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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "How do you know it is the doctor?" asked Valentine,astonished.
2.  "And with what did you contrive to make that?" inquiredDantes.
3.  "He was an eccentric being, and did not believe in theexistence of gratitude."
4.  "Well, the fact is, Morrel, I was thinking that I too amweary of life, and since an opportunity presents itself" --
5.  "To Yanina?"
6.  "Yes, yes," continued he, "'Twill be the same as it was inEngland. After Charles I., Cromwell; after Cromwell, CharlesII., and then James II., and then some son-in-law orrelation, some Prince of Orange, a stadtholder who becomes aking. Then new concessions to the people, then aconstitution, then liberty. Ah, my friend!" said the abbe,turning towards Dantes, and surveying him with the kindlinggaze of a prophet, "you are young, you will see all thiscome to pass."


1.  "To make your will?"
2.  "Very probably," answered the count. "But do not be alarmedon her account. Haidee's nervous system is delicatelyorganized, and she is peculiarly susceptible to the odorseven of flowers -- nay, there are some which cause her tofaint if brought into her presence. However," continuedMonte Cristo, drawing a small phial from his pocket, "I havean infallible remedy." So saying, he bowed to the baronessand her daughter, exchanged a parting shake of the hand withDebray and the count, and left Madame Danglars' box. Uponhis return to Haidee he found her still very pale. As soonas she saw him she seized his hand; her own hands were moistand icy cold. "Who was it you were talking with over there?"she asked.
3.  "Very well," returned Dantes, dropping the stool and sittingon it as if he were in reality mad. The jailer went out, andreturned in an instant with a corporal and four soldiers.
4.  "Who is this young person, M. de Morcerf?" inquired Eugenie;"does anybody know?"
5.  "Ah, count," said Albert, "I assure you Madame de Morcerfspeaks freely to me, and if you have not felt thosesympathetic fibres of which I spoke just now thrill withinyou, you must be entirely devoid of them, for during thelast four days we have spoken of no one else."
6.  "I am the spectre of a wretch you buried in the dungeons ofthe Chateau d'If. God gave that spectre the form of theCount of Monte Cristo when he at length issued from histomb, enriched him with gold and diamonds, and led him toyou!"


1.  "And I, sire," said M. de Blacas, "will go and find mymessenger."
2.  "Ah, what else is there?" said Danglars; "for, at present, Icannot say that I have seen anything extraordinary. What doyou say, M. Cavalcanti?"
3.  "Monsieur Morrel!" exclaimed a voice on the stairs. --"Monsieur Morrel!"
4.  Valentine de Villefort.
5.   "Petition the minister."
6.  "What may that be?"


1.  "Above us all, sir," was Monte Cristo's response, in a toneand with an emphasis so deep that Villefort involuntarilyshuddered. "I have my pride for men -- serpents always readyto threaten every one who would pass without crushing themunder foot. But I lay aside that pride before God, who hastaken me from nothing to make me what I am."
2.  It would be difficult to describe the state of stupor inwhich Villefort left the Palais. Every pulse beat withfeverish excitement, every nerve was strained, every veinswollen, and every part of his body seemed to sufferdistinctly from the rest, thus multiplying his agony athousand-fold. He made his way along the corridors throughforce of habit; he threw aside his magisterial robe, not outof deference to etiquette, but because it was an unbearableburden, a veritable garb of Nessus, insatiate in torture.Having staggered as far as the Rue Dauphine, he perceivedhis carriage, awoke his sleeping coachman by opening thedoor himself, threw himself on the cushions, and pointedtowards the Faubourg Saint-Honore; the carriage drove on.The weight of his fallen fortunes seemed suddenly to crushhim; he could not foresee the consequences; he could notcontemplate the future with the indifference of the hardenedcriminal who merely faces a contingency already familiar.God was still in his heart. "God," he murmured, not knowingwhat he said, -- "God -- God!" Behind the event that hadoverwhelmed him he saw the hand of God. The carriage rolledrapidly onward. Villefort, while turning restlessly on thecushions, felt something press against him. He put out hishand to remove the object; it was a fan which Madame deVillefort had left in the carriage; this fan awakened arecollection which darted through his mind like lightning.He thought of his wife.
3.  "Now you get angry, and attack our poor agents. How will youhave them protect you? The Chamber cuts down their salariesevery day, so that now they have scarcely any. Will you beambassador, Albert? I will send you to Constantinople."
4、  "No, no, Albert, but you know these roses, tuberoses, andorange-flowers throw out at first, before one is used tothem, such violent perfumes."
5、  "He has composed two or three comic operas, written four orfive articles in the Siecle, and voted five or six years onthe ministerial side."




