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˶ַ:a g 9 559 v i p<"You are wrong to speak thus," said the abbe; "and perhaps Imay, in my own person, be able to prove to you howcompletely you are in error.""We must not do so?"

"By the Porta del Popolo or by the streets, yourexcellencies?"


"You ought to know."

"Gentlemen," said Chateau-Renaud, "it is not Morcerf comingin that carriage; -- faith, it is Franz and Debray!" The twoyoung men he announced were indeed approaching. "What chancebrings you here, gentlemen?" said Chateau-Renaud, shakinghands with each of them. "Because," said Debray, "Albertsent this morning to request us to come." Beauchamp andChateau-Renaud exchanged looks of astonishment. "I think Iunderstand his reason," said Morrel.

"As for the ink," said Faria, "I told you how I managed toobtain that -- and I only just make it from time to time, asI require it."

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"What fortune has she?"<"Well, conceal me somewhere; you can say you were needlesslyalarmed; you can turn their suspicions and save my life!"

"No," said Andrea, -- "no; it is useless for you to say so,count. I maintain that the position of a man like you hasdone more than my name, my social position, and my merit."

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"Yet conscience remains," remarked Madame de Villefort in anagitated voice, and with a stifled sigh.

"I should avail myself of your offer with pleasure," repliedthe host, "but, unfortunately, if I go there, it will be, inall probability, incognito."

<"I will try; but don't touch me.""In heaven's name!" cried the unhappy young man, "if youdoubt me, question me; I will answer you." Villefort made aviolent effort, and in a tone he strove to render firm, --

"Yes," he said, "there is the stone upon which I used tosit; there is the impression made by my shoulders on thewall; there is the mark of my blood made when one day Idashed my head against the wall. Oh, those figures, how wellI remember them! I made them one day to calculate the age ofmy father, that I might know whether I should find him stillliving, and that of Mercedes, to know if I should find herstill free. After finishing that calculation, I had aminute's hope. I did not reckon upon hunger and infidelity!"and a bitter laugh escaped the count. He saw in fancy theburial of his father, and the marriage of Mercedes. On theother side of the dungeon he perceived an inscription, thewhite letters of which were still visible on the green wall."`O God,'" he read, "`preserve my memory!' Oh, yes," hecried, "that was my only prayer at last; I no longer beggedfor liberty, but memory; I dreaded to become mad andforgetful. O God, thou hast preserved my memory; I thankthee, I thank thee!" At this moment the light of the torchwas reflected on the wall; the guide was coming; MonteCristo went to meet him.


<"Oh, it is nothing," said Monte Cristo. Then, patting theyoung girl on the head, he continued, "Haidee is verycourageous, and she sometimes even finds consolation in therecital of her misfortunes.""Do you speak to me as a magistrate or as a friend?" askedVillefort.

"Your excellency is perfectly right in so thinking," saidthe man; "I came here direct from the Castle of St. Angelo,and I had an immense deal of trouble before I could get achance to speak to Beppo."





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˶ʷ͡Ժͳ ձ However, the morning of the appointment, the young man hadestablished himself in the small salon down-stairs. There,on a table, surrounded at some distance by a large andluxurious divan, every species of tobacco known, -- from theyellow tobacco of Petersburg to the black of Sinai, and soon along the scale from Maryland and Porto-Rico, to Latakia,-- was exposed in pots of crackled earthenware of which theDutch are so fond; beside them, in boxes of fragrant wood,were ranged, according to their size and quality, pueros,regalias, havanas, and manillas; and, in an open cabinet, acollection of German pipes, of chibouques, with their ambermouth-pieces ornamented with coral, and of narghiles, withtheir long tubes of morocco, awaiting the caprice or thesympathy of the smokers. Albert had himself presided at thearrangement, or, rather, the symmetrical derangement, which,after coffee, the guests at a breakfast of modern days loveto contemplate through the vapor that escapes from theirmouths, and ascends in long and fanciful wreaths to theceiling. At a quarter to ten, a valet entered; he composed,with a little groom named John, and who only spoke English,all Albert's establishment, although the cook of the hotelwas always at his service, and on great occasions thecount's chasseur also. This valet, whose name was Germain,and who enjoyed the entire confidence of his young master,held in one hand a number of papers, and in the other apacket of letters, which he gave to Albert. Albert glancedcarelessly at the different missives, selected two writtenin a small and delicate hand, and enclosed in scentedenvelopes, opened them and perused their contents with someattention. "How did these letters come?" said he. ϸ

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