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"Drouet is a good fellow," Hurstwood thought to himself as hewent back into his office, "but he's no man for Carrie."


He noted particularly in each the "protection guaranteed." Itsignified to him the unassailable power of the companies.

The next day he called upon Carrie, and she saw him in herchamber. He was the same jolly, enlivening soul.

"I know that big guy that called us a --- --- --- ----" said thefirst. "I'll get him yet for that."

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"Why do you want to start on that again?" said Carrie. "You wereto blame."<"What's the matter, Carrie?" said Hurstwood after a time,noticing her quiet, almost moody state.

"Aren't you afraid?" she asked.

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Hurstwood stood placidly by, while the car rolled back into theyard.

He had been thinking all the time of his "pull" with the race-track magnates.

<"What do you mean?" he said, jumping up. "You want! I'd like toknow what's got into you to-night.""Got over being mad?" she said, still mischievously inclined.

Drouet had never suspected this side of Carrie's nature. She wasalive with feeling, her eyes snapping, her lips quivering, herwhole body sensible of the injury she felt, and partaking of herwrath.


"Carrie Meeber."





m5ע˭ַй½䰣׿ "I don't know," he said. "I can't do any more than look." ϸ

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m5ע˭첩ұչزҵ˫е "Way out on the South Side," said Hurstwood. "We'll have to takethe train. It's the quickest way." ϸ

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