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"Of course it is," she unexpectedly agreed. "All our children do that--they love to."


"To do? Mental exercises, you mean?"

As for the babies--a group of those naked darlings playing on short velvet grass, clean-swept; or rugs as soft; or in shallow pools of bright water; tumbling over with bubbling joyous baby laughter-- it was a view of infant happiness such as I had never dreamed.

They were a polygamous people, and a slave-holding people, like all of their time; and during the generation or two of this struggle to defend their mountain home they built the fortresses, such as the one we were held in, and other of their oldest buildings, some still in use. Nothing but earthquakes could destroy such architecture--huge solid blocks, holding by their own weight. They must have had efficient workmen and enough of them in those days.

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Such high ideals as they had! Beauty, Health, Strength, Intellect, Goodness--for those they prayed and worked.

Terry was reduced to a rather combative group: keen, logical, inquiring minds, not overly sensitive, the very kind he liked least; while, as for me--I became quite cocky over my general popularity.

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"Yes--or sticks and stones--I'd just like to!" And Terry squared off and tapped Jeff softly on the jaw. "Just for instance," he said.

"We've got to think that if they catch us we may not be so well treated afterward," said Jeff.

We learned their language pretty thoroughly--had to; and they learned ours much more quickly and used it to hasten our own studies.


<"They won't find this in a hurry," he asserted, as we scrambled with the utmost difficulty down to safer footing. "Come on, boys-- there were some good lookers in that bunch."So we made a stand, trying to make clear that we preferred the open country. One of them came forward with a sketch of our flier, asking by signs if we were the aerial visitors they had seen.

He refused to listen to Jeff's suggestion that we examine the country further before we risked leaving our machine.





ֳlc8ѡ߶״ηⱨ:ѧء "You shouldn't have tried that way," Jeff protested. "They were perfectly friendly; now we've scared them." ϸ

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ֳlc8ѡձƹھ For terror, perhaps--there was none. ϸ

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