In some manner he had learned of my own sad bereavement, andhis sympathy was shown in his manner rather than in his words. "Workis the best antidote to sorrow, my dear Watson," said he; "and Ihave a piece of work for us both to-night which, if we can bring it toa successful conclusion, will in itself justify a man's life on thisplanet." In vain I begged him to tell me more. "You will hear andsee enough before morning," he answered. "We have three years of thepast to discuss. Let that suffice until half-past nine, when westart upon the notable adventure of the empty house."

"Well, well, give him that message. He can come in the morning, orhe can stay away. My work must not be hindered."

"It is my business to follow the details of Continental crime. Whocould possibly have read what happened at Prague and have any doubtsas to the man's guilt! It was a purely technical legal point and thesuspicious death of a witness that saved him! I am sure that he killedhis wife when the so-called 'accident' happened in the Splugen Pass asif I had seen him do it. I knew, also, that he had come to England andhad a presentiment that sooner or later he would find me some workto do. Well, what has Baron Gruner been up to? I presume it is notthis old tragedy which has come up again?"

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"How can you say that?"<"'You're only wasting your time, sir, and every minute now is ofimportance,' cried the commissionaire; 'take my word for it that myold woman has nothing to do with it and come down to the other endof the street. Well, if you won't, I will.' And with that he rashedoff in the other direction.

"By Jove! that's true," said the detective. "Now that I come tothink of it, Dr. Barnicot's bust was broken not far from his red lamp.Well, Mr. Holmes, what are we to do with that fact?"

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"Very good. jump in, Watson. We must strike while the iron is hot.Simple as the case is, there have been one or two very instructivedetails in connection with it. Just pull up at a telegraph office asyou pass, cabby."

"I have ordered a carriage," said Lestrade as we sat over a cup oftea. "I knew your energetic nature, and that you would not be happyuntil you had been on the scene of the crime."

<"'You shall learn nothing from me,' said he with a passion such as Ishould not have thought you choose to call the police, let thepolice find what they can.""It was all still and quiet upon the ground floor. In the kitchena kettle was singing on the fire, and a large black cat lay coiledup in the basket; but there was no sign of the woman whom I had seenbefore. I ran into the other room, but it was equally deserted. Then Irushed up the stairs only to find two other rooms empty and desertedat the top. There was no one at all in the whole house. Thefurniture and pictures were of the most common and vulgar description,save in the one chamber at the window of which I had seen thestrange face. That was comfortable and elegant, and all mysuspicions rose into a fierce, bitter flame when I saw that on themantelpiece stood a copy of a full-length photograph of my wife, whichhad been taken at my request only three months ago.

"Yes, Baynes, I've seen it. Pray don't think it a liberty if Igive you a word of friendly warning.


<"Dear me, Watson," said Holmes, staring with great curiosity atthe slips of foolscap which the landlady had handed to him, "this iscertainly a little unusual. Seclusion I can understand; but why print?Printing is a clumsy process. Why not write? What would it suggestWatson?"THE ADVENTURE OF THE ENGINEER'S THUMB

"'I am afraid that it is quite essential,' said he. 'It is alittle fancy of my wife's, and ladies' fancies, you know, madam,ladies' fancies must be consulted. And so you won't cut your hair?'"'No, sir, I really could not,' I answered firmly.





Ȧ϶ٶ3ר ֧ҩзȫ "Ah! yes, I see. But you see, sir, them's not our geese.""Indeed! Whose, then?" ϸ

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