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ַַ:a g 9 559 v i p<"My faith, monsieur! that will be the first time I have doneso for sixteen days.""By the scorn I will throw upon her."

"I am recruiting myself," said Porthos, "I am recruiting myself.Nothing weakens a man more than these devilish strains. Did youever suffer from a strain, Athos?"


"The letter was lost," replied his Eminence; "yes, I knowthat. But Monsieur de Treville is a skilled physiognomist,who knows men at first sight; and he placed you in thecompany of his brother-in-law, Monsieur Dessessart, leavingyou to hope that one day or other you should enter theMusketeers."

The answer was terrible. Anne of Austria believed that LouisXIII knew all, and that the cardinal had persuaded him to employthis long dissimulation of seven or eight days, which, likewise,was characteristic. She became excessively pale, leaned herbeautiful hand upon a CONSOLE, which hand appeared then like oneof wax, and looking at the king with terror in her eyes, she wasunable to reply by a single syllable.

Upon which M. D'Artagnan the elder girded his own sword round hisson, kissed him tenderly on both cheeks, and gave him hisbenediction.

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"And to which?"<"Evening came; the ordinary events took place. During thedarkness, as before, my supper was brought. Then the lamp waslighted, and I sat down to table. I only ate some fruit. Ipretended to pour out water from the jug, but I only drank thatwhich I had saved in my glass. The substitution was made socarefully that my spies, if I had any, could have no suspicion ofit.

"No, no, madame," said Felton, "only do not sing so loud,particularly at night."

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"She is in the prison of Nantes."

"His name?"

<"After supper I exhibited the same marks of languor as on thepreceding evening; but this time, as I yielded to fatigue, or asif I had become familiarized with danger, I dragged myself towardmy bed, let my robe fall, and lay down."No, madame; but they who so assiduously try to buy thingscheap ought to permit others to seek more generous friends."And Porthos, turning on his heel, made a step to retire."Monsieur Porthos! Monsieur Porthos!" cried the

"It is some superior officer making his night rounds," saidAthos. "What do you wish, gentlemen?"


"Why does she love what we hate most in the world, the Spaniardsand the English?"





ַ侳ӰԺ άQ60ȫܵӲݴ "Ah, I was quite sure you were a good and brave young man," saidMme. Bonacieux, holding out her hand to him, and placing theother upon the knocker of a little door almost hidden in thewall. ϸ

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ַٸܾ뿴ȸӼ׳ʲô "And upon what then must I live? I have nothing but memory. Itis my happiness, my treasure, my hope. Every time I see you is afresh diamond which I enclose in the casket of my heart. Thisis the fourth which you have let fall and I have picked up; forin three years, madame, I have only seen you four times--thefirst, which I have described to you; the second, at the mansionof Madame de Chevreuse; the third, in the gardens of Amiens.""Duke," said the queen, blushing, "never speak of that evening.""Oh, let us speak of it; on the contrary, let us speak of it!That is the most happy and brilliant evening of my life! Youremember what a beautiful night it was? How soft and perfumedwas the air; how lovely the blue heavens and star-enameled sky!Ah, then, madame, I was able for one instant to be alone withyou. Then you were about to tell me all--the isolation of yourlife, the griefs of your heart. You leaned upon my arm--uponthis, madame! I felt, in bending my head toward you, yourbeautiful hair touch my cheek; and every time that it touched meI trembled from head to foot. Oh, Queen! Queen! You do notknow what felicity from heaven, what joys from paradise, arecomprised in a moment like that. Take my wealth, my fortune, myglory, all the days I have to live, for such an instant, for anight like that. For that night, madame, that night you lovedme, I will swear it." ϸ

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