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ά¶Ϸַ:a g 9 559 v i p<"He spoke good English, sir, and yet I thought he was a foreigner byhis accent.""In that case," said Holmes, rising, "I think that my friend and Ican congratulate ourselves upon several most happy results from ourlittle visit to the North. There is one other small point upon which Idesire some light. This fellow Hayes had shod his horses with shoeswhich counterfeited the tracks of cows. Was it from Mr. Wilder that helearned so extraordinary a device?"

The one thing that impressed itself forcibly upon my mind was thatMr. Ian Murdoch was taking the first chance to open a path of escapefrom the scene of the crime. Suspicion, vague and nebulous, was nowbeginning to take outline in my mind. Perhaps the visit to theBellamys might throw some further light upon the matter. Stackhurstpulled himself together, and we went forward to the house.Mr. Bellamy proved to be a middle-aged man with a flaming red beard.He seemed to be in a very angry mood, and his face was soon asflorid as his hair.


by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

"Alas!" replied our visitor, "the very horror of my situation liesin the fact that my fears are so vague, and my suspicions depend soentirely upon small points, which might seem trivial to another,that even he to whom of all others I have a right to look for help andadvice looks upon all that I tell him about it as the fancies of anervous woman. He does not say so, but I can read it from his soothinganswers and averted eyes. But I have heard, Mr. Holmes, that you cansee deeply into the manifold wickedness of the human heart. You mayadvise me how to walk amid the dangers which encompass me.""I am all attention, madam."

"'Well, Sarah found that she could not make a living in Liverpool,so she went back, as I understand, to live with her sister in Croydon,and things jogged on much the same as ever at home. And then came thislast week and all the misery and ruin.

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"Very good, Mr. Holmes. It is only in your client's interests that Iprotested. The matter is so very delicate-"<"Oh, it is a matter of no importance; but I don't know why youshould be so warm over such a trifle."

It was, then, in a year, and even in a decade, that shall benameless, that upon one Tuesday morning in autumn we found twovisitors of European fame within the walls of our humble room in BakerStreet. The one, austere, high-nosed, eagle-eyed, and dominant, wasnone other than the illustrious Lord Bellinger, twice Premier ofBritain. The other, dark, clear-cut, and elegant, hardly yet of middleage, and endowed with every beauty of body and of mind, was theRight Honourable Trelawney Hope, Secretary for European Affairs, andthe most rising statesman in the country. They sat side by side uponour paper-littered settee, and it was easy to see from their wornand anxious faces that it was business of the most pressing importancewhich had brought them. The Premier's thin, blue-veined hands wereclasped tightly over the ivory head of his umbrella, and his gaunt,ascetic face looked gloomily from Holmes to me. The European Secretarypulled nervously at his moustache and fidgeted with the seals of hiswatch-chain.

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"My geese!" The man seemed surprised.

<"Yes, I think we must run down to Cambridge together. All theindications seem to me to point in that direction.""He seemed to me like a man who was literally bowed down by care.His back was curved as though he carried a heavy burden. Yet he wasnot the weakling that I had at first imagined, for his shoulders andchest have the framework of a giant, though his figure tapers awayinto a pair of spindled legs."

"Forgive this weakness, Mr. Holmes, I have been a littleoverwrought. Thank you, if I might have a glass of milk and a biscuit,I have no doubt that I should be better. I came personally, Mr.Holmes, in order to insure that you would return with me. I fearedthat no telegram would convince you of the absolute urgency of thecase."


<"I suppose the professor eats hardly anything?""Quite."

"It is, of course, in absurd idea," said the policeman, "but if ared-hot net of wire had been laid across the back, then these bettermarked points would represent where the meshes crossed each other.""A most ingenious comparison. Or shall we say a very stiffcat-o'-nine-tails with small hard knots upon it?"





ά¶ϷΪ Ӯⳡսߡ "I think we can dispense with Dolores," said Holmes. "Oh, very well,madame, if you would rather she stayed I can see no objection. Now,Mr. Ferguson, I am a busy man with many calls, and my methods haveto be short and direct. The swiftest surgery is the least painful. Letme first say what will ease your mind. Your wife is a very good, avery loving, and a very ill-used woman." ϸ

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ά¶ϷռҲ׬ǮĻͶʿ "I could very easily give you half a dozen," said Holmes. "Herefor example, is a very possible and even probable one. I make you afree present of it. The older man is showing documents which are ofevident value. A passing tramp sees them through the window, the blindof which is only half down. Exit the solicitor. Enter the tramp! Heseizes a stick, which he observes there, kills Oldacre, and departsafter burning the body." ϸ

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