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      "Here is the brazier, lighted." There was a moment'ssilence, and then was heard the crackling of burning flesh,of which the peculiar and nauseous smell penetrated evenbehind the wall where Dantes was listening in horror. Theperspiration poured forth upon the young man's brow, and hefelt as if he should faint.

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      "He is quite right," returned Beauchamp; "for I criticisehim without knowing what he does. Good-day, commander!"

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       "Really, all you have related to me is exceedinglyinteresting," said Monte Cristo, observing the young manwith a gloomy satisfaction; "and you have done well toconform in everything to the wishes of my friend Sinbad; foryour father is indeed here, and is seeking you."

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      "And when you know, will you tell me?"

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    {  The following day Dantes sailed with his yacht from Genoa,under the inspection of an immense crowd drawn together bycuriosity to see the rich Spanish nobleman who preferredmanaging his own yacht. But their wonder was soon changed toadmiration at seeing the perfect skill with which Danteshandled the helm. The boat, indeed, seemed to be animatedwith almost human intelligence, so promptly did it obey theslightest touch; and Dantes required but a short trial ofhis beautiful craft to acknowledge that the Genoese had notwithout reason attained their high reputation in the art ofshipbuilding. The spectators followed the little vessel withtheir eyes as long as it remained visible; they then turnedtheir conjectures upon her probable destination. Someinsisted she was making for Corsica, others the Island ofElba; bets were offered to any amount that she was bound forSpain; while Africa was positively reported by many personsas her intended course; but no one thought of Monte Cristo.Yet thither it was that Dantes guided his vessel, and atMonte Cristo he arrived at the close of the second day; hisboat had proved herself a first-class sailer, and had comethe distance from Genoa in thirty-five hours. Dantes hadcarefully noted the general appearance of the shore, and,instead of landing at the usual place, he dropped anchor inthe little creek. The island was utterly deserted, and boreno evidence of having been visited since he went away; histreasure was just as he had left it. Early on the followingmorning he commenced the removal of his riches, and erenightfall the whole of his immense wealth was safelydeposited in the compartments of the secret locker.

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      "By all means, be as wise as Nestor and as prudent asUlysses; I do more than permit, I exhort you."}

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      "Alas," cried Monte Cristo, striving to repress his emotion,"if Lord Wilmore was your unknown benefactor, I fear youwill never see him again. I parted from him two years ago atPalermo, and he was then on the point of setting out for themost remote regions; so that I fear he will never return."

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      "To the fearful noises that had awakened me had succeededthe most perfect silence -- unbroken, save by the footstepsof a man walking about in the chamber above. The staircasecreaked, he descended into the room below, approached thefire and lit a candle. The man was Caderousse -- he was paleand his shirt was all blood. Having obtained the light, hehurried up-stairs again, and once more I heard his rapid anduneasy footsteps. A moment later he came down again, holdingin his hand the small shagreen case, which he opened, toassure himself it contained the diamond, -- seemed tohesitate as to which pocket he should put it in, then, as ifdissatisfied with the security of either pocket, hedeposited it in his red handkerchief, which he carefullyrolled round his head. After this he took from his cupboardthe bank-notes and gold he had put there, thrust the oneinto the pocket of his trousers, and the other into that ofhis waistcoat, hastily tied up a small bundle of linen, andrushing towards the door, disappeared in the darkness of thenight.

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       "Muster up all your courage, then, for never have yourequired it more." Albert passed his hand over his forehead,as if to try his strength, as a man who is preparing todefend his life proves his shield and bends his sword. Hethought himself strong enough, for he mistook fever forenergy. "Go on," said he.

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    {  "Assuredly; as for me, I should have been incapable of it,"said Chateau-Renaud, with most significant coolness.

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      "My stables are at your command, viscount; but you will killyourself by riding on horseback. Take a post-chaise or acarriage."