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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Shall I assist you in repairing your negligence?" askedFranz.
2.  "He served in India, discovered a mine in Thessaly, andcomes to Paris to establish a mineral water-cure atAuteuil."
3.  If any one could have looked into the room just then hewould have noticed the hesitation with which Madame deVillefort approached the bed and looked fixedly onValentine. The dim light, the profound silence, and thegloomy thoughts inspired by the hour, and still more by herown conscience, all combined to produce a sensation of fear;the poisoner was terrified at the contemplation of her ownwork. At length she rallied, drew aside the curtain, andleaning over the pillow gazed intently on Valentine. Theyoung girl no longer breathed, no breath issued through thehalf-closed teeth; the white lips no longer quivered -- theeyes were suffused with a bluish vapor, and the long blacklashes rested on a cheek white as wax. Madame de Villefortgazed upon the face so expressive even in its stillness;then she ventured to raise the coverlet and press her handupon the young girl's heart. It was cold and motionless. Sheonly felt the pulsation in her own fingers, and withdrew herhand with a shudder. One arm was hanging out of the bed;from shoulder to elbow it was moulded after the arms ofGermain Pillon's "Graces,"* but the fore-arm seemed to beslightly distorted by convulsion, and the hand, sodelicately formed, was resting with stiff outstretchedfingers on the framework of the bed. The nails, too, wereturning blue.
4.  "No, indeed," replied Madame de Villefort; "and yet itappears to me, sir, that if I had met you anywhere, therecollection of you must have been imprinted on my memory."
5.  "Count," said Morrel, "you are the epitome of all humanknowledge, and you seem like a being descended from a wiserand more advanced world than ours."
6.  "He comes possibly from the Holy Land, and one of hisancestors possessed Calvary, as the Mortemarts did the DeadSea."


1.  "And why should he not have this?" asked the owner; "he isyoung, it is true, but he seems to me a thorough seaman, andof full experience."
2.  "In that case go and get ready. I will call Salvieux andmake him write the letter."
3.  "In the first place, light me a torch."
4.  "Yes, but you have not this little staircase," said MonteCristo, opening a door concealed by the drapery. "Look atit, and tell me what you think of it."
5.  "And those of the second floor?"
6.  "Yes; I am calculating -- by the way, Morcerf, thatindirectly concerns you -- I am calculating what the houseof Danglars must have gained by the last rise in Haitibonds; from 206 they have risen to 409 in three days, andthe prudent banker had purchased at 206; therefore he musthave made 300,000 livres."


