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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "There was some sign of violence on the stonework of the bridge- aperfectly fresh chip just opposite the body. Could you suggest anypossible explanation of that?"
2.  A quarter of an hour later we found ourselves in what I judge,from the lines of polished barrels behind glass covers, to be thegun-room of the old house. It was comfortably furnished, and hereSir Robert left us for a few moments. When he returned he had twocompanions with him; the one, the florid young woman whom we hadseen in the carriage; the other, a small rat-faced man with adisagreeably furtive manner. These two wore an appearance of utterbewilderment, which showed that the baronet had not yet had time toexplain to them the turn events had taken.
3.  "The greatest and perhaps the wealthiest. I am aware, Mr. Holmes,that you take a very high line in professional matters, and that youare prepared to work for the work's sake. I may tell you, however,that his Grace has already intimated that a check for five thousandpounds will be handed over to the person who can tell him where hisson is, and another thousand to him who can name the man or men whohave taken him."
4.  "You left your door open?"
5.  "'I was blue ribbon at that time, and we were putting a little moneyby, and all was as bright as a new dollar. My God, whoever wouldhave thought that it could have come to this? Whoever would havedreamed it?
6.  "The paper! Of course!" yelled Holmes in a paroxysm of excitement."Idiot that I was! I thought so much of our visit that the paper neverentered my head for an instant. To be sure, the secret must liethere." He flattened it out upon the table, and a cry of triumph burstfrom his lips. "Look at this, Watson," he cried. 'It is a Londonpaper, an early edition of the Evening Standard. Here is what we want.Look at the headlines: 'Crime in the City. Murder at Mawson &Williams's. Gigantic Attempted Robbery. Capture of the Criminal.'Here, Watson, we are all equally anxious to hear it, so kindly read italoud to us."


1.  "What, then, do you suppose?"
2.  There was a sudden rush and a scuffle, followed by the clash of ironand a cry of pain.
3.  "Are you Mr. Godfrey Staunton?"
4.  "And yet I cannot see anything save very vague indications.""On the contrary, to my mind nothing could be more clear. Let me runover the principal steps. We approached the case, you remember, withan absolutely blank mind, which is always an advantage. We hadformed no theories. We were simply there to observe and to drawinferences from our observations. What did we see first? A very placidand respectable lady, who seemed quite innocent of any secret, and aportrait which showed me that she had two younger sisters. Itinstantly flashed across my mind that the box might have been meantfor one of these. I set the idea aside as one which could be disprovedor confirmed at our leisure. Then we went to the garden, as youremember, and we saw the very singular contents of the little yellowbox.
5.  "Surely your wife knew?'
6.  "In reaching the door he would have to pass seven bedrooms. On theother hand, he could get out on to the lawn with case. Anything else?""You do not think," asked Phelps, "that he had any murderousintention? The knife was only meant as a tool."


1.  "It could only have been at meal-time, or else at the hours when Iwould be in the schoolroom with the children."
2.  Faithfully yours,
3.  "'The original has no date, but is in the spelling of the middleof the seventeenth century,' remarked Musgrave. 'I am afraid, however,that it can be of little help to you in solving this mystery.'"'At least,' said I, 'it gives us another mystery, and one whichis even more interesting than the first. It may be that the solutionof the one may prove to be the solution of the other. You willexcuse me, Musgrave, if I say that your butler appears to me to havebeen a very clever man, and to have had a clearer insight than tengenerations of his masters.'
4.  The salesman chuckled grimly. "Bring me the books, Bill,"said he.
5.   "You have been cruelly used," said Holmes.
6.  "Evidently," said I, "Mr. Wilson's assistant counts for a gooddeal in this mystery of the Red-headed League. I am sure that youinquired your way merely in order that you might see him.""Not him."


1.  "He has to take the tray in. Surely we could conceal ourselves andsee him do it."
2.  "Did she ever talk of revisiting the place?"
3.  "I am so delighted that you have come," she said earnestly. "It isso very kind of you both; but indeed I do not know what I should do.Your advice will be altogether invaluable to me."
4、  "I was aware that you had written a book upon the subject.""Have you read the book?"
5、  "The dog. What's the matter with it?"




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      "Look at that with your magnifying glass, Mr. Holmes."

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      "Naturally, I made some inquiries about the man. I found that he hadbeen in command of a whaler which was due to return from the Arcticseas at the very time when my father was crossing to Norway. Theautumn of that year was a stormy one, and there was a longsuccession of southerly gales. My father's yacht may well have beenblown to the north, and there met by Captain Peter Carey's ship. Ifthat were so, what had become of my father? In any case, if I couldprove from Peter Carey's evidence how these securities came on themarket it would be a proof that my father had not sold them, andthat he had no view to personal profit when he took them."I came down to Sussex with the intention of seeing the captain, butit was at this moment that his terrible death occurred. I read atthe inquest a description of his cabin, in which it stated that theold logbooks of his vessel were preserved in it. It struck me thatif I could see what occurred in the month of August, 1883, on boardthe Sea Unicorn, I might settle the mystery of my father's fate. Itried last night to get at these logbooks, but was unable to openthe door. To-night I tried again and succeeded, but I find that thepages which deal with that month have been torn from the book. It wasat that moment I found myself a prisoner in your hands.""Is that all?" asked Hopkins.

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       "Every precaution is still necessary," he whispered. "I havereason to think that they are hot upon our trail. Ah, there isMoriarty himself."

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      And this was the singular case of the Grecian Interpreter, theexplanation of which is still involved in some mystery. We were ableto find out, by communicating with the gentleman who had answeredthe advertisement, that the unfortunate young lady came of a wealthyGrecian family, and that she had been on a visit to some friends inEngland. While there she had met a young man named Harold Latimer, whohad acquired an ascendency over her and had eventually persuaded herto fly with him. Her friends, shocked at the event, had contentedthemselves with informing her brother at Athens, and had then washedtheir hands of the matter. The brother, on his arrival in England, hadimprudently placed himself in the power of Latimer and of hisassociate, whose name was Wilson Kemp-a man of the foulestantecedents. These two, finding that through his ignorance of thelanguage he was helpless in their hands, had kept him a prisoner,and had endeavoured by cruelty and starvation to make him sign awayhis own and his sister's property. They had kept him in the housewithout the girl's knowledge, and the plaster over the face had beenfor the purpose of making recognition difficult in case she shouldever catch a glimpse of him. Her feminine perceptions, however, hadinstantly seen through the disguise when, on the occasion of theinterpreter's visit, she had seen him for the first time. The poorgirl, however, was herself a prisoner, for there was no one aboutthe house except the man who acted as coachman, and his wife, bothof whom were tools of the conspirators. Finding that their secretwas out, and that their prisoner was not to be coerced, the twovillains with the girl had fled away at a few hours' notice from thefurnished house which they had hired, having first, as they thought,taken vengeance both upon the man who had defied and the one who hadbetrayed them.

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    {  "'No,' said I. 'It is your ears. They have the peculiar flatteningand thickening which marks the boxing man.'

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      "Thank you, that will do," said Holmes. "Oh, one more word. You havenot mentioned to any of the three gentlemen whom you attend thatanything is amiss?"}

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      "For two days after my arrival at the Copper Beeches my life wasvery quiet; on the third, Mrs. Rucastle came down just after breakfastand whispered something to her husband.

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      "How do you know that?"

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       "What is it, then?"

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    {  "Good Lord!"

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