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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Milady continued:
2.  "You will find that it is as good as another."
3.  "Yes."
4.  "What are they?"
5.  "Monsieur," said Aramis, parodying Jussac, "it would afford usgreat pleasure to obey your polite invitation if it depended uponourselves; but unfortunately the thing is impossible--Monsieur deTreville has forbidden it. Pass on your way, then; it is thebest thing to do."
6.  The young man then entered the apartment of Aramis. He found himkneeling before a PRIEDIEU with his head leaning on an open prayer book.He described to him his interview with the cardinal, and said, for thethird time drawing his commission from his pocket, "You, our friend, ourintelligence, our invisible protector, accept this commission. You havemerited it more than any of us by your wisdom and your counsels, alwaysfollowed by such happy results."


1.  "What do you say, monsieur?" cried the cardinal, astonished; "and ofwhat woman are you speaking thus?"
2.  "This letter! From whom comes this letter?"
3.  "Ah!" said Bonacieux, "they took good care not to tell me that;and my wife, on her part, has sworn to me by all that's sacredthat she does not know. But you," continued M. Bonacieux, in atine of perfect good fellowship, "what has become of you allthese days? I have not seen you nor your friends, and I don'tthink you could gather all that dust that I saw Planchet brushoff your boots yesterday from the pavement of Paris.""You are right, my dear Monsieur Bonacieux, my friends and I havebeen on a little journey."
4.  "Yez, yez," said the Swiss; "it's simple enough to dell adream, but I neffer dream."
5.  "I have told you that I believe I know him."
6.  "Well!" cried D'Artagnan, "tell us all about it.""Dame, that's a long job, monsieur."


1.  "In the stable."
2.  The face of the young woman was entirely unknown to her. Each examinedthe other with great attention, while exchanging the customarycompliments; both were very handsome, but of quite different styles ofbeauty. Milady, however, smiled in observing that she excelled theyoung woman by far in her high air and aristocratic bearing. It is truethat the habit of a novice, which the young woman wore, was not veryadvantageous in a contest of this kind.
3.  "Hold your tongue, hold your tongue, madame! You may beoverheard."
4.  And the four friends, seconded by Grimaud, pushed with thebarrels of their muskets an enormous sheet of the wall,which bent as if pushed by the wind, and detaching itselffrom its base, fell with a horrible crash into the ditch.Then a fearful crash was heard; a cloud of dust mountedtoward the sky--and all was over!
5.   "Whence comes that money?"
6.  "'Well,' said a voice which vibrated in too terrible a manner inmy ear not to be recognized, 'well! Are we softened a little?Will we not pay for our liberty with a single promise of silence?Come, I am a good sort of a prince,' added he, 'and although Ilike not Puritans I do them justice; and it is the same withPuritanesses, when they are pretty. Come, take a little oath forme on the cross; I won't ask anything more of you.'"'On the cross,' cried I, rising, for at that abhorred voice Ihad recovered all my strength, 'on the cross I swear that nopromise, no menace, no force, no torture, shall close my mouth!On the cross I swear to denounce you everywhere as a murderer, asa thief of honor, as a base coward! On the cross I swear, if Iever leave this place, to call down vengeance upon you from thewhole human race!'


1.  "It is possible," said Milady.
2.  "That is right," replied the mendicant; "dismiss your lackey."In fact, Bazin, curious to know what the mendicant couldwant with his master, kept pace with him as well as hecould, and arrived almost at the same time he did; but hisquickness was not of much use to him. At the hint from themendicant his master made him a sign to retire, and he wasobliged to obey.
3.  Athos divided them into three groups, assumed the command ofone, gave the second to Aramis, and the third to Porthos;and then each group went and took their watch near anentrance.
4、  "Well, madame," said Porthos, "if he owed you more than fivecrowns, your horsedealer is a thief."
5、  The clerks gone, Mme. Coquenard rose and took from a buffeta piece of cheese, some preserved quinces, and a cake whichshe had herself made of almonds and honey.




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      "Well," thought D'Artagnan, "poor Athos is perhaps at this momentdead, and dead by my fault-for it was I who dragged him into thisaffair, of which he did not know the origin, of which he isignorant of the result, and from which he can derive noadvantage."

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      "Seventy-six years! PESTE! That's a fine age!" replied Porthos."A great age, you mean, Monsieur Porthos. Yes, the poor man maybe expected to leave me a widow, any hour," continued she,throwing a significant glance at Porthos. "Fortunately, by ourmarriage contract, the survivor takes everything.""All?"

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       The conversation naturally fell upon the incarceration of thepoor man. M. Bonacieux, who was ignorant that D'Artagnan hadoverheard his conversation with the stranger of Meung, related tohis young tenant the persecutions of that monster, M. deLaffemas, whom he never ceased to designate, during his account,by the title of the "cardinal's executioner," and expatiated atgreat length upon the Bastille, the bolts, the wickets, thedungeons, the gratings, the instruments of torture.D'Artagnan listened to him with exemplary complaisance, and whenhe had finished said, "And Madame Bonacieux, do you know whocarried her off?--For I do not forget that I owe to thatunpleasant circumstance the good fortune of having made youracquaintance."

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      Porthos smiled. It may be remembered that he had the saddlewhich came from Buckingham. These three hundred livres hereckoned upon putting snugly into his pocket.

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    {  "I swear it, by our God. Are you satisfied?"

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      "Oh, it's only a temporary postponement," replied Aramis; "Ishall be one someday. You very well know, Porthos, that Icontinue to study theology for that purpose."}

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      "Oh, that is not my secret; I must not, therefore, tell you.""Besides," said D'Artagnan, "pardon me, madame, if, guardsman asI am, I remind you of prudence--besides, I believe we are nothere in a very proper place for imparting confidences. The men Ihave put to flight will return reinforced; if they find us here,we are lost. I have sent for three of my friends, but who knowswhether they were at home?"

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      The door opened gently; the beautiful supplicant pretended not tohear the noise, and in a voice broken by tears, she continued:"God of vengeance! God of goodness! wilt thou allow thefrightful projects of this man to be accomplished?"Then only she pretended to hear the sound of Felton's steps, andrising quick as thought, she blushed, as if ashamed of beingsurprised on her knees.

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       Aramis continued:

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    {  At the end of a hundred paces, the ground began to decline, and he couldonly see the mast of the sloop.

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      "Ah, my God, my God!" murmured the poor mercer, "now, indeed, Iam lost!" And he followed the guards who came for him,mechanically and without resistance.