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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Alicante, if you please; it is my favorite wine."
2.  "Yes, let us do so." The landlord preceded the friendsacross the landing, which was all that separated them fromthe apartments of the count, rang at the bell, and, upon thedoor being opened by a servant, said, "I signori Francesi."
3.  "Some one has told you the secret; or, perhaps, you guessedthat he was here."
4.  "I think I may venture to ask you this favor."
5.  Two soldiers were accordingly sent for, and the inspectordescended a stairway, so foul, so humid, so dark, as to beloathsome to sight, smell, and respiration.
6.  "He leaves me five hundred thousand livres."


1.  "The affair is still in projection."
2.  "They were indispensable."
3.  "I should avail myself of your offer with pleasure," repliedthe host, "but, unfortunately, if I go there, it will be, inall probability, incognito."
4.  The carriage stopped, the officer descended, approached theguardhouse, a dozen soldiers came out and formed themselvesin order; Dantes saw the reflection of their muskets by thelight of the lamps on the quay.
5.  "I mean that M. de Monte Cristo, digging underneath thesetrees, found neither skeleton nor chest, because neither ofthem was there!"
6.  And Villefort's father extended his hand to the bell-rope,to summon the servant whom his son had not called. Villefortcaught his arm.


1.  "Sir," said Villefort, "have you any enemies, at least, thatyou know."
2.  Chapter 89A Nocturnal Interview.
3.  "And what?" demanded Morrel.
4.  It was an imposing sight to witness this old man, apparentlya mere useless burden, becoming the sole protector, support,and adviser of the lovers who were both young, beautiful,and strong. His remarkably noble and austere expressionstruck Morrel, who began his story with trembling. Herelated the manner in which he had become acquainted withValentine, and how he had loved her, and that Valentine, inher solitude and her misfortune, had accepted the offer ofhis devotion. He told him his birth, his position, hisfortune, and more than once, when he consulted the look ofthe paralytic, that look answered, "That is good, proceed."
5.   "What sort of person is he?"
6.  "But still there are some signals only addressed to you."


1.  "Go," said the count deliberately; "go, dear friend, butpromise me if you meet with any obstacle to remember that Ihave some power in this world, that I am happy to use thatpower in the behalf of those I love, and that I love you,Morrel."
2.  "I do."
3.  "Calls himself, do you say?"
4、  "Mademoiselle Eugenie," said the maid, "retired to herapartment with Mademoiselle d'Armilly; they then took teatogether, after which they desired me to leave, saying thatthey needed me no longer." Since then the maid had beenbelow, and like every one else she thought the young ladieswere in their own room; Madame Danglars, therefore, went tobed without a shadow of suspicion, and began to muse overthe recent events. In proportion as her memory becameclearer, the occurrences of the evening were revealed intheir true light; what she had taken for confusion was atumult; what she had regarded as something distressing, wasin reality a disgrace. And then the baroness remembered thatshe had felt no pity for poor Mercedes, who had beenafflicted with as severe a blow through her husband and son.
5、  "There used to be a dog let loose in the yard at night, butit has been taken to the house at Auteuil, to that you wentto, you know."




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      but, like a phosphoric light, they rise but to mislead. Thestory has been told by the Corsican to some priest, who inhis turn has repeated it. M. de Monte Cristo may have heardit, and to enlighten himself -- but why should he wish toenlighten himself upon the subject?" asked Villefort, aftera moment's reflection, "what interest can this M. de MonteCristo or M. Zaccone, -- son of a shipowner of Malta,discoverer of a mine in Thessaly, now visiting Paris for thefirst time, -- what interest, I say, can he take indiscovering a gloomy, mysterious, and useless fact likethis? However, among all the incoherent details given to meby the Abbe Busoni and by Lord Wilmore, by that friend andthat enemy, one thing appears certain and clear in myopinion -- that in no period, in no case, in nocircumstance, could there have been any contact between himand me."

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      "A rope-ladder and some tools?"

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       In his whole life, perhaps, Franz had never beforeexperienced so sudden an impression, so rapid a transitionfrom gayety to sadness, as in this moment. It seemed asthough Rome, under the magic breath of some demon of thenight, had suddenly changed into a vast tomb. By a chance,which added yet more to the intensity of the darkness, themoon, which was on the wane, did not rise until eleveno'clock, and the streets which the young man traversed wereplunged in the deepest obscurity. The distance was short,and at the end of ten minutes his carriage, or rather thecount's, stopped before the Hotel de Londres. Dinner waswaiting, but as Albert had told him that he should notreturn so soon, Franz sat down without him. Signor Pastrini,who had been accustomed to see them dine together, inquiredinto the cause of his absence, but Franz merely replied thatAlbert had received on the previous evening an invitationwhich he had accepted. The sudden extinction of themoccoletti, the darkness which had replaced the light, andthe silence which had succeeded the turmoil, had left inFranz's mind a certain depression which was not free fromuneasiness. He therefore dined very silently, in spite ofthe officious attention of his host, who presented himselftwo or three times to inquire if he wanted anything.

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      "Well, then, under these circumstances," said Caderousse, "Iwill, I even believe I ought to undeceive you as to thefriendship which poor Edmond thought so sincere andunquestionable."

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    {  "Poor Fernand has been dismissed," continued Caderousse.

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      "Well, then," said the baroness, "if slave she be, she hasall the air and manner of a princess."}

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      "Who wrote to Yanina?"

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       "No, it is for the first expenses of your settling inParis."

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    {  At this moment the abbe pressed down his side of the shadeand so raised it on the other, throwing a bright light onthe stranger's face, while his own remained obscured."Excuse me, abbe," said the envoy of the prefect of thepolice, "but the light tries my eyes very much." The abbelowered the shade. "Now, sir, I am listening -- go on."

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      "Draw nearer, Penelon," said the young man, "and tell us allabout it."