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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Your Lordship does me much honor," said the host, "and I thankyou sincerely for your kind wish."
2.  "Pardon, gentlemen--par--" murmured the voice, which could nowonly be heard in inarticulate sounds.
3.  The eight oars fell at once into the sea, making but a singlesound, giving but a single stroke, and the boat seemed to flyover the surface of the water.
4.  "And I mine," said Porthos.
5.  "The idea came into your mind to avenge yourself on this man, didit not?" cried Felton.
6.  "So much the better! Come, tell me his name!"


1.  "Take away that fool!" said the cardinal.
2.  Pale and trembling, Milady repulsed D'Artagnan's attemptedembrace by a violent blow on the chest, as she sprang out ofbed.
3.  Milady began to think she should soon grow weary of a convent life; sheresolved, then, to risk something in order that she might know how toact afterward. Desirous of seeing how far the discretion of the goodabbess would go, she began to tell a story, obscure at first, but verycircumstantial afterward, about the cardinal, relating the amours of theminister with Mme. d'Aiguillon, Marion de Lorme, and several other gaywomen.
4.  "You think so, Porthos?" replied the Musketeer, with a sadsmile which D'Artagnan alone understood.
5.  "I require an order which would ratify beforehand all that Ishould think proper to do for the greatest good of France.""But in the first place, this woman I have described must befound who is desirous of avenging herself upon the duke.""She is found," said Milady.
6.  And the four friends flew at a gallop along the road to Bethune.


1.  D'Artagnan placed his hand upon the queen's diamond, whichhe wore, and quickly turned the stone inward; but it was toolate.
2.  "What?" cried Felton, "he--again he--always he? What--the trulyguilty?"
3.  The three Musketeers passed behind his Eminence, who againenveloped his face in his cloak, and put his horse inmotion, keeping from eight to ten paces in advance of hisfour companions.
4.  "I would rather have had a hat," said D'Artagnan. "Mine wascarried away by a ball. By my faith, it is very fortunate thatthe letter was not in it."
5.   Then he placed her in the boat, and as he was going to set foot in ithimself, Athos handed him a sum of silver.
6.  D'Artagnan replied that he had been sent thither by M. deTreville to treat for a supply of horses, and that he hadbrought back four as specimens.


1.  Milady ran up to her apartment quickly: she there found Rochefort'slackey, and gave him his instructions.
2.  "Ah, you do not love me!" cried Kitty, "and I am verywretched."
3.  "I will be accountable for her," said Athos.
4、  The center of the most animated group was a Musketeer of greatheight and haughty countenance, dressed in a costume so peculiaras to attract general attention. He did not wear the uniformcloak--which was not obligatory at that epoch of less liberty butmore independence--but a cerulean-blue doublet, a little faded andworn, and over this a magnificent baldric, worked in gold, whichshone like water ripples in the sun. A long cloak of crimsonvelvet fell in graceful folds from his shoulders, disclosing infront the splendid baldric, from which was suspended a giganticrapier. This Musketeer had just come off guard, complained ofhaving a cold, and coughed from time to time affectedly. It wasfor this reason, as he said to those around him, that he had puton his cloak; and while he spoke with a lofty air and twisted hismustache disdainfully, all admired his embroidered baldric, andD'Artagnan more than anyone.
5、  "No, your Excellency," replied the valet de chambre, "the Masterof the Hounds came this morning to inform him that he had markeddown a stag. At first the king answered that he would not go;but he could not resist his love of sport, and set out afterdinner."




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      The poor mercer remained standing at the door, while the eyes ofthe personage we have just described were fixed upon him, andappeared to wish to penetrate even into the depths of the past."Is this that Bonacieux?" asked he, after a moment of silence."Yes, monseigneur," replied the officer.

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      "Pray, D'Artagnan," said Athos, after a minute, "either takeoff that ring or turn the mounting inside; it recalls suchcruel recollections that I shall have no head to conversewith you. Don't ask me for counsel; don't tell me you areperplexed what to do. But stop! let me look at thatsapphire again; the one I mentioned to you had one of itsfaces scratched by accident."

