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ƹٷַ:a g 9 559 v i p<"Well, my boy, what do you make of this lot?" he asked, smiling atmy expression."It may have been four months ago."

"'Surely it would be better to take no notice.'


"This writing is of extraordinary interest," said Holmes, who hadbeen examining it with intense concentration. "These are much deeperwaters than I had thought." He sank his head upon his hands, while theinspector smiled at the effect which his case had had upon thefamous London specialist.

He shrugged his shoulders. "Well, perhaps, after all, it isof some little use," he remarked. "`L'homme c'est rien--l'oeuvrec'est tout,' as Gustave Flaubert wrote to George Sand.".1893

"But surely," said I, "the vampire was not necessarily a dead man? Aliving person might have the habit. I have read, for example, of theold sucking the blood of the young in order to retain their youth.""You are right, Watson. It mentions the legend in one of thesereferences. But are we to give serious attention to such things?This agency stands flat-footed upon the ground, and there it mustremain. The world is big enough for us. No ghosts need apply. I fearthat we cannot take Mr. Robert Ferguson very seriously. Possiblythis note may be from him and may throw some light upon what isworrying him."

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"Well, Watson, it's as well we have not to turn out to-night,"said Holmes, laying aside his lens and rolling up the palimpsest."I've done enough for one sitting. It is trying work for the eyes.So far as I can make out, it is nothing more exciting than anAbbey's accounts dating from the second half of the fifteenth century.Halloa! halloa! halloa! What's this?"<"Colonel Barclay himself seems to have had some singular traits inhis character. He was a dashing, jovial old soldier in his usual mood,but there were occasions on which he seemed to show himself capable ofconsiderable violence and vindictiveness. This side of his nature,however, appears never to have been turned towards his wife. Anotherfact which had struck Major Murphy and three out of five of theother officers with whom I conversed was the singular sort ofdepression which came upon him at times. As the major expressed it,the smile has often been struck from his mouth, as if by someinvisible hand, when he has been joining in the gaieties and chaffof the mess-table. For days on end, when the mood was on him, he hasbeen sunk in the deepest gloom. This and a certain tinge ofsuperstition were the only unusual traits in his character which hisbrother officers had observed. The latter peculiarity took the form ofa dislike to being left alone, especially after dark. This puerilefeature in a nature which was conspicuously manly had often given riseto comment and conjecture.

"Well, Mr. Holmes, then."

ƹٷйҶ ۻ

"'My dear young lady! my dear young lady!'-you cannot think howcaressing and soothing his manner was-;'and what has frightened you,my dear lady?'

It was just four o'clock when we reached the curious apartment ofNathan Garrideb. Mrs. Saunders, the caretaker, was about to leave, butshe had no hesitation in admitting us, for the door shut with a springlock, and Holmes promised to see that all was safe before we left.Shortly afterwards the outer door closed, her bonnet passed the bowwindow, and we knew that we were alone in the lower floor of thehouse. Holmes made a rapid examination of the premises. There wasone cupboard in a dark corner which stood out a little from thewall. It was behind this that we eventually crouched while Holmes in awhisper outlined his intentions.

<"Mrs. Toller!" cried Miss Hunter."Then I will ask Sir James to step this way. He is at present in thecarriage outside the door. Meanwhile, Colonel Emsworth, we may perhapsassemble in your study, where I could give the necessaryexplanations."

"Danger of what, Holmes?"


<"The burglar, sir. He was off like a shot and got clean away. He'djust broke in at the pantry window when William came on him and methis end in saving his master's property.""Certainly the incident was unusual. What were your next steps?You examined the room, I presume, to see if the intruder had leftany traces-any cigar-end or dropped glove or hairpin or other trifle?""There was nothing of the sort."

"Yes, that is final," I involuntarily echoed.





ƹٷ÷˹뵽FE綯ʽ "My dear sir, the problem had become a very simple one. If it were aseaman, it could only be a seaman who had been with him on the SeaUnicorn. So far as I could learn he had sailed in no other ship. Ispent three days in wiring to Dundee, and at the end of that time Ihad ascertained the names of the crew of the Sea Unicorn in 1883. WhenI found Patrick Cairns among the harpooners, my research was nearingits end. I argued that the man was probably in London, and that hewould desire to leave the country for a time. I therefore spent somedays in the East End, devised an Arctic expedition, put forth temptingterms for harpooners who would serve under Captain Basil- and beholdthe result!" ϸ

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ƹٷ10꣬ˮ߳ŦԼнԱ "There being no fear of interruption I proceeded to burgle thehouse. Burglary has always been an alternative profession had Icared to adopt it, and I have little doubt that I should have cometo the front. Observe what I found. You see the gas-pipe along theskirting here. Very good. It rises in the angle of the wall, and thereis a tap here in the corner. The pipe runs out into the strong-room,as you can see, and ends in that plaster rose in the centre of theceiling, where it is concealed by the ornamentation. That end iswide open. At any moment by turning the outside tap the room couldbe flooded with gas. With door and shutter closed and the tap fullon I would not give two minutes of conscious sensation to anyoneshut up in that little chamber. By what devilish device he decoyedthem there I do not know, but once inside the door they were at hismercy." ϸ

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