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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Very well, only do not give me false information as you didthe other day."
2.  "I am glad to be reassured on that point. Apropos, when doyou aspect M. d'Epinay?"
3.  "Come," said the count mildly, "do not entertain theprejudices of ordinary men, Morrel! Acknowledge, that ifAlbert is brave, he cannot be a coward; he must then havehad some reason for acting as he did this morning, andconfess that his conduct is more heroic than otherwise."
4.  "Madame," replied Danglars, "the horses were notsufficiently quiet for you; they were scarcely four yearsold, and they made me extremely uneasy on your account."
5.  "Sir," said the gardener, glancing at the sun-dial, "the tenminutes are almost up; I must return to my post. Will you goup with me?"
6.  "And to think that I had an idea of marrying his daughter,"said Debray. "She did well to die, poor girl!"


1.  "If you like; but tell me, my dear Lucien, what it is thatconstitutes a princess. Why, diamonds -- and she is coveredwith them."
2.  "You thoroughly understand me, sir? Pardon my eagerness, formy life depends on your answer. Will our help come fromyou?"
3.  "And, then, such as it is, it is filled with dormice, whoeat everything."
4.  "My dear friend," said Albert to Beauchamp, "it is plainthat the affairs of Spain are settled, for you are mostdesperately out of humor this morning. Recollect thatParisian gossip has spoken of a marriage between myself andMlle. Eugenie Danglars; I cannot in conscience, therefore,let you run down the speeches of a man who will one day sayto me, `Vicomte, you know I give my daughter two millions.'"
5.  "Indeed he does, and in a most lavish manner, I can assureyou."
6.  "It was Danglars who wrote the denunciation with his lefthand, that his writing might not be recognized, and Fernandwho put it in the post."


1.  Caderousse quickly performed the stranger's bidding; andafter pouring some into a glass, and slowly swallowing itscontents, the abbe, resuming his usual placidity of manner,said, as he placed his empty glass on the table, -- "Wheredid we leave off?"
2.  "Do you think so?" said Mercedes. These words were utteredin so mournful a tone that their real meaning did not escapeAlbert; he felt his heart beat, and taking his mother's handwithin his own he said, tenderly, --
3.  "Where?"
4.  "I think I may venture to ask you this favor."
5.   "How was this jealousy manifested? Speak on."
6.  "Starlets," said Chateau-Renaud, "are only found in theVolga."


1.  Madame Danglars uttered a piercing cry, and, seizingVillefort's hands, exclaimed, "My child was alive?" saidshe; "you buried my child alive? You were not certain mychild was dead, and you buried it? Ah" --
2.  "My master will go to dinner."
3.  "I hope soon to see you again, my dear Edmond. Good luck toyou."
4、  "Why, what nonsense are you telling us?" saidChateau-Renaud.
5、  This note was in a different hand from the rest, whichshowed that it had been added since his confinement. Theinspector could not contend against this accusation; hesimply wrote, -- "Nothing to be done."




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      "Of course -- of course," said the prisoners; -- "any onecan see he's a gentleman!"

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      "Certainly I have; in a fortnight or three weeks' time, thatis to say, as fast as I can get there!"

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       "Well, madame?" unhesitatingly repeated Debray.

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      "Ah," said the inspector, "you have not the latest news fromItaly?"

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    {  "Well," said Renee, "I cannot help regretting you had notchosen some other profession than your own -- a physician,for instance. Do you know I always felt a shudder at theidea of even a destroying angel?"

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      `Tous les mechants sont beuveurs d'eau;C'est bien prouve par le deluge.'*}

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      "That is to say, you would rather not?"

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      "No, no, be easy on that score; the family is extinct. Thelast Count of Spada, moreover, made me his heir, bequeathingto me this symbolic breviary, he bequeathed to me all itcontained; no, no, make your mind satisfied on that point.If we lay hands on this fortune, we may enjoy it withoutremorse."

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       "Really; and you think this cousin pays her attentions?"

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    {  "I called you because you were running like a madman, and Iwas afraid you would throw yourself into the sea," saidCaderousse, laughing. "Why, when a man has friends, they arenot only to offer him a glass of wine, but, moreover, toprevent his swallowing three or four pints of waterunnecessarily!"

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      "`What right have you, any more than the rest, to ask for anexception?' -- `It is true.' -- `But never mind,' continuedCucumetto, laughing, `sooner or later your turn will come.'Carlini's teeth clinched convulsively.