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"Well," cried his auditors; "at the moment you left his house?"Aramis appeared to make a strong inward effort, like a man who,in the full relation of a falsehood, finds himself stopped bysome unforeseen obstacle; but the eyes of his three companionswere fixed upon him, their ears were wide open, and there were nomeans of retreat.


"Or fifteen."

Aramis accordingly took the quill, reflected for a fewmoments, wrote eight or ten lines in a charming littlefemale hand, and then with a voice soft and slow, as if eachword had been scrupulously weighed, he read the following:

"It is for you or me!"

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"Yes," replied D'Artagnan, "from this very day; and mind, if thewine is bad, we will send him to find better."

"No one can reproach you for anything of the kind, MonsieurBonacieux," said the young man; "you are a model for regularpeople. It is true that when a man possesses a young and prettywife, he has no need to seek happiness elsewhere. Happinesscomes to meet him, does it not, Monsieur Bonacieux?"Bonacieux became as pale as death, and grinned a ghastly smile."Ah, ah!" said Bonacieux, "you are a jocular companion! Butwhere the devil were you gladding last night, my young master?It does not appear to be very clean in the crossroads."D'Artagnan glanced down at his boots, all covered with mud; butthat same glance fell upon the shoes and stockings of the mercer,and it might have been said they had been dipped in the same mudheap. Both were stained with splashes of mud of the sameappearance.

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"That's Porthos all over," murmured D'Artagnan.

Unfortunately, there was one circumstance which created apowerful obstacle to the accomplishment of this threat; whichwas, as we have related, that his sword had been in his firstconflict broken in two, and which he had entirely forgotten.Hence, it resulted when D'Artagnan proceeded to draw his sword inearnest, he found himself purely and simply armed with a stump ofa sword about eight or ten inches in length, which the host hadcarefully placed in the scabbard. As to the rest of the blade,the master had slyly put that on one side to make himself alarding pin.

"Go and fetch a physician?" said she. "What could be the good ofthat? These gentlemen declared yesterday that my illness was acomedy; it would be just the same today, no doubt--for sinceyesterday evening they have had plenty of time to send for adoctor."


<"Yes, monsieur, I know only him.""Well, come!" said the young man, laughing, "she thinks I amworth something. A hundred louis? Well, that was atemptation for two wretches like you. I understand why youaccepted it, and I grant you my pardon; but upon onecondition."

"Oh, I resolved that it should take place as soon as possible. Ihad no doubt he would return the following night. During the dayI had nothing to fear.





dzDzƱܶ簮ijȹ "And her husband found out that she had a fleur-de-lis onher shoulder?" cried Porthos. ϸ

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dzDzƱŷУ԰ͬԪױ "Oh, this is too much," cried Milady. "Help! help!"No voice replied to hers; the carriage continued to roll on withrapidity; the officer seemed a statue. ϸ

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