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ӯʤַ:a g 9 559 v i p<"But I repeat it again to you," replied Felton, in great emotion,"no danger threatens you; I will answer for Lord de Winter as formyself."Felton leaned for support upon a piece of furniture; and Miladysaw, with the joy of a demon, that his strength would fail himperhaps before the end of her recital.

"Well, my Captain," said Porthos, quite beside himself, "thetruth is that we were six against six. But we were not capturedby fair means; and before we had time to draw our swords, two ofour party were dead, and Athos, grievously wounded, was verylittle better. For you know Athos. Well, Captain, he endeavoredtwice to get up, and fell again twice. And we did notsurrender--no! They dragged us away by force. On the way weescaped. As


"To his Eminence Monseigneur the Cardinal Richelieu, in his camp beforeLa Rochelle.

As Lord de Winter had thought, Milady's wound was not dangerous.So soon as she was left alone with the woman whom the baron hadsummoned to her assistance she opened her eyes.

"That's true," said Kitty; "your son was the only heir ofhis uncle, and until his majority you would have had theenjoyment of his fortune."

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"So much the better! Come, tell me his name!"<"What man?"

Buckingham at once remembered the circumstance, and suspectingthat something was going on in France of which it was necessaryhe should be informed, he only took the time to inquire where themessenger was, and recognizing from afar the uniform of theGuards, he put his horse into a gallop, and rode straight up toD'Artagnan. Patrick discreetly kept in the background."No misfortune has happened to the queen?" cried Buckingham, theinstant he came up, throwing all his fear and love into thequestion.

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"Go, sir, I command you!"

"And on what will you sleep?" said D'Artagnan.

<"You saw your wi--""To London."

"Her devotion to the queen is known; and they wish either toremove her from her mistress, or to intimidate her, in order toobtain her Majesty's secrets, or to seduce her and make use ofher as a spy."


<"This horse is decidedly, or rather has been in his youth, abuttercup," resumed the stranger, continuing the remarks he hadbegun, and addressing himself to his auditors at the window,without paying the least attention to the exasperation ofD'Artagnan, who, however placed himself between him and them."It is a color very well known in botany, but till the presenttime very rare among horses.""Ah, this is too much!" cried Buckingham, making a step toward the door.Felton barred his passage.

"Gentlemen," said Athos, "my opinion is that it is not proper toallow lackeys to have anything to do in such an affair. A secretmay, by chance, be betrayed by gentlemen; but it is almostalways sold by lackeys."





ӯʤ·ֱףϮ˹أȴϮż "You must be Satan!" cried she. ϸ

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