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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Hurstwood, however, read on and on. He did not pay muchattention to Carrie. She fulfilled her household duties and saidlittle to disturb him.
2.  Carrie remembered her triumph in the room. She tried to thinkshe could to it.
3.  "I don't know until I look it over. You know I'm afraid, nowthat I've said I would."
4.  "I believe we're in for a heavy rain," he said.
5.  "Promise me you'll do that," he said, "and we'll quit talkingabout it. It'll be the best thing for you."
6.  The place that had been so comfortable, where he had spent somany days of warmth, was now a memory. Something colder andchillier confronted him. He sank down in his chair, resting hischin in his hand--mere sensation, without thought, holding him.


1.  "All right," said Hurstwood.
2.  "I know you won't," she remarked, half truthfully.
3.  Her voice became almost a sob.
4.  Timid as Carrie was, she was strong in capability. The relianceof others made her feel as if she must, and when she must shedared. Experience of the world and of necessity was in herfavour. No longer the lightest word of a man made her headdizzy. She had learned that men could change and fail. Flatteryin its most palpable form had lost its force with her. Itrequired superiority--kindly superiority--to move her--thesuperiority of a genius like Ames.
5.  Now she walked quite aimlessly for a time, turning here andthere, seeing one great company after another, but finding nocourage to prosecute her single inquiry. High noon came, and withit hunger. She hunted out an unassuming restaurant and entered,but was disturbed to find that the prices were exorbitant for thesize of her purse. A bowl of soup was all that she could afford,and, with this quickly eaten, she went out again. It restoredher strength somewhat and made her moderately bold to pursue thesearch.
6.  What to do. He dressed thinking. He moved about in the samechamber with his wife, unmindful of her presence.


1.  In the morning he came over from the hotel and opened his mail,but there was nothing in it outside the ordinary run. For somereason he felt as if something might come that way, and wasrelieved when all the envelopes had been scanned and nothingsuspicious noticed. He began to feel the appetite that had beenwanting before he had reached the office, and decided beforegoing out to the park to meet Carrie to drop in at the GrandPacific and have a pot of coffee and some rolls. While thedanger had not lessened, it had not as yet materialised, and withhim no news was good news. If he could only get plenty of timeto think, perhaps something would turn up. Surely, surely, thisthing would not drift along to catastrophe and he not find a wayout.
2.  "I'll see you later," he said, with a pretence of disturbance atbeing interrupted.
3.  It was the manager's duty, as well as his custom, after all weregone to see that everything was safely closed up for the night.As a rule, no money except the cash taken in after banking hourswas kept about the place, and that was locked in the safe by thecashier, who, with the owners, was joint keeper of the secretcombination, but, nevertheless, Hurstwood nightly took theprecaution to try the cash drawers and the safe in order to seethat they were tightly closed. Then he would lock his own littleoffice and set the proper light burning near the safe, afterwhich he would take his departure.
4.  He did not answer, reading on.
5.   "Me? Oh, a little, maybe."
6.  "Where is the residence part?" asked Carrie, who did not take thetall five-story walls on either hand to be the abodes offamilies.


1.  "No," answered Carrie, her voice assuming for the first time apenetrating quality which it had never known. "Stay with him!"
2.  "Why," he said, actually stammering, "how do you do?"
3.  In the central portion was the vast wholesale and shoppingdistrict, to which the uninformed seeker for work usuallydrifted. It was a characteristic of Chicago then, and one notgenerally shared by other cities, that individual firms of anypretension occupied individual buildings. The presence of ampleground made this possible. It gave an imposing appearance tomost of the wholesale houses, whose offices were upon the groundfloor and in plain view of the street. The large plates ofwindow glass, now so common, were then rapidly coming into use,and gave to the ground floor offices a distinguished andprosperous look. The casual wanderer could see as he passed apolished array of office fixtures, much frosted glass, clerkshard at work, and genteel businessmen in "nobby" suits and cleanlinen lounging about or sitting in groups. Polished brass ornickel signs at the square stone entrances announced the firm andthe nature of the business in rather neat and reserved terms.The entire metropolitan centre possessed a high and mighty aircalculated to overawe and abash the common applicant, and to makethe gulf between poverty and success seem both wide and deep.
4、  "Yes, sir," said the boy.
5、  "Well," said the manager, "I hope they make a success of it.Have another?"




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      Carrie resented this, though she did not reply. She was notgoing to be a common shop-girl, she thought; they need not thinkit, either.

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      On an incoming vestibuled Pullman, speeding at forty miles anhour through the snow of the evening, were three others, allrelated.

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       They were returning to Ogden Place in the cab, when he asked:

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      She began to dress at three o'clock for her departure at half-past five for the noted dining-room which was then crowdingDelmonico's for position in society. In this dressing Carrieshowed the influence of her association with the dashing Mrs.Vance. She had constantly had her attention called by the latterto novelties in everything which pertains to a woman's apparel.

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    {  "Yes, sir," said Carrie.

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      Chapter XLII}

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      "How do people get on the stage, George?" she finally asked,innocently.

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      On this account he still devoted some time to showing his wifeabout--time which would have been wearisome indeed if it had notbeen for the people he would meet and the little enjoyments whichdid not depend upon her presence or absence. He watched her withconsiderable curiosity at times, for she was still attractive ina way and men looked at her. She was affable, vain, subject toflattery, and this combination, he knew quite well, might producea tragedy in a woman of her home position. Owing to his order ofmind, his confidence in the sex was not great. His wife neverpossessed the virtues which would win the confidence andadmiration of a man of his nature. As long as she loved himvigorously he could see how confidence could be, but when thatwas no longer the binding chain--well, something might happen.

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       "Not much of a place to sleep in, is it?" said the man.

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    {  "Well, you rest a little while I smoke," he said, rising, andthen he foolishly went to the forward platform of the car andleft the game as it stood.

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      "Well, why don't you?" asked Carrie.