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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1"Why?" inquired Sara, curiously.
2."Where have you wasted your time?" she demanded. "You have been out for hours."
3."There!" she cried. "It has come! I know now! I must look among the things in the old trunk I had when I was a princess."
4."Becky!" she exclaimed. "My dearest Sara!"
5.The Diamond Mines Again
6."Sara," said Ermengarde, hope gleaming in her round face, "if you'll do that, and make me remember, I'll--I'll give you anything."


1.She led the way to the table. She waved her hand graciously to Ermengarde and Becky. She was in the midst of her dream.
2."Do you think she DOESN'T know things?" said Sara, in her stern little voice. Sometimes she had a rather stern little voice.
3."Me hear it?" she cried. "Like as if I was a pupil, miss! All about the Prince--and the little white Mer-babies swimming about laughing-- with stars in their hair?"
4."But oh, miss," cried Becky, "wait till she's told you what they are! They ain't just--oh, miss, please tell her," appealing to Sara.
5.When she came into Miss Minchin's sitting room in answer to her summons, her face was white and her eyes had dark rings around them. Her mouth was set as if she did not wish it to reveal what she had suffered and was suffering. She did not look in the least like the rose-colored butterfly child who had flown about from one of her treasures to the other in the decorated schoolroom. She looked instead a strange, desolate, almost grotesque little figure.
6."Yes," said Sara. "In the gutter."


1.Something she saw in Sara's grave, fixed gaze at this moment made her turn on her fiercely.
2."I wish she'd waken herself," Sara said. "I don't like to waken her. But Miss Minchin would be cross if she found out. I'll just wait a few minutes."
3.But the next moment she was mystified. On the under side of the pincushion was secured a card, bearing in neat letters the name "Miss Amelia Minchin."
4."Put down your doll," said Miss Minchin. "What do you mean by bringing her here?"
5. She had been at Miss Minchin's school about two years when, one foggy winter's afternoon, as she was getting out of her carriage, comfortably wrapped up in her warmest velvets and furs and looking very much grander than she knew, she caught sight, as she crossed the pavement, of a dingy little figure standing on the area steps, and stretching its neck so that its wide-open eyes might peer at her through the railings. Something in the eagerness and timidity of the smudgy face made her look at it, and when she looked she smiled because it was her way to smile at people.
6."He IS a person," said Sara. "He gets hungry and frightened, just as we do; and he is married and has children. How do we know he doesn't think things, just as we do? His eyes look as if he was a person. That was why I gave him a name."


1.Sara turned suddenly to find her standing by the table, looking very queer indeed. She had shut her eyes, and was twisting her face in strange convulsive contortions, her hands hanging stiffly clenched at her sides. She looked as if she was trying to lift some enormous weight.
2."I think they are perfectly ridiculous," replied Miss Minchin, sharply; "but they will look very well at the head of the line when we take the schoolchildren to church on Sunday. She has been provided for as if she were a little princess."
3.Becky's cap almost fell off entirely, she broke in with such excitement.
4、"She is a sensible little thing, and she never wants anything it isn't safe to give her," he said.
5、The Magic




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    "Left just one for herself," she said in a low voice. "And she could have eaten the whole six--I saw it in her eyes."

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    "It IS a story," said Sara. "EVERYTHING'S a story. You are a story-- I am a story. Miss Minchin is a story."

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     When she went down to breakfast she saw that her seat at Miss Minchin's side was occupied by Lavinia, and Miss Minchin spoke to her coldly.

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    She had taken a book from the desk and was turning over its leaves. Sara went to her politely.

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    {"Oh, Sara!" she cried. "What a silly thing I am not to have thought of it!"

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    If her Aunt Eliza had been slow to learn and quick to forget a thing entirely when she had learned it, Ermengarde was strikingly like her. She was the monumental dunce of the school, and it could not be denied.}

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    "Oh, Sara!" she cried. "What a silly thing I am not to have thought of it!"

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    "No. She will think I am in bed. Don't stir."

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     The Other Side of the Wall

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    {"Good God! Yes," he said. "I was driven mad with dread and horror. I had not slept for weeks. The night I staggered out of my house all the air seemed full of hideous things mocking and mouthing at me."

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    Sara went to them quietly. She did not know at all what she was going to do, but she had a vague inward conviction that it would be better not to say such different kinds of things quite so helplessly and excitedly.