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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "You are very provoking, and will not give me credit foranything; but let me hear this second proof, which youyourself own to be absurd."
2.  "Everywhere."
3.  "Well," said she, hardly giving Franz time to sit down, "itseems you have nothing better to do than to make theacquaintance of this new Lord Ruthven, and you are alreadythe best friends in the world."
4.  "For his death "
5.  "`Luigi Vampa.'"
6.  "Alas," murmured Edmond to himself, "this is a terriblerelapse! There was only this blow wanting." Then he saidaloud, "My dear friend, your attack has, perhaps, fatiguedyou; had you not better repose awhile? To-morrow, if youwill, I will hear your narrative; but to-day I wish to nurseyou carefully. Besides," he said, "a treasure is not a thingwe need hurry about."


1.  "Ah, you do well to ask," said Eugenie, laughing; "I forgotthat I was Hercules, and you only the pale Omphale!" And theyoung girl, kneeling on the top, pressed the two parts ofthe portmanteau together, and Mademoiselle d'Armilly passedthe bolt of the padlock through. When this was done, Eugenieopened a drawer, of which she kept the key, and took from ita wadded violet silk travelling cloak. "Here," said she,"you see I have thought of everything; with this cloak youwill not be cold."
2.  "But yet M. Danglars appeared" --
3.  Chapter 71Bread and Salt.
4.  Danglars followed Edmond and Mercedes with his eyes untilthe two lovers disappeared behind one of the angles of FortSaint Nicolas, then turning round, he perceived Fernand, whohad fallen, pale and trembling, into his chair, whileCaderousse stammered out the words of a drinking-song.
5.  "And what is that great lord's name?"
6.  "I am the only guilty person, am I not?' said Maximilian.


1.  "Come, come," said the old man, "be comforted, my poorchild; there is still hope!"
2.  "We know nothing as yet of the conspiracy, monsieur; all thepapers found have been sealed up and placed on your desk.The prisoner himself is named Edmond Dantes, mate on boardthe three-master the Pharaon, trading in cotton withAlexandria and Smyrna, and belonging to Morrel & Son, ofMarseilles."
3.  "Well, sir, I was educated at home by a poor devil of anabbe, who disappeared suddenly. I have since learned that hewas confined in the Chateau d'If, and I should like to learnsome particulars of his death."
4.  "Well, do you know if the persons you see there are rich orpoor, if their sacks of wheat are not rubies or diamonds?They seem like poor fishermen, and suddenly they open somemysterious cavern filled with the wealth of the Indies."
5.   The bride blushed, while Fernand, restless and uneasy,seemed to start at every fresh sound, and from time to timewiped away the large drops of perspiration that gathered onhis brow.
6.  "You are a worthy daughter of Epirus, Haidee, and yourcharming and poetical ideas prove well your descent fromthat race of goddesses who claim your country as theirbirthplace. Depend on my care to see that your youth is notblighted, or suffered to pass away in ungenial solitude; andof this be well assured, that if you love me as a father, Ilove you as a child."


1.  "But"' said Madame Danglars, resolving to make a lasteffort, "this young man, though a murderer, is an orphan,abandoned by everybody."
2.  "Sir," said she, "it is superfluous for me to tell you thatValentine's marriage is broken off, since it was here thatthe affair was concluded." Noirtier's countenance remainedimmovable. "But one thing I can tell you, of which I do notthink you are aware; that is, that I have always beenopposed to this marriage, and that the contract was enteredinto entirely without my consent or approbation." Noirtierregarded his daughter-in-law with the look of a man desiringan explanation. "Now that this marriage, which I know you somuch disliked, is done away with, I come to you on an errandwhich neither M. de Villefort nor Valentine couldconsistently undertake." Noirtier's eyes demanded the natureof her mission. "I come to entreat you, sir," continuedMadame de Villefort, "as the only one who has the right ofdoing so, inasmuch as I am the only one who will receive nopersonal benefit from the transaction, -- I come to entreatyou to restore, not your love, for that she has alwayspossessed, but to restore your fortune to yourgranddaughter."
3.  "Monsieur Morrel!" exclaimed a voice on the stairs. --"Monsieur Morrel!"
4、  "I fear I shall not have that honor."
5、  "Perhaps."




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      "Why, your excellency," returned the landlord, chuckling andrubbing his hands with infinite complacency, "I think I maytake upon myself to say I neglect nothing to deserve thesupport and patronage of the noble visitors to this poorhotel."

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      "What! M. Morrel unhappy?" exclaimed the abbe.

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       "And have you replied to every one as you have to me?"

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      "Take these documents, then; they do not concern me. Youwill give them to your son, who will, of course, take greatcare of them."

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    {  "To tell the truth, count, if I knew less of you, I shouldthink that you were less brave than you are."

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      "Oh, misery," cried Franz: "the only hope which sustained meand enabled me to read to the end was that of knowing, atleast, the name of him who killed my father! Sir, sir,"cried he, turning to Noirtier, "do what you can -- make meunderstand in some way!"}

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      "The result, then, of six more such months as this would beto reduce the third-rate house to despair."

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      "And who told you, madame, that I have any hostileintentions against your son?"

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       "That I may be sure I have the right man."

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    {  "But," said the countess, breathlessly, with her eyes fixedon Monte Cristo, whose arm she convulsively pressed withboth hands, "we are friends, are we not?"

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      "My dear love, pray do not say any more about them, and Ipromise you another pair exactly like them in appearance,only more quiet and steady." The baroness shrugged hershoulders with an air of ineffable contempt, while herhusband, affecting not to observe this unconjugal gesture,turned towards Monte Cristo and said, -- "Upon my word,count, I am quite sorry not to have met you sooner. You aresetting up an establishment, of course?"