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       Planchet began to weep. We will not venture to say whetherit was from terror created by the threats or from tendernessat seeing four friends so closely united.

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      "Hurrah for you, then, my beautiful lady," cried the captain;"and may God often send me such passengers as your Ladyship!""Meanwhile," said Felton, "convey me to the little bay of--; youknow it was agreed you should put in there."

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    {  Then, swallowing the contents of his glass, which he putdown close to him, Athos arose carelessly, took the musketnext to him, and drew near to one of the loopholes.Porthos, Aramis and D'Artagnan followed his example. As toGrimaud, he received orders to place himself behind the fourfriends in order to reload their weapons.

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      "The evening came on, and with it darkness; but however profoundwas this darkness, my eyes began to accustom themselves to it. Isaw, amid the shadows, the table sink through the floor; aquarter of an hour later it reappeared, bearing my supper. In aninstant, thanks to the lamp, my chamber was once more lighted."I was determined to eat only such things as could not possiblyhave anything soporific introduced into them. Two eggs and somefruit composed my repast; then I drew another glass of water frommy protecting fountain, and drank it.}

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      The latter--a pretty girl of about twenty or twenty-twoyears, active and lively, the true SOUBRETTE of a greatlady--jumped from the step upon which, according to thecustom of the time, she was seated, and took her way towardthe terrace upon which D'Artagnan had perceived Lubin.D'Artagnan followed the soubrette with his eyes, and saw hergo toward the terrace; but it happened that someone in thehouse called Lubin, so that Planchet remained alone, lookingin all directions for the road where D'Artagnan had disappeared.The maid approached Planchet, whom she took for Lubin, andholding out a little billet to him said, "For your master.""For my master?" replied Planchet, astonished.

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      As to D'Artagnan, who as yet knew nobody in the capital, he onlyfound one chocolate breakfast at the house of a priest of his ownprovince, and one dinner at the house of a cornet of the Guards.He took his army to the priest's, where they devoured as muchprovision as would have lasted him for two months, and to thecornet's, who performed wonders; but as Planchet said, "People donot eat at once for all time, even when they eat a good deal."D'Artagnan thus felt himself humiliated in having only procuredone meal and a half for his companions--as the breakfast at thepriest's could only be counted as half a repast--in return forthe feasts which Athos, Porthos, and Aramis had procured him. Hefancied himself a burden to the society, forgetting in hisperfectly juvenile good faith that he had fed this society for amonth; and he set his mind actively to work. He reflected thatthis coalition of four young, brave, enterprising, and active menought to have some other object than swaggering walks, fencinglessons, and practical jokes, more or less witty.In fact, four men such as they were--four men devoted to oneanother, from their purses to their lives; four men alwayssupporting one another, never yielding, executing singly ortogether the resolutions formed in common; four arms threateningthe four cardinal points, or turning toward a single point--mustinevitably, either subterraneously, in open day, by mining, inthe trench, by cunning, or by force, open themselves a way towardthe object they wished to attain, however well it might bedefended, or however distant it may seem. The only thing thatastonished D'Artagnan was that his friends had never thought ofthis.

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       "It is one that becomes a man accustomed to look his enemies inthe face."

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    {  "Gentlemen," said Aramis, "the principal question is not toknow which of our four lackeys is the most discreet, themost strong, the most clever, or the most brave; theprincipal thing is to know which loves money the best.""What Aramis says is very sensible," replied Athos; "we mustspeculate upon the faults of people, and not upon theirvirtues. Monsieur Abbe, you are a great moralist.""Doubtless," said Aramis, "for we not only require to bewell served in order to succeed, but moreover, not to fail;for in case of failure, heads are in question, not for ourlackeys--"

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      "Ah," cried Milady and Rochefort together, "it is you!""Yes, it is I."