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四川快三开奖号码查询【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】<  "In the first place," said Holmes, "I should like you to offer areward-coming from yourself, for the officials may take a littletime before they would agree upon the sum, and these things cannotbe done too promptly. I have jotted down the form here, if you wouldnot mind signing it. Fifty pounds was quite enough, I thought.""I would willingly give five hundred," said the J. P., taking theslip of paper and the pencil which Holmes handed to him. "This isnot quite correct however," he added, glancing over the document."I wrote it rather hurriedly."   It was in vain that I asked Holmes to remain for the evening. It wasevident to me that he thought he might bring trouble to the roof hewas under, and that that was the motive which impelled him to go. Witha few hurried words as to our plans for the morrow he rose and cameout with me into the garden, clambering over the wall which leads intoMortimer Street, and immediately whistling for a hansom, in which Iheard him drive away.

    Here is the candle in the window, Mr. Holmes," said Gregson. "Why,whatever are you doing?"

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   "My good sir," said Mr. Cunningham, with some impatience, "this issurely very unnecessary. That is my room at the end of the stairs, andmy son's is the one beyond it. I leave it to your judgment whetherit was possible for the thief to have come up here withoutdisturbing us."

    "Come up, my dear sir," said Holmes's voice from above. "I hopeyou have no designs upon us such a night as this."

    "Is it a lonely farm?"

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   "Well, now, Watson, let us judge the situation by this newinformation. We may take it that the letter came out of this strangehousehold and was an invitation to Garcia to carry out some attemptwhich had already been planned. Who wrote the note? It was someonewithin the citadel, and it was a woman. Who then but Miss Burnet,the governess? All our reasoning seems to point that way. At any rate,we may take it as a hypothesis and see what consequences it wouldentail. I may add that Miss Burnet's age and character make it certainthat my first idea that there might be a love interest in our story isout of the question.<  "Very good. I shall look into the matter between this and then.Good-bye; it is just possible that I may have to come over hereagain before evening."

    "And yet, presuming that she met her death shortly after you lefther, you heard no shot?"

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   "Who was the criminal, then?"

    And my words were true, for shortly after eight a hansom dashed upto the door and our friend got out of it. Standing in the window wesaw that his left hand was swathed in a bandage and that his facewas very grim and pale. He entered the house, but it was some littletime before he came upstairs.

<  "Curious people, Watson! I don't pretend to understand it all yet,but very curious people anyway. It's a double-winged house, and theservants live on one side, the family on the other. There's no linkbetween the two save for Henderson's own servant, who serves thefamily's meals. Everything is carried to a certain door, which formsthe one connection. Governess and children hardly go out at all,except into the garden. Henderson never by any chance walks alone. Hisdark secretary is like his shadow. The gossip among the servants isthat their master is terribly afraid of something. 'Sold his soul tothe devil in exchange for money,' says Warner, 'and expects hiscreditor to come up and claim his own.' Where they came from, or whothey are, nobody has an idea. They are very violent. Twice Hendersonhas lashed at folk with his dog-whip, and only his long purse andheavy compensation have kept him out of the courts.   An hour afterwards, Sherlock Holmes, in his usual garb and style,was seated in my private room at the hotel. His explanation of hissudden and opportune appearance was simplicity itself, for, findingthat he could get away from London, he determined to head me off atthe next obvious point of my travels. In the disguise of aworkingman he had sat in the cabaret waiting for my appearance."And a singularly consistent investigation you have made, my dearWatson," said he. "I cannot at the moment recall any possibleblunder which you have omitted. The total effect of your proceedinghas been to give the alarm everywhere and yet to discover nothing.""Perhaps you would have done no better," I answered bitterly."There is no 'perhaps' about it. I have done better. Here is theHon. Philip Green, who is a fellow-lodger with you in this hotel,and we may find him the starting-point for a more successfulinvestigation."

    "Not more than a few minutes, sir. I forgot to tell you that Mrs.Marker, the housekeeper, had been in there tidying not very, longbefore- about a quarter of an hour, she says."


<  I took out my revolver and laid it on the corner of the table.Holmes had brought up a long thin cane, and this he placed uponthe bed beside him. By it he laid the box of matches and the stumpof a candle. Then he turned down the lamp, and we were left indarkness.   "That's my name, Masser Holmes, and you'll get put through it forsure if you give me any lip."

    Through the open sitting-room window I saw a huge, swarthy manwith a bristling black beard walking slowly down the centre of thestreet and staring eagerly at the numbers of the houses. It wasclear that, like myself, he was on the track of the maid. Actingupon the impulse of the moment, I rushed out and accosted him."You are an Englishman," I said.





四川快三开奖号码查询古尔趁亲自部署!习近平:坚决打赢疫情防控阻击战   "I was awakened in the night by the dog barking most furiously. PoorRoy, he is chained now near the stable. I may say that I alwayssleep with my door locked; for, as Jack- as Mr. Bennett- will tellyou, we all have a feeling of impending danger. My room is on thesecond floor. It happened that the blind was up in my window, andthere was bright moonlight outside. As I lay with my eyes fixed uponthe square of light, listening to the frenzied barkings of the dog,I was amazed to see my father's face looking in at me. Mr. Holmes, Inearly died of surprise and horror. There it was pressed against thewindow-pane, and one hand seemed to be raised as if to push up thewindow. If that window had opened, I think I should have gone mad.It was no delusion, Mr. Holmes. Don't deceive yourself by thinking so.I dare say it was twenty seconds or so that I lay paralyzed andwatched the face. Then it vanished, but I could not- I could notspring out of bed and look out after it. I lay cold and shivering tillmorning. At breakfast he was sharp and fierce in manner, and made noallusion to the adventure of the night. Neither did I, but I gave anexcuse for coming to town- and here I am." 【详细】

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