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ͳһappַ:a g 9 559 v i p<"Frightful! frightful!" murmured Athos, while Porthos brokethe bottles and Aramis gave orders, a little too late, thata confessor should be sent for."Athos divided them into three groups, assumed the command ofone, gave the second to Aramis, and the third to Porthos;and then each group went and took their watch near anentrance.

"But," said D'Artagnan, "shall we not pursue that woman?""Later," said Athos. "I have measures to take."


"Go to! It appears to me you make dull jokes, my dear,"said Porthos.


"Your husband has none. Is that what you would say?""He has some, but he is very avaricious; that is his fault.Nevertheless, let not your Majesty be uneasy, we will findmeans."

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But for D'Artagnan all aspects were clothed happily, all ideaswore a smile, all shades were diaphanous. The appointed hour wasabout to strike. In fact, at the end of a few minutes the belfryof St. Cloud let fall slowly then strokes from its sonorous jaws.There was something melancholy in this brazen voice pouring outits lamentations in the middle of the night; but each of thosestrokes, which made up the expected hour, vibrated harmoniouslyto the heart of the young man.<"I am an honorable man."

"Will that be the answer," replied the secretary, smiling, "whichhe must transmit to his Majesty if, by chance, his Majesty shouldhave the curiosity to know why no vessel is to leave any of theports of Great Britain?"

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"That's true. How much do you want?"

"Ah, if you laugh, if you doubt me," replied Aramis, "you shallknow nothing."

<"And what do you believe?' His voice was stifled by sobs."I believe everything," said Athos biting his lips till the blood sprangto avoid sighing.Throwing down his spit, and ordering his wife to do the same withher broom handle, and the servants with their sticks, he set thefirst example of commencing an earnest search for the lostletter.

"That he is far from being, or rather having been, so guiltytoward you as he appears."


<"Silence," said Felton, "I hear footsteps.""Ah, monsieur," said Planchet, "I will succeed or I willconsent to be cut in quarters; and if they do cut me inquarters, be assured that not a morsel of me will speak."It was decided that Planchet should set out the next day, ateight o'clock in the morning, in order, as he had said, thathe might during the night learn the letter by heart. Hegained just twelve hours by this engagement; he was to beback on the sixteenth day, by eight o'clock in the evening.In the morning, as he was mounting his horse, D'Artagnan,who felt at the bottom of his heart a partiality for theduke, took Planchet aside.

"Why should I do that?"





ͳһapp귬ѡ˽롰սʱ̡ ϣҪس "Will he believe that your Eminence is in a position toaccomplish the threat thus made?" ϸ

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ͳһapp·˳ӦԱƽػͻ֣ϵ "I have told you that I believe I know him." ϸ

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