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pk10高频彩软件【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】<  "I believe you have hit it."   "Very good, Mr. Holmes."

    "Would he not have hidden a couple, had he desired to give theidea that they had gone off upon them?"

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   "Possibly, Sherlock. But it is a question of getting details. Giveme your details, and from an armchair I will return you an excellentexpert opinion. But to run here and run there, to cross-questionrailway guards, and lie on my face with a lens to my eye- it is not mymetier. No, you are the one man who can clear the matter up. If youhave a fancy to see your name in the next honours list-"My friend smiled and shook his head.

    "In the dress is a pocket. In the pocket is a card-case. In thecard-case is a note. And here is the very note." He slapped it downupon the table in front of him. "Listen to this:

    "I see," said I as I glanced down the column, "that the coroner inhis concluding remarks was rather severe upon young McCarthy. He callsattention, and with reason, to the discrepancy about his father havingsignalled to him before seeing him, also to his refusal to givedetails of his conversation with his father, and his singularaccount of his father's dying words. They are all, as he remarks, verymuch against the son."

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   "My dear sir, it is painful for me to discuss it, but if the moneyis not paid on the 14th, there certainly will be no marriage on the18th." His insufferable smile was more complacent than ever.Holmes thought for a little.<  "You mean that she lives with him?"

    "I did not observe that."

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   "But he would never cease talking of it- your kindness, sir, and theway in which you brought light into the darkness. I remembered hiswords when I was in doubt and darkness myself. I know you could if youonly would."

    "Then Nancy fainted, and I caught up the key of the door from herhand, intending to unlock it and get help. But as I was doing it to mebetter to leave it alone and get away, for the thing might lookblack against me, and anyway my secret would be out if I were taken.In my haste I thrust the key into my pocket, and dropped my stickwhile I was chasing Teddy, who had run up the curtain. When I gothim into his box, from which he had slipped, I was off as fast as Icould run."

<  "No, sir."   One realized the red-hot energy which underlay Holmes's phlegmaticexterior when one saw the sudden change which came over him from themoment that he entered the fatal apartment. In an instant he was tenseand alert, his eves shining, his face set, his limbs quivering witheager activity. He was out on the lawn, in through the window, roundthe room, and up into the bedroom, for all the world like a dashingfoxhound drawing a cover. In the bedroom he made a rapid cast aroundand ended by throwing open the window, which appeared to give him somefresh cause for excitement, for he leaned out of it with loudejaculations of interest and delight. Then he rushed down thestairs, out through the open window, threw himself upon his face onthe lawn, sprang up and into the room once more, all with the energyof the hunter who is at the very heels of his quarry. The lamp,which was an ordinary standard, he examined with minute care, makingcertain measurements upon its bowl. He carefully scrutinized withhis lens the tale shield which covered the top of the chimney andscraped off some ashes which adhered to its upper surface, puttingsome of them into an envelope, which he placed in his pocketbook.Finally, just as the doctor and the official police put in anappearance, he beckoned to the vicar and we all three went out uponthe lawn.



<  "Precisely so, on December 22d, just five days ago. JohnHorner, a plumber, was accused of having abstracted it from thelady's jewel-case. The evidence against him was so strong thatthe case has been referred to the Assizes. I have some account ofthe matter here, I believe." He rummaged amid his newspapers,glancing over the dates, until at last he smoothed one out,doubled it over, and read the following paragraph:   .

    "Then we come into difficulties. One would imagine that under suchcircumstances the first act of young Cadogan West would be to seizethe villain and raise the alarm. Why did he not do so? Could it havebeen an official superior who took the papers? That would explainWest's conduct. Or could the chief have given West the slip in thefog, and West started at once to London to head him off from his ownrooms, presuming that he knew where the rooms were? The call must havebeen very pressing, since he left his girl standing in the fog andmade no effort to communicate with her. Our scent runs cold here,and there is a vast gap between either hypothesis and the laying ofWest's body, with seven papers in his pocket, on the roof of aMetropolitan train. My instinct now is to work from the other end.If Mycroft has given us the list of addresses we may be able to pickour man and follow two tracks instead of one."





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