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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Is he tall or short?"
2.  "I have long wished it; he is my only remaining friend andwe both need his help, -- come."
3.  "Oh, very simply; black trousers, patent leather boots,white waistcoat, either a black or blue coat, and a longcravat. Go to Blin or Veronique for your clothes. Baptistinwill tell you where, if you do not know their address. Theless pretension there is in your attire, the better will bethe effect, as you are a rich man. If you mean to buy anyhorses, get them of Devedeux, and if you purchase a phaeton,go to Baptiste for it."
4.  "Who will give it to you -- your prince?"
5.  "Silence, then!" said Gaetano.
6.  "Had you not a meeting with my son this morning?" asked thegeneral.


1.  "It is the face of the Count of Monte Cristo!" exclaimed theprocureur, with a haggard expression.
2.  "I must explain to you," said the major, "that, fullyconfiding in the signature of the Abbe Busoni, I had notprovided myself with any other funds; so that if thisresource had failed me, I should have found myself veryunpleasantly situated in Paris."
3.  "And do you call a man your friend whom you have only knownfor eight or ten days? Ah, Maximilian, I had hoped you set ahigher value on the title of friend."
4.  The article having been read during the painful hush thatfollowed, a universal shudder pervaded the assembly. andimmediately the closest attention was given to the orator ashe resumed his remarks. He stated his scruples and thedifficulties of the case; it was the honor of M. de Morcerf,and that of the whole House, he proposed to defend, byprovoking a debate on personal questions, which are alwayssuch painful themes of discussion. He concluded by callingfor an investigation, which might dispose of the calumniousreport before it had time to spread, and restore M. deMorcerf to the position he had long held in public opinion.Morcerf was so completely overwhelmed by this great andunexpected calamity that he could scarcely stammer a fewwords as he looked around on the assembly. This timidity,which might proceed from the astonishment of innocence aswell as the shame of guilt, conciliated some in his favor;for men who are truly generous are always ready tocompassionate when the misfortune of their enemy surpassesthe limits of their hatred.
5.  "Why? -- are you so kind -- so good -- so unsuspicious ofill, that you cannot understand, Valentine?"
6.  "I was going to ask you," replied the baroness with abeating heart.


1.  "I will do better than that," said Albert; "my mother iswishing to go to the sea-side -- what day is fixed for yourdinner?"
2.  "I am determined not to be content with anything short of anentire retractation."
3.  "I should quite imagine that to be the case," saidCavalcanti.
4.  "Certainly."
5.   "You are convinced now, Edmond, are you not?" asked theabbe. "Depend upon it, I know what I say. Since the firstattack I experienced of this malady, I have continuallyreflected on it. Indeed, I expected it, for it is a familyinheritance; both my father and grandfather died of it in athird attack. The physician who prepared for me the remedy Ihave twice successfully taken, was no other than thecelebrated Cabanis, and he predicted a similar end for me."
6.  "What Lord Ruthven do you mean?"


1.  "Tell M. Cavalcanti something of the state of yourfinances."
2.  "That's not fair," said the seaman who had saved Dantes;"for you know more than we do."
3.  We have seen how quietly Mademoiselle Danglars andMademoiselle d'Armilly accomplished their transformation andflight; the fact being that every one was too much occupiedin his or her own affairs to think of theirs. We will leavethe banker contemplating the enormous magnitude of his debtbefore the phantom of bankruptcy, and follow the baroness,who after being momentarily crushed under the weight of theblow which had struck her, had gone to seek her usualadviser, Lucien Debray. The baroness had looked forward tothis marriage as a means of ridding her of a guardianshipwhich, over a girl of Eugenie's character, could not fail tobe rather a troublesome undertaking; for in the tacitrelations which maintain the bond of family union, themother, to maintain her ascendancy over her daughter, mustnever fail to be a model of wisdom and a type of perfection.
4、  "That one?"
5、  "It is the face of the Count of Monte Cristo!" exclaimed theprocureur, with a haggard expression.




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      "Yes, do you know how we are situated? At his mother's ballhe danced once with Eugenie, and M. Cavalcanti three times,and he took no notice of it." The valet announced theVicomte Albert de Morcerf. The baroness rose hastily, andwas going into the study, when Danglars stopped her. "Lether alone," said he. She looked at him in amazement. MonteCristo appeared to be unconscious of what passed. Albertentered, looking very handsome and in high spirits. He bowedpolitely to the baroness, familiarly to Danglars, andaffectionately to Monte Cristo. Then turning to thebaroness: "May I ask how Mademoiselle Danglars is?" said he.

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      "It is, indeed, said Danglars.

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       "Yes." Noirtier raised his eyes, it was the sign agreed onbetween him and Valentine when he wanted anything.

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      "I do not know him, viscount."

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    {  The count smiled as if the child bade fair to realize hishopes, while Madame de Villefort reprimanded her son with agentleness and moderation very far from conveying the leastidea of a fault having been committed. "This lady," said theCount, speaking to Ali in the Arabic language, "is desirousthat her son should thank you for saving both their lives;but the boy refuses, saying you are too ugly." Ali turnedhis intelligent countenance towards the boy, on whom hegazed without any apparent emotion; but the spasmodicworking of the nostrils showed to the practiced eye of MonteCristo that the Arab had been wounded to the heart.

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      "Oh," said Madame de Villefort, "there is not much doubt onthat subject. M. Noirtier tenderly loves his granddaughter,Mademoiselle de Villefort; it is she who has nursed andtended him for six years, and has, by her devoted attention,fully secured the affection, I had almost said thegratitude, of her grandfather, and it is but just that sheshould reap the fruit of her devotion." The eye of Noirtierclearly showed by its expression that he was not deceived bythe false assent given by Madame de Villefort's words andmanner to the motives which she supposed him to entertain."Is it, then, to Mademoiselle Valentine de Villefort thatyou leave these 900,000 francs?" demanded the notary,thinking he had only to insert this clause, but waitingfirst for the assent of Noirtier, which it was necessaryshould be given before all the witnesses of this singularscene. Valentine, when her name was made the subject ofdiscussion, had stepped back, to escape unpleasantobservation; her eyes were cast down, and she was crying.The old man looked at her for an instant with an expressionof the deepest tenderness, then, turning towards the notary,he significantly winked his eye in token of dissent.}

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      "At what o'clock, sir, do you breakfast?"

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      "Who can say whether we shall ever see them again?" saidMorrel with tearful eyes.

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       "For heaven's sake, madame," said Villefort, with a firmnessof expression not altogether free from harshness -- "forheaven's sake, do not ask pardon of me for a guilty wretch!What am I? -- the law. Has the law any eyes to witness yourgrief? Has the law ears to be melted by your sweet voice?Has the law a memory for all those soft recollections youendeavor to recall? No, madame; the law has commanded, andwhen it commands it strikes. You will tell me that I am aliving being, and not a code -- a man, and not a volume.Look at me, madame -- look around me. Have mankind treatedme as a brother? Have they loved me? Have they spared me?Has any one shown the mercy towards me that you now ask atmy hands? No, madame, they struck me, always struck me!

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    {  "With being an agent of the Bonapartist faction!" Many ofour readers may be able to recollect how formidable such anaccusation became in the period at which our story is dated.

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      "Quite so; my steward transacts all this business for me."