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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "If you could have looked into Allardyce's back shop, you would haveseen a dead pig swung from a hook in the ceiling, and a gentleman inhis shirt sleeves furiously stabbing at it with this weapon. I wasthat energetic person, and I have satisfied myself that by no exertionof my strength can I transfix the pig with a single blow. Perhapsyou would care to try?"
2.  "It does, Sherlock, and yet it leaves so much unexplained. In thefirst place, why did he take them?"
3.  "Let me see," said Holmes, standing at the corner and glancingalong the line, "I should like just to remember the order of thehouses here. It is a hobby of mine to have an exact knowledge ofLondon. There is Mortimer's, the tobacconist, the littlenewspaper shop, the Coburg branch of the City and Suburban Bank,the Vegetarian Restaurant, and McFarlane's carriage-buildingdepot. That carries us right on to the other block. And now,Doctor, we've done our work, so it's time we had some play. Asandwich and a cup of coffee, and then off to violin-land, whereall is sweetness and delicacy and harmony, and there are nored-headed clients to vex us with their conundrums."
4.  "No, sir. Nothing seemed to have been touched."
5.  "So you might describe me," said Holmes cheerfully. "My companion isalso a dangerous ruffian. And together we are going through yourhouse."
6.  "How long have you been in these rooms?"


1.  "'How can you tell me what you know is false?' I cried. 'Your veryvoice changes as you speak. When have I ever had a secret from you?I shall enter that cottage, and I shall probe the matter to thebottom.'
2.  "None."
3.  "They are still sounding the planking and probing the furniture inthe hope of finding them."
4.  Our visitor had no sooner waddled out of the room- no other verb candescribe Mrs. Merrilow's method of progression- than Sherlock Holmesthrew himself with fierce energy upon the pile of commonplace books inthe corner. For a few minutes there was a constant swish of theleaves, and then with a grunt of satisfaction he came upon what hesought. So excited was he that he did not rise, but sat upon the floorlike some strange Buddha, with crossed legs, the huge books allround him, and one open upon his knees.
5.  "Not too busy to listen to you."
6.  "Never."


1.  Holmes and I rushed out and round the angle of the house, withToller hurrying behind us. There was the huge famished brute, itsblack muzzle buried in Rucastle's throat, while he writhed andscreamed upon the ground. Running up, I blew its brains out, and itfell over with its keen white teeth still meeting in the great creasesof his neck. With much labour we separated them and carried him,living but horribly mangled, into the house. We laid him upon thedrawing-room sofa, and having dispatched the sobered Toller to bearthe news to his wife, I did what I could to relieve his pain. Wewere all assembled round him when the door opened and a tall, gauntwoman entered the room.
2.  "The house was so large and so rambling that a regiment might be hidaway in it and no one the wiser. If the secret lay there it wasdifficult for me to penetrate it. But the door which I had heard closewas certainly not in the house. I must explore the garden and see whatI could find. There was no difficulty in the way, for the old peoplewere busy in their own fashion and left me to my own devices."There were several small outhouses, but at the end of the gardenthere was a detached building of some size- large enough for agardener's or a gamekeeper's residence. Could this be the place whencethe sound of that shutting door had come? I approached it in acareless fashion as though I were strolling aimlessly round thegrounds. As I did so, a small, brisk, bearded man in a black coatand bowler hat- not at all the gardener type- came out of the door. Tomy surprise, he locked it after him and put the key in his pocket.Then he looked at me with some surprise on his face.
4.  "You will not see him."
5.   "Who ever heard of such a mixed affair? Every clue seems to slipthrough my fingers. I have been at work upon it all day.""And very wet it seems to have made you," said Holmes, laying hishand upon the arm of the pea-jacket.
6.  "Well, this gets me!" cried the inspector. "What was it, Mr. Holmes?I'm born and bred in these parts, but I never saw such a thing. Itdon't belong to Sussex."