1.  "And her name is -- "
2.  "Well, sir, go"; said Louis XVIII., "and remember that I amwaiting for you."
3.  "Probably you have some correspondent in Greece?"
4.  M. Noirtier was sitting in an arm-chair, which moved uponcasters, in which he was wheeled into the room in themorning, and in the same way drawn out again at night. Hewas placed before a large glass, which reflected the wholeapartment, and so, without any attempt to move, which wouldhave been impossible, he could see all who entered the roomand everything which was going on around him. M. Noirtier,although almost as immovable as a corpse, looked at thenewcomers with a quick and intelligent expression,perceiving at once, by their ceremonious courtesy, that theywere come on business of an unexpected and officialcharacter. Sight and hearing were the only senses remaining,and they, like two solitary sparks, remained to animate themiserable body which seemed fit for nothing but the grave;it was only, however, by means of one of these senses thathe could reveal the thoughts and feelings that stilloccupied his mind, and the look by which he gave expressionto his inner life was like the distant gleam of a candlewhich a traveller sees by night across some desert place,and knows that a living being dwells beyond the silence andobscurity. Noirtier's hair was long and white, and flowedover his shoulders; while in his eyes, shaded by thick blacklashes, was concentrated, as it often happens with an organwhich is used to the exclusion of the others, all theactivity, address, force, and intelligence which wereformerly diffused over his whole body; and so although themovement of the arm, the sound of the voice, and the agilityof the body, were wanting, the speaking eye sufficed forall. He commanded with it; it was the medium through whichhis thanks were conveyed. In short, his whole appearanceproduced on the mind the impression of a corpse with livingeyes, and nothing could be more startling than to observethe expression of anger or joy suddenly lighting up theseorgans, while the rest of the rigid and marble-like featureswere utterly deprived of the power of participation. Threepersons only could understand this language of the poorparalytic; these were Villefort, Valentine, and the oldservant of whom we have already spoken. But as Villefort sawhis father but seldom, and then only when absolutelyobliged, and as he never took any pains to please or gratifyhim when he was there, all the old man's happiness wascentred in his granddaughter. Valentine, by means of herlove, her patience, and her devotion, had learned to read inNoirtier's look all the varied feelings which were passingin his mind. To this dumb language, which was sounintelligible to others, she answered by throwing her wholesoul into the expression of her countenance, and in thismanner were the conversations sustained between the bloominggirl and the helpless invalid, whose body could scarcely becalled a living one, but who, nevertheless, possessed a fundof knowledge and penetration, united with a will as powerfulas ever although clogged by a body rendered utterlyincapable of obeying its impulses. Valentine had solved theproblem, and was able easily to understand his thoughts, andto convey her own in return, and, through her untiring anddevoted assiduity, it was seldom that, in the ordinarytransactions of every-day life, she failed to anticipate thewishes of the living, thinking mind, or the wants of thealmost inanimate body. As to the servant, he had, as we havesaid, been with his master for five and twenty years,therefore he knew all his habits, and it was seldom thatNoirtier found it necessary to ask for anything, so promptwas he in administering to all the necessities of theinvalid. Villefort did not need the help of either Valentineor the domestic in order to carry on with his father thestrange conversation which he was about to begin. As we havesaid, he perfectly understood the old man's vocabulary, andif he did not use it more often, it was only indifferenceand ennui which prevented him from so doing. He thereforeallowed Valentine to go into the garden, sent away Barrois,and after having seated himself at his father's right hand,while Madame de Villefort placed herself on the left, headdressed him thus: --
5.   "He was, then, a more unhappy son than you, Morrel, for hecould not even find his father's grave."
6.  "Now, madame," said Debray, "you have a splendid fortune, anincome of about 60,000 livres a year, which is enormous fora woman who cannot keep an establishment here for a year, atleast. You will be able to indulge all your fancies;besides, should you find your income insufficient, you can,for the sake of the past, madame, make use of mine; and I amready to offer you all I possess, on loan."


1.  "You have seen M. de Monte Cristo have you not?"
2.  "I do not know -- I only guess it, because that sort ofthing is generally found in prisoners' cells."
3.  "I have; if it were only possible to place a deaf and blindsentinel in the gallery beyond us."
4、  "When do you wish the carriage to be here?"
5、  "No, not I," replied Franz, "but our neighbor, the Count ofMonte Cristo."




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      "Oh, as for the composition of the letter, there is nothingto be said; but as regards the competency of the document, Icertainly have doubts."

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      "The king himself."

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      "Do you require my services now?" asked d'Avrigny.

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    {  "Idiot! what design can I have?"

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      "Mother," exclaimed Albert, just as Madame Danglars wasdescending the stairs, "let us reckon our riches, if youplease; I want capital to build my plans upon."}

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      "Nothing else was talked of; only some said he was worthmillions, and others that he did not possess a farthing."

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      "But how did she become so?"

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       The inspector listened attentively; then, turning to thegovernor, observed, "He will become religious -- he isalready more gentle; he is afraid, and retreated before thebayonets -- madmen are not afraid of anything; I made somecurious observations on this at Charenton." Then, turning tothe prisoner, "What is it you want?" said he.

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    {  "And have you them yet?"

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      "My adored Valentine, words cannot express one half of mysatisfaction." Valentine had approached, or rather, hadplaced her lips so near the fence, that they nearly touchedthose of Morrel, which were pressed against the other sideof the cold and inexorable barrier. "Adieu, then, till wemeet again," said Valentine, tearing herself away. "I shallhear from you?"