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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Mephistopheles
2.  Once a weird vision came to me; Therein I saw a rifted tree. It had a . . . . . . ;But as it was it pleased me too.
3.  Let me but gaze one moment in the glass! Too lovely was that female form!Mephistopheles
4.  Martha (aloud)
5.  Evening - A Small And Neat Room
6.  Fie on you!


1.  Methinks'twere well we pack'd him quietly away.Siebel
2.  Brander
3.  Ay, truly! 'tis well done, that you Our festive meeting thus attend; You, who inevil days of yore, So often show'd yourself our friend! Full many a one standsliving here, Who from the fever's deadly blast, Your father rescu'd, when hisskill The fatal sickness stay'd at last. A young man then, each house yousought, Where reign'd the mortal pestilence. Corpse after corpse was carriedforth, But still unscath'd you issued thence. Sore then your trials and severe;The Helper yonder aids the helper here.
4.  Siebel
5.  Would I were hence! It is as if the organ Choked my breath, As if the choirMelted my inmost heart!
6.  Mephistopheles


1.  But many weary hours, in sooth, were also mine. At night its little cradle stoodClose to my bed; so was I wide awake If it but stirred; One while I wasobliged to give it food, Or to my arms the darling take; From bed full oft mustrise, whene'er its cry I heard, And, dancing it, must pace the chamber to andfro; Stand at the wash - tub early; forthwith go To market, and then mind thecooking too To - morrow like to - day, the whole year through. Ah, sir, thusliving, it must be confess'd One's spirits are not always of the best; Yet it arelish gives to food and rest. (They pass on.)Martha
2.  Each may his own selection make.
3.  Faust
4.  And next, before aught else you learn, You must with zeal to metaphysicsturn! There see that you profoundly comprehend, What doth the limit of man'sbrain transcend; For that which is or is not in the head A sounding phrase willserve you in good stead. But before all strive this half year From one fix'dorder ne'er to swerve! Five lectures daily you must hear; The hour stillpunctually observe! Yourself with studious zeal prepare, And closely in yourmanual look, Hereby may you be quite aware That all he utters standeth in thebook; Yet write away without cessation, As at the Holy Ghost's dictation!Student
5.   Mephistopheles
6.  As if his frame love wasted.


1.  That I my anxious zeal may prove, Your pangs to sooth and aid your love, Asingle moment will we not delay, Will lead you to her room this very day.Faust
2.  Flowing Wines - Visionary Scenes
3.  A Third
4、  A dainty gentleman, no doubt of it.
5、  Thou'rt right indeed; no traces now I see Whatever of a spirit's agency. 'Tistraining - nothing more.




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      Some pleasures gratis to enjoy, Should surely cause you no annoy. Whilebright with stars the heavens appear, I'll sing a masterpiece of art: A moralsong shall charm her ear, More surely to beguile her heart.(Sings to the guitar.)

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      (as they draw the stoppers and the wine chosen by each runs into his glass)Oh beauteous spring, which flows so far!

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       You've hit upon the very place.

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      While we can warm our paws she'll stay.

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    {  Thereto thou lengthen'd repite hast!

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      The Witch}

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      My darling, who dares say, Yes, I in God believe? Question or priest or sage,and they Seem, in the answer you receive, To mock the questioner.Margaret

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    {  Do I a magic atmosphere inhale? Erewhile, my passion would not brookdelay! Now in a pure love - dream I melt away. Are we the sport of everypassing gale?

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