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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "`I should certainly speak to the police,' I said.
2.  "So I am."
3.  "There are certainly some points of interest in this case,Watson," he remarked when the landlady had left us. "It may, ofcourse, be trivial- individual eccentricity; or it may be very muchdeeper than appears on the surface. The first thing that strikes oneis the obvious possibility that the person now in the rooms may beentirely different from the one who engaged them."
4.  "What, the man who draws them?"
5.  "The rest you will leave in our hands."
6.  "I should be immensely obliged to you."


1.  We had all listened intently to this remarkable statement. It wasHolmes who broke the silence.
2.  "I am glad to meet you, sir," said he, putting out a broad, fat handlike the flipper of a seal. "I hear of Sherlock everywhere since youbecame his chronicler. By the way, Sherlock, I expected to see youround last week to consult me over that Manor House case. I thoughtyou might be a little out of your depth."
3.  This is my old friend and associate, Dr. Watson, who is helping usin this affair."
4.  "And so do I. It is precisely for that reason that we are going toStoke Moran this day. I want to see whether the objections arefatal, or if they may be explained away. But what in the name of thedevil!"
5.  "Possibly the tramp wanted to hide that any murder at all had beencommitted."
6.  "I am a hop merchant myself, and as I have an income of seven oreight hundred, we found ourselves comfortably off and took a niceeighty-pound-a-year villa at Norbury. Our little place was verycountrified, considering that it is so close to town. We had an innand two houses a little above us, and a single cottage at the otherside of the field which faces us, and except those there were nohouses until you got halfway to the station. My business took meinto town at certain seasons, but in summer I had less to do, and thenin our country home my wife and I were just as happy as could bewished. I tell you that there never was a shadow between us until thisaccursed affair began.


1.  "No stain! But there must-"
2.  "From whom?"
3.  "'Then, good-night.' I kissed her and went up to my bedroom again,where I was soon asleep.
4.  He gave no explanations and I asked for none. By long experience Ihad learned the wisdom of obedience. But when I had left his room Iwalked down Baker Street, revolving in my head how on earth I was tocarry out so strange an order. Finally I drove to the London Libraryin St. James's Square, put the matter to my friend Lomax, thesublibrarian, and departed to my rooms with a goodly volume under myarm.
5.   "Mr. Holmes-!"
6.  He had hardly shut the door behind him when Holmes rose to put onhis overcoat. "There is something in what the fellow says aboutoutdoor work," he remarked, "so I think, Watson, that I must leave youto your papers for a little."


1.  Holmes sat up in his chair and rubbed his hands. I could see thatthe problem was entirely to his heart. "Pray, what did you do then?"he murmured.
2.  "Dear me!" said Holmes. "What was that?"
3.  "He is desperately ill. That is why I have come."
4、  "No one could hear it. The kitchen stands right at the back of thehouse."
5、  "Exactly! Exactly!" said Holmes. "The secretary came back, andtold his employer of the woman he had met. Then, in his last breath,he tried to send a message that it was she- the she whom he had justdiscussed with him."




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      "Surely you have gone too far?"

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      "Hullo!" said Stackhurst. The man nodded, gave us a sidewaysglance from his curious dark eyes, and would have passed us, but hisprincipal pulled him up.

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       "It is possible that he will go to some other pawnbroker in thefuture. In that case, we must begin again. On the other hand, he hashad a fair price and no questions asked, so if he is in need ofready-money he will probably come back to Bovington's. I will give youa note to them, and they will let you wait in the shop. If thefellow comes you will follow him home. But no indiscretion, and, aboveall, no violence. I put you on your honour that you will take nostep without my knowledge and consent."

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      "Did you ever meet anyone who knew her in America?"

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    {  "And what would he have done had he overtaken us?"

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      "Ah!" cried Holmes.}

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      So those were the facts about Killer Evans and his remarkableinvention of the three Garridebs. We heard later that our poor oldfriend never got over the shock of his dissipated dreams. When hiscastle in the air fell down, it buried him beneath the ruins. He waslast heard of at a nursing-home in Brixton. It was a glad day at theYard when the Prescott outfit was discovered, for, though they knewthat it existed, they had never been able, after the death of the man,to find out where it was. Evans had indeed done great service andcaused several worthy C.I.D. men to sleep the sounder, for thecounterfeiter stands in a class by himself as a public danger. Theywould willingly have subscribed to that soup-plate medal of whichthe criminal had spoken, but an unappreciative bench took a lessfavourable view, ind the Killer returned to those shades from which hehad just emerged.

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      by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

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       A few minutes later we were joined by a short, stout man whose oliveface and coal black hair proclaimed his Southern origin, though hisspeech was that of an educated Englishman. He shook hands eagerly withSherlock Holmes, and his dark eyes sparkled with pleasure when heunderstood that the specialist was anxious to hear his story."I do not believe that the police credit me-on my word, I do not,"said he in a wailing voice. "Just because they have never heard ofit before, they think that such a thing cannot be. But I know that Ishall never be easy in my mind until I know what has become of my poorman with the sticking-plaster upon his face."

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    {  "We have more to tell you than you have for us," said Phelps,reseating himself upon the couch.

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      "Tut, tut, we have solved some worse problems. At least we haveplenty of material, if we can only use it. Come, then, and, havingexhausted the Palmer, let us see what the Dunlop with the patchedcover has to offer us."