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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "'Your fate will be on your own head. How long have you been here?'"'Let it be so. Three weeks.'
2.  "Well, if you really must know, she is an old nurse of my wife's,Rose Spender by name, whom we found in the Brixton WorkhouseInfirmary. We brought her round here, called in Dr. Horsom, of 13Firbank Villas- mind you take the address, Mr. Holmes- and had hercarefully tended, as Christian folk should. On the third day she died-certificate says senile decay- but that's only the doctor's opinion,and of course you know better. We ordered her funeral to be carriedout by Stimson and Co., of the Kennington Road, who will bury her ateight o'clock to-morrow morning. Can you pick any hole in that, Mr.Holmes? You've made a silly blunder, and you may as well own up to it.I'd give something for a photograph of your gaping, staring facewhen you pulled aside that lid expecting to see the Lady FrancesCarfax and only found a poor old woman of ninety."
3.  "None save that she hated him. Again and again she said so.""Well, that is not unknown among stepmothers. A posthumous jealousy,we will say. Is the lady jealous by nature?"
4.  "Yes, I have considered that. If the second word had borne anyresemblance to Murdoch- but it did not. He gave it almost in a shriek.I am sure that it was 'Mane.'"
6.  "'And under,' he cried. 'You have omitted the and under.'"I had thought that it meant that we were to dig, but now, ofcourse, I saw at once that I was wrong. 'There is a cedar under thisthen?' I cried.


1.  "Ah! there I am not in a position to help you. But I suppose youwant us to come out to-morrow?"
2.  .
3.  "Neither, sir. It was William the coachman. Shot through theheart, sir, and never spoke again."
4.  "Well, if you wish to see Godfrey, you shall. It is no doing ofmine, but you have forced my hand. Ralph, tell Mr. Godfrey and Mr.Kent that in five minutes we shall be with them."
5.  "He would certainly seem to be a most interesting lad. There isone other point about these assaults. Were the strange attacks uponthe baby and the assaults upon your son at the same period?""In the first case it was so. It was is if some frenzy had seizedher, and she had vented her rage upon both. In the second case itwas only Jack who suffered. Mrs. Mason had no complaint to makeabout the baby."
6.  PERICOLO- pericolo- eh, what's that, Watson? 'Danger,' isn't it?Yes, by Jove, it's a danger signal. There he goes again! PERI. Halloa,what on earth-"


1.  "I am in hopes of getting it. That is why I am here. The more Ithink of the matter the more convinced I am that the letter hasnever left this house."
2.  "Nothing that would help a thief. Family papers, letters from mypoor wife, diplomas of universities which have done me honour. Here isthe key. You can look for yourself."
3.  "Yes, sir," he answered, with some surprise.
4.  "Dear me! But surely you have inadvertently let out the name of yourclient? It is no doubt General de Merville."
5.   "Why, Bannister, the servant. What's his game in the matter?""He impressed me as being a perfectly honest man."
6.  "Fetch a policeman, Annie!" said he. There was a whisk of feminineskirts down the passage, and the hall door was opened and shut."Our time is limited, Watson," said Holmes. "If you try to stopus, Peters, you will most certainly get hurt. Where is that coffinwhich was brought into your house?"


3.  "Trevor senior was a widower, and my friend his only son."There had been a daughter, I heard, but she had died ofdiphtheria while on a visit to Birmingham. The father interested meextremely. He was a man of little culture, but with a considerableamount of rude strength, both physically and mentally. He knewhardly any books, but he had travelled far, had seen much of theworld, and had remembered all that he had learned. In person he wasa thick-set, burly man with a shock of grizzled hair, a brown,weather-beaten face, and blue eyes which were keen to the verge offierceness. Yet he had a reputation for kindness and charity on thecountryside, and was noted for the leniency of his sentences fromthe bench.
4、  No, Mr. Holmes had no desire to see him, but would be glad to knowmore about his record and character.
5、  "I am a dog-fancier myself," said Holmes. "Now, if it is a fairquestion, what would a prize dog like that cost?"




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      "Very likely," said he, turning away. "As it happens, it was not thecarriages which I desired to examine. Watson, we have done all wecan here. We need not trouble you any further, Mr. Lestrade. I thinkour investigations must now carry us to Woolwich."

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      "You have clearly gone pretty deeply into my affairs or I should nothave found you where I did. Therefore, you know already, in allprobability, that I am running a dark horse for the Derby and thateverything depends upon my success. If I win, all is easy. If Ilose- well, I dare not think of that!"

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       "He is said to be the richest man on the Pacific slope.""And how did he make his money?"

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      "I suppose we ought to call the police in now," said he. "And yetI confess that I'd like to give them a complete case when they come.""It's a blessed mystery to me," cried Pycroft, scratching hishead. "Whatever they wanted to bring me all the way up here for, andthen-"

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    {  "Yes, several."

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      "So you sent the letters to my husband, and he- the noblestgentleman that ever lived, a man whose boots I was never worthy tolace- he broke his gallant heart and died. You remember that lastnight, when I came through that door, I begged and prayed you formercy, and you laughed in my face as you are trying to laugh now, onlyyour coward heart cannot keep your lips from twitching. Yes, you neverthought to see me here again, but it was that night which taught mehow I could meet you face to face, and alone. Well, Charles Milverton,what have you to say?"}

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      "Yes, it is it- and the letter is intact. Hope, I congratulate you.""Thank you! Thank you! What a weight from my heart. But this isinconceivable- impossible. Mr. Holmes, you are a wizard, a sorcerer!How did you know it was there?"

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      Adelaide-Southampton company. Thence he drove to Scotland Yard, but,instead of entering, he sat in his cab with his brows drawn down, lostin profound thought. Finally he drove round to the Charing Crosstelegraph office, sent off a message, and then, at last, we made forBaker Street once more.

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       "I don't know, sir, it didn't matter to me where I sat."'I really don't think he knew much about it, Mr. Holmes. He waslooking very bad- quite ghastly."

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    {  "Have you come from Holmes?" he asked.

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      "Well, there's no reason it should be kept a secret. I'll give youthe facts as short as I can make them. If you came from Kansas I wouldnot need to explain to you who Alexander Hamilton Garrideb was. Hemade his money in real estate, and afterwards in the wheat pit atChicago, but he spent it in buying up as much land as would make oneof your counties, lying along the Arkansas River, west of FortDodge. It's grazing-land and lumber-land and arable-land andmineralized land, and just every sort of land that brings dollars tothe man that owns it.