1.  The beautiful house and grounds indicated that Baron Gruner was,as Sir James had said, a man of considerable wealth. A long windingdrive, with banks of rare shrubs on either side, opened out into agreat gravelled square adorned with statues. The place had beenbuilt by a South African gold king in the days of the great boom,and the long, low house with the turrets at the corners, though anarchitectural nightmare, was imposing in its size and solidity. Abutler, who would have adorned a bench of bishops, showed me in andhanded me over to a plushclad footman, who ushered me into the Baron'spresence.
2.  "'It is very possible. We took no pains to hide it.'
3.  "Well, that is just how it stands," said Holmes. "And now, sir,since you are here, we had best have a clear account from your ownlips. My friend here knows nothing of the details."
4、  "Did you close it?"
5、  "That may be so, but you will admit, Mr. Holmes, that most men wouldshy off a bit when they are asked point-blank what their relationswith a woman may be- if there is really some serious feeling in thecase. I guess most men have a little private reserve of their own insome corner of their souls where they don't welcome intruders. And youburst suddenly into it. But the object excuses you, since it was totry and save her. Well, the stakes are down and the reserve open,and you can explore where you will. What is it you want?""The truth."




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      "I fear it is too deep a case for such simple remedies," saidHolmes. "How long can you stay in London?"

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      "Then it was open all the time?"

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       I saw nothing of my friend for the next few days, but on thefollowing Monday evening I had a short note asking me to meet him nextday at the train. From what he told me as we travelled up to Camfordall was well, the peace of the professor's house had been unruffled,and his own conduct perfectly normal. This also was the report whichwas given us by Mr. Bennett himself when he called upon us thatevening at our old quarters in the Chequers. "He heard from his Londoncorrespondent to-day. There was a letter and there was a small packet,each with the cross under the stamp which warned me not to touch them.There has been nothing else."

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      "`Here is my will,' said he. `I want you, Mr. McFarlane, to castit into proper legal shape. I will sit here while you do so.'"I set myself to copy it, and you can imagine my astonishment when Ifound that, with some reservations, he had left all his property tome. He was a strange little ferret-like man, with white eyelashes, andwhen I looked up at him I found his keen gray eyes fixed upon mewith an amused expression. I could hardly believe my own as I read theterms of the will; but he explained that he was a bachelor with hardlyany living relation, that he had known my parents in his youth, andthat he had always heard of me as a very deserving young man, andwas assured that his money would be in worthy hands. Of course, Icould only stammer out my thanks. The will was duly finished,signed, and witnessed by my clerk. This is it on the blue paper, andthese slips, as I have explained, are the rough draft. Mr. JonasOldacre then informed me that there were a number of documents-building leases, title-deeds, mortgages, scrip, and so forth- which itwas necessary that I should see and understand. He said that hismind would not be easy until the whole thing was settled, and hebegged me to come out to his house at Norwood that night, bringing thewill with me, and to arrange matters. `Remember, my boy, not oneword to your parents about the affair until everything is settled.We will keep it as a little surprise for them.' He was veryinsistent upon this point, and made me promise it faithfully."You can imagine, Mr. Holmes, that I was not in a humour to refusehim anything that he might ask. He was my benefactor, and all mydesire was to carry out his wishes in every particular. I sent atelegram home, therefore, to say that I had important business onhand, and that it was impossible for me to say how late I might be.Mr. Oldacre had told me that he would like me to have supper withhim at nine, as he might not be home before that hour. I had somedifficulty in finding his house, however, and it was nearlyhalf-past before I reached it. I found him-"

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    {  "He has been heard of in Liverpool. They expect to get him everyhour."

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      He was a fine creature, this man of the old English soil-simple,straight, and gentle, with his great, earnest blue eyes and broad,comely face. His love for his wife and his trust in her shone in hisfeatures. Holmes had listened to his story with the utmostattention, and now he sat for some time in silent thought."Don't you think, Mr. Cubitt," said he, at last, "that your bestplan would be to make a direct appeal to your wife, and to ask herto share her secret with you?"}

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      "Did he give you no address?"

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      "Well, you're out there, sir, as it happens, for he ate a remarkablebig breakfast this morning. I don't know when I've known him make abetter one, and he's ordered a good dish of cutlets for his lunch. I'msurprised myself, for since I came into that room yesterday and sawyoung Mr. Smith lying there on the floor, I couldn't bear to look atfood. Well, it takes all sorts to make a world, and the professorhasn't let it take his appetite away."

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    {  "Yes, the great yellow Mazarin stone. I've cast my net and I have myfish. But I have not got the stone. What is the use of taking them? Wecan make the world a better place by laying them by the heels. Butthat is not what I am out for. It's the stone I want."

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      "And the dog! If one were to use such a poison, would one not try itfirst in order to see that it had not lost its power? I did notforesee the dog, but at least I understand him and he fitted into myreconstruction.