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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "I didn't know there was such a market," said Carrie.
2.  In contrast, Hurstwood appeared strong and sincere. He had noeasy manner of putting her off. He sympathised with her andshowed her what her true value was. He needed her, while Drouetdid not care.
3.  "Well," said the manager, "I hope they make a success of it.Have another?"
4.  Carrie looked, and observed the grace commended.
5.  They were off for a drive--she, looking about and noticing fineclothing, the young men voicing those silly pleasantries and weakquips which pass for humour in coy circles. Carrie saw the greatpark parade of carriages, beginning at the Fifty-ninth Streetentrance and winding past the Museum of Art to the exit at OneHundred and Tenth Street and Seventh Avenue. Her eye was oncemore taken by the show of wealth--the elaborate costumes, elegantharnesses, spirited horses, and, above all, the beauty. Oncemore the plague of poverty galled her, but now she forgot in ameasure her own troubles so far as to forget Hurstwood. Hewaited until four, five, and even six. It was getting dark whenhe got up out of his chair.
6.  She was now one of a group of oriental beauties who, in thesecond act of the comic opera, were paraded by the vizier beforethe new potentate as the treasures of his harem. There was noword assigned to any of them, but on the evening when Hurstwoodwas housing himself in the loft of the street-car barn, theleading comedian and star, feeling exceedingly facetious, said ina profound voice, which created a ripple of laughter:


1.  "Look at those about," came the whispered answer. "Look at thosewho are good. How would they scorn to do what you have done.Look at the good girls; how will they draw away from such as youwhen they know you have been weak. You had not tried before youfailed."
2.  To another who inquired, "Is it something really good?" themanager replied:
3.  He looked at her hard.
4.  "I guess he can't hurt the business very much, though, with theother members all there."
5.  The first week she got her thirty-five dollars, it seemed anenormous sum. Paying only three dollars for room rent seemedridiculous. After giving Lola her twenty-five, she still hadseven dollars left. With four left over from previous earnings,she had eleven. Five of this went to pay the regular installmenton the clothes she had to buy. The next week she was even ingreater feather. Now, only three dollars need be paid for roomrent and five on her clothes. The rest she had for food and herown whims.
6.  "Sixteen dollars," he replied.


1.  Carrie noticed this, and in scanning it the price of springchicken carried her back to that other bill of fare and fardifferent occasion when, for the first time, she sat with Drouetin a good restaurant in Chicago. It was only momentary--a sadnote as out of an old song--and then it was gone. But in thatflash was seen the other Carrie--poor, hungry, drifting at herwits' ends, and all Chicago a cold and closed world, from whichshe only wandered because she could not find work.
2.  "You said Charlie was hurt," said Carrie, savagely. "Youdeceived me. You've been deceiving me all the time, and now youwant to force me to run away with you."
3.  "I'm going up to Fox Lake to-morrow," announced George, Jr., atthe dinner table one Friday evening.
4.  "By damn, I wish they'd hurry up."
5.   Hurstwood smiled in an indulgent way as he read this.
6.  "By George, I won't stand that!" thought the thespian. "I'm notgoing to have my work cut up by some one else. Either she quitsthat when I do my turn or I quit."


1.  Chapter XVIII
2.  "They'll take anybody; that I know."
3.  Hanson jumped out of bed with more celerity than he usuallydisplayed and looked at the note. The only indication of histhoughts came in the form of a little clicking sound made by histongue; the sound some people make when they wish to urge on ahorse.
4、  "You're sure separate tickets wouldn't do as well?" he asked,hesitating to say anything more rugged.
5、  "I see," said Carrie, and then, half-smiling to be agreeable, shewalked out.




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      A light appeared through the transom overhead. It sent a thrillof possibility through the watchers. There was a murmur ofrecognition. At last the bars grated inside and the crowdpricked up its ears. Footsteps shuffled within and it murmuredagain. Some one called: "Slow up there, now," and then the dooropened. It was push and jam for a minute, with grim, beastsilence to prove its quality, and then it melted inward, likelogs floating, and disappeared. There were wet hats and wetshoulders, a cold, shrunken, disgruntled mass, pouring in betweenbleak walls. It was just six o'clock and there was supper inevery hurrying pedestrian's face. And yet no supper was providedhere--nothing but beds.

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      "Yah, yah, yah!" yelled the crowd. "Get it off yourself."

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       "What of it?" he said, angering. "I didn't know she was coming,did I?"

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      "The crazy ass!" he said to himself. "What does he want toadvertise for?"

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    {  "Oh, all right," she answered.

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      She felt so relieved in his radiant presence, so much lookedafter and cared for, that she assented gladly, though with theslightest air of holding back.}

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      Hurstwood went back through the barns and out into a large,enclosed lot, where were a series of tracks and loops. A half-dozen cars were there, manned by instructors, each with a pupilat the lever. More pupils were waiting at one of the rear doorsof the barn.

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      "Well, you'd better go sit down, then."

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       Hurstwood did not take this to himself. He thought it to be anexpression of individual satisfaction, and so did not answer.The youth imagined he was out of sorts, and set to whistlingsoftly. Seeing another man asleep, he quit that and lapsed intosilence.

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    {  "Think we're liable to have much trouble?" said another, whomHurstwood did not see.

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      "Take whiskey, George," said Taintor. "You ought to know that."