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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "What sort of person is he?"
2.  "Sinbad the Sailor."
3.  "With whom are you going to fight?"
4.  "There is," said he, at the end of his meditations, "aclever maxim, which bears upon what I was saying to you somelittle while ago, and that is, that unless wicked ideas takeroot in a naturally depraved mind, human nature, in a rightand wholesome state, revolts at crime. Still, from anartificial civilization have originated wants, vices, andfalse tastes, which occasionally become so powerful as tostifle within us all good feelings, and ultimately to leadus into guilt and wickedness. From this view of things,then, comes the axiom that if you visit to discover theauthor of any bad action, seek first to discover the personto whom the perpetration of that bad action could be in anyway advantageous. Now, to apply it in your case, -- to whomcould your disappearance have been serviceable?"
5.  "Talking of countries," replied Franz, "of what country isthe count, what is his native tongue, whence does he derivehis immense fortune, and what were those events of his earlylife -- a life as marvellous as unknown -- that havetinctured his succeeding years with so dark and gloomy amisanthropy? Certainly these are questions that, in yourplace, I should like to have answered."
6.  "Strange child," murmured the baroness.


1.  As Danglars approached the disappointed lover, he cast onhim a look of deep meaning, while Fernand, as he slowlypaced behind the happy pair, who seemed, in their ownunmixed content, to have entirely forgotten that such abeing as himself existed, was pale and abstracted;occasionally, however, a deep flush would overspread hiscountenance, and a nervous contraction distort his features,while, with an agitated and restless gaze, he would glancein the direction of Marseilles, like one who eitheranticipated or foresaw some great and important event.
2.  "And I again repeat, you shall not commit suicide."
3.  "Pardieu?"
4.  "Everything points to the conclusion, sire," said theminister of police, "that death was not the result ofsuicide, as we first believed, but of assassination. GeneralQuesnel, it appears, had just left a Bonapartist club whenhe disappeared. An unknown person had been with him thatmorning, and made an appointment with him in the RueSaint-Jacques; unfortunately, the general's valet, who wasdressing his hair at the moment when the stranger entered,heard the street mentioned, but did not catch the number."As the police minister related this to the king, Villefort,who looked as if his very life hung on the speaker's lips,turned alternately red and pale. The king looked towardshim.
5.  "And what?" demanded Morrel.
6.  But Andrea, turning towards them, winked his eyes, rolledhis tongue around his cheeks, and smacked his lips in amanner equivalent to a hundred words among the bandits whenforced to be silent. It was a Masonic sign Caderousse hadtaught him. He was immediately recognized as one of them;the handkerchief was thrown down, and the iron-heeled shoereplaced on the foot of the wretch to whom it belonged. Somevoices were heard to say that the gentleman was right; thathe intended to be civil, in his way, and that they would setthe example of liberty of conscience, -- and the mobretired. The keeper was so stupefied at this scene that hetook Andrea by the hands and began examining his person,attributing the sudden submission of the inmates of theLions' Den to something more substantial than merefascination. Andrea made no resistance, although heprotested against it. Suddenly a voice was heard at thewicket. "Benedetto!" exclaimed an inspector. The keeperrelaxed his hold. "I am called," said Andrea. "To thevisitors' room!" said the same voice.


1.  "We are forbidden to give you any explanation." Dantes,trained in discipline, knew that nothing would be moreabsurd than to question subordinates, who were forbidden toreply; and so he remained silent.
2.  "That will do -- that will do, Monsieur Bertuccio; sparethese gentlemen all such domestic arrangements. You have thewindow, that is sufficient. Give orders to the coachman; andbe in readiness on the stairs to conduct us to it." Thesteward bowed, and was about to quit the room. "Ah,"continued the count, "be good enough to ask Pastrini if hehas received the tavoletta, and if he can send us an accountof the execution."
3.  "But, excellency" -- said Pastrini, still striving to gainhis point.
4.  "I have but one question to ask you, -- what do you intendto do?"
5.   "My carriage is at the door, madame, and I must be in Romein five days."
6.  Chapter 55Major Cavalcanti.


1.  "Nonsense, I am going to set you an example of confidence,they give me 50,000 francs a year to be your son;consequently, you can understand that it is not at alllikely I shall ever deny my parent." The major lookedanxiously around him. "Make yourself easy, we are quitealone," said Andrea; "besides, we are conversing inItalian."
2.  "We have a fixed price for all our provisions. It signifiesnothing whether you eat much or little -- whether you haveten dishes or one -- it is always the same price."
3.  "We do."
4、  "It looks more like bankruptcy!" exclaimed M. de Bovilledespairingly.
5、  "None at all."




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      Andrea seized the certificate of his father's marriage andhis own baptismal register, and after having opened themwith all the eagerness which might be expected under thecircumstances, he read them with a facility which provedthat he was accustomed to similar documents, and with anexpression which plainly denoted an unusual interest in thecontents. When he had perused the documents, an indefinableexpression of pleasure lighted up his countenance, andlooking at the major with a most peculiar smile, he said, invery excellent Tuscan, -- "Then there is no longer any suchthing, in Italy as being condemned to the galleys?" Themajor drew himself up to his full height.

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      "As easily found as the cart."

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       "I would reform her; it would be rendering a service to herfuture son-in-law."

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      "Be it so. It is a lovely night, and a walk without Romewill do us both good."

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    {  "We understand each other perfectly, then. Adieu, yourexcellency; depend upon me as firmly as I do upon you."

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      "What a wicked-looking, crooked staircase," saidChateau-Renaud with a smile.}

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      "And what do you think I did? I feigned a criminal process,and employed all the most acute bloodhounds and skilfulagents in search of her. They traced her to Chalons, andthere they lost her."

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      And yet, as she could scarcely breathe, she rose and wenttowards a looking-glass. "I am frightful to-night," shesaid. Debray rose, smiling, and was about to contradict thebaroness upon this latter point, when the door openedsuddenly. M. Danglars appeared; Debray reseated himself. Atthe noise of the door Madame Danglars turned round, andlooked upon her husband with an astonishment she took notrouble to conceal. "Good-evening, madame," said the banker;"good-evening, M. Debray."

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       "[By telegraph.] The king, Don Carlos, has escaped thevigilance of his guardians at Bourges, and has returned toSpain by the Catalonian frontier. Barcelona has risen in hisfavor."

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    {  "I will go to you, and we will fly; but from this momentuntil then, let us not tempt providence, let us not see eachother. It is a miracle, it is a providence that we have notbeen discovered. If we were surprised, if it were known thatwe met thus, we should have no further resource."

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      "Your excellency is mistaken; there are pirates, like thebandits who were believed to have been exterminated by PopeLeo XII., and who yet, every day, rob travellers at thegates of Rome. Has not your excellency heard that the Frenchcharge d'affaires was robbed six months ago within fivehundred paces of Velletri?"