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nb88新博国际娱乐【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】<"I don't see how that fact--which is shared by all women-- constitutes any risk to us," Terry persisted. "You mean they would defend their children from attack. Of course. Any mothers would. But we are not savages, my dear lady; we are not going to hurt any mother's child." As I looked into these methods and compared them with our own, my strange uncomfortable sense of race-humility grew apace.

  In the course of our previous studies we had been at some pains to tell them about the big world outside, to draw sketches, maps, to make a globe, even, out of a spherical fruit, and show the size and relation of the countries, and to tell of the numbers of their people. All this had been scant and in outline, but they quite understood.

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 "Both!" insisted Terry.

  "It is a convention," he said. "We assume that motherhood is a sufficient burden--that men should carry all the others."

  We scrambled along the steep banks and got close to the pool that foamed and boiled beneath the falling water. Here we searched the border and found traces of color beyond dispute. More--Jeff suddenly held up an unlooked-for trophy.

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 Of astronomy they had a fair working knowledge--that is a very old science; and with it, a surprising range and facility in mathematics.

  They began with a really high degree of social development, something like that of Ancient Egypt or Greece. Then they suffered the loss of everything masculine, and supposed at first that all human power and safety had gone too. Then they developed this virgin birth capacity. Then, since the prosperity of their children depended on it, the fullest and subtlest coordination began to be practiced.

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 They had their own kind. There was a most impressive array of pageantry, of processions, a sort of grand ritual, with their arts and their religion broadly blended. The very babies joined in it. To see one of their great annual festivals, with the massed and marching stateliness of those great mothers, the young women brave and noble, beautiful and strong; and then the children, taking part as naturally as ours would frolic round a Christmas tree--it was overpowering in the impression of joyous, triumphant life.

  "Nuns, indeed! Your peaceful sisterhoods were all celibate, Jeff, and under vows of obedience. These are just women, and mothers, and where there's motherhood you don't find sisterhood--not much."

  "Yes. When one settles too close in one kind of work there is a tendency to atrophy in the disused portions of the brain. We like to keep on learning, always."


  "Indeed I don't," snapped Terry. "What does a man care for motherhood--when he hasn't a ghost of a chance at fatherhood? And besides--what's the good of talking sentiment when we are just men together? What a man wants of women is a good deal more than all this `motherhood'!"





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nb88新博国际娱乐郝宏通州今年再提升41条背街小巷颜值 5月开工 "They can locate that last stopping place easy enough, and I've made a sort of chart of that lake and cliff and waterfall." 【详细】

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