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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  Hurstwood ceased, waiting for some suggestion.
2.  Hurstwood was an interesting character after his kind. He wasshrewd and clever in many little things, and capable of creatinga good impression. His managerial position was fairly important--a kind of stewardship which was imposing, but lacked financialcontrol. He had risen by perseverance and industry, through longyears of service, from the position of barkeeper in a commonplacesaloon to his present altitude. He had a little office in theplace, set off in polished cherry and grill-work, where he kept,in a roll-top desk, the rather simple accounts of the place--supplies ordered and needed. The chief executive and financialfunctions devolved upon the owners--Messrs. Fitzgerald and Moy--and upon a cashier who looked after the money taken in.
3.  "Nothing with a sleeper. Yes, there is, too," he added. "Thereis a mail train out of here at three o'clock."
4.  Minnie pondered a while, not upon whether she could or would go--for that point was already negatively settled with her--but uponsome means of diverting the thoughts of her sister to some othertopic.
5.  On this Friday afternoon, scarcely two days after his previousvisit, he made up his mind to see Carrie. He could not stay awaylonger.
6.  "Why, Mrs. Wheeler," said Mrs. Vance, looking Carrie over in aglance, "where have you been? Why haven't you been to see me?I've been wondering all this time what had become of you.Really, I----"


1.  "The man was here for the rent to-day."
2.  "No," he said, "Carrie's out; but won't you step in? She'll beback shortly."
3.  Carrie shook her head.
4.  Carrie went out and there he sat, determining to do something.
5.  Now came in sight, three or four blocks farther on, a heap ofsomething on the track.
6.  "Old Pepper," said Drouet.


1.  Drouet shook hands, beaming good nature, and they strolledtowards the bar.
2.  "It's true," she said. "I couldn't if I wanted to, but whosefault is it? You're very free to sit and talk about who I couldassociate with. Why don't you get out and look for work?"
3.  The other half of this picture came when young Blyford, son ofBlyford, the soap manufacturer, walked home with her. Mrs.Hurstwood was on the third floor, sitting in a rocking-chairreading, and happened to look out at the time.
4.  "Well," he said in answer, "we'd be glad to consider yourapplication. We shan't decide for a few days yet. Suppose yousend us your references."
5.   "You can just leave that in hereafter," he remarked, seeing howintelligent she appeared. "Don't add any more, though."
6.  If ever there was dressiness it was here. It was thepersonification of the old term spick and span.


1.  "Here," she said. "It's all I have with me."
2.  Individual after individual passed him, nearly all well dressed,almost all indifferent. He saw coaches rolling by, gentlemenpassing with ladies--the evening's merriment was beginning inthis region of theatres and hotels.
3.  At The Fair, See and Company's, and all the great stores it wasmuch the same. It was the dull season, she might come in alittle later, possibly they would like to have her.
4、  "No," he replied abruptly, and turned upon his heel.
5、  "Nothing of the kind," she returned, smiling.




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      Carrie took the cue, and replied:

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      Then he folded it up and put it in his pocket.

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       Among other things, he noticed a circular issued by one of thecompanies, which read:

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      He took out the drawer again and lifted the bills. They were sosmooth, so compact, so portable. How little they made, afterall. He decided he would take them. Yes, he would. He wouldput them in his pocket. Then he looked at that and saw theywould not go there. His hand satchel! To be sure, his handsatchel. They would go in that--all of it would. No one wouldthink anything of it either. He went into the little office andtook it from the shelf in the corner. Now he set it upon hisdesk and went out toward the safe. For some reason he did notwant to fill it out in the big room.First he brought the bills and then the loose receipts of theday. He would take it all. He put the empty drawers back andpushed the iron door almost to, then stood beside it meditating.

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    {  It is but fair to say that this thought had occurred to himseveral times before he acted upon it.The poker room which he first invaded was over a saloon in WestStreet, near one of the ferries. He had been there before.Several games were going. These he watched for a time andnoticed that the pots were quite large for the ante involved.

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      "Are you still sure to close up?" said Carrie, venturing to takeup the subject which they had discussed often enough.}

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      "The show hasn't begun yet," he returned.

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      "What's the matter there?" said the head porter. "Can't youhandle it?"

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       Minnie remembered Hanson's remonstrance.

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    {  The next night, walking to the theatre, she encountered him faceto face. He was waiting, more gaunt than ever, determined to seeher, if he had to send in word. At first she did not recognisethe shabby, baggy figure. He frightened her, edging so close, aseemingly hungry stranger.

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      "Why don't you?" said Carrie.