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ʤַ:a g 9 559 v i p<"Isn't it?" gasped Lottie, and as she looked round it she bit her lip. She was a spoiled child yet, but she was fond enough of her adopted parent to make an effort to control herself for her sake. Then, somehow, it was quite possible that any place in which Sara lived might turn out to be nice. "Why isn't it, Sara?" she almost whispered.Lottie



"May I?" exclaimed Sara. "Oh, please let me! I know I can teach them. I like them, and they like me."

"I don't see any good in them," said Ermengarde stoutly.

"Miss Ermengarde has asked you to come in," said Sara, "because she is going to bring a box of good things up here to us."

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"You will begin your new duties, Sara," she said, "by taking your seat with the younger children at a smaller table. You must keep them quiet, and see that they behave well and do not waste their food. You ought to have been down earlier. Lottie has already upset her tea."<"No," Sara answered. "I will not put her down. She is all I have. My papa gave her to me."

The sky seemed so much nearer than when one saw it from the street, that Lottie was enchanted. From the attic window, among the chimney pots, the things which were happening in the world below seemed almost unreal. One scarcely believed in the existence of Miss Minchin and Miss Amelia and the schoolroom, and the roll of wheels in the square seemed a sound belonging to another existence.

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"Oh!" cried Sara, with a warm feeling in her heart. "What pains she has taken! I like it so, it--it makes me feel sorrowful."

"How do I know?" snapped Lavinia. "She'll look rather queer when she comes into the schoolroom this morning, I should think-- after what's happened. She had no dinner yesterday, and she's not to have any today."

"You have been there all the time, listening," said Miss Minchin.


<"The LATE Captain Crewe!" she cried out. "The LATE>! You don't come to tell me that Captain Crewe is--""I shall die presently," she said at first.

"Oh! Oh!" she cried under her breath. "A rat! A rat!"





ʤФ׶˹ӲԮйɾҽ "I can't bear this," said the poor child, trembling. "I know I shall die. I'm cold; I'm wet; I'm starving to death. I've walked a thousand miles today, and they have done nothing but scold me from morning until night. And because I could not find that last thing the cook sent me for, they would not give me any supper. Some men laughed at me because my old shoes made me slip down in the mud. I'm covered with mud now. And they laughed. Do you hear?" ϸ

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ʤȫһҽԺͿĨѪҺҽԱ¿ˮ,о15 "And you shall have as much as you WANT to eat," put in Ermengarde. "I'll go this minute!" ϸ

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