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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Not in the least; but if I can serve you in any way I shallbe delighted."
2.  "No, sir, neither of those; something connected with thisstory."
3.  "Not I. As I before said, I thought the whole thing was ajoke, nothing more. It seems, however, that I haveunconsciously stumbled upon the truth."
4.  "Why, that which Dantes left at Porto-Ferrajo."
5.  "No," replied Noirtier eagerly.
6.  "Read." This word was pronounced in a manner impossible todescribe. Franz took the letter, and read: --


1.  Haidee dried her eyes, and continued: "By this time oureyes, habituated to the darkness, had recognized themessenger of the pasha, -- it was a friend. Selim had alsorecognized him, but the brave young man only acknowledgedone duty, which was to obey. `In whose name do you come?'said he to him. `I come in the name of our master, AliTepelini.' -- `If you come from Ali himself,' said Selim,`you know what you were charged to remit to me?' -- `Yes,'said the messenger, `and I bring you his ring.' At thesewords he raised his hand above his head, to show the token;but it was too far off, and there was not light enough toenable Selim, where he was standing, to distinguish andrecognize the object presented to his view. `I do not seewhat you have in your hand,' said Selim. `Approach then,'said the messenger, `or I will come nearer to you, if youprefer it.' -- `I will agree to neither one nor the other,'replied the young soldier; `place the object which I desireto see in the ray of light which shines there, and retirewhile I examine it.' -- `Be it so,' said the envoy; and heretired, after having first deposited the token agreed on inthe place pointed out to him by Selim.
2.  "But will no one remain in the house, my lord?" askedBaptistin.
3.  "The marshal."
4.  "My mother only answered by sighs to consolations which sheknew did not come from my father's heart. She prepared theiced water which he was in the habit of constantly drinking,-- for since his sojourn at the kiosk he had been parched bythe most violent fever, -- after which she anointed hiswhite beard with perfumed oil, and lighted his chibouque,which he sometimes smoked for hours together, quietlywatching the wreaths of vapor that ascended in spiral cloudsand gradually melted away in the surrounding atmosphere.Presently he made such a sudden movement that I wasparalyzed with fear. Then, without taking his eyes from theobject which had first attracted his attention, he asked forhis telescope. My mother gave it him. and as she did so,looked whiter than the marble against which she leaned. Isaw my father's hand tremble. `A boat! -- two! -- three!'murmured my, father; -- `four!' He then arose, seizing hisarms and priming his pistols. `Vasiliki,' said he to mymother, trembling perceptibly, `the instant approaches whichwill decide everything. In the space of half an hour weshall know the emperor's answer. Go into the cavern withHaidee.' -- `I will not quit you,' said Vasiliki; `if youdie, my lord, I will die with you.' -- `Go to Selim!' criedmy father. `Adieu, my lord,' murmured my mother, determiningquietly to await the approach of death. `Take awayVasiliki!' said my father to his Palikares.
5.  "By the governor's orders," said he, "conduct the prisonerto the tier beneath."
6.  "What?"


1.  "Ah," replied Monte Cristo, "since that is the case, I willtake advantage of his presence to make my declaration."
2.  "Oh," said Villefort, inexpressibly delighted to think thatthe inquiries were to be made by him alone, -- "oh, besatisfied, I can understand my father." D'Avrigny took theyoung man's arm, and led him out of the room. A more thandeathlike silence then reigned in the house. At the end of aquarter of an hour a faltering footstep was heard, andVillefort appeared at the door of the apartment whered'Avrigny and Morrel had been staying, one absorbed inmeditation, the other in grief. "You can come," he said, andled them back to Noirtier. Morrel looked attentively onVillefort. His face was livid, large drops rolled down hisface, and in his fingers he held the fragments of a quillpen which he had torn to atoms.
3.  "Then," cried Franz, "it is hashish! I know that -- by nameat least."
4.  "Has your majesty perused yesterday's report?"
5.   "Yes, and pretty tight too, I can tell you," was the answer.
6.  "You hesitate?"


1.  "You are the inspector of prisons?"
2.  "We were together a good deal during the Carnival at Rome."
3.  "I do not offer you a million, because I have it not; but Iwill give you a hundred crowns if, the first time you go toMarseilles, you will seek out a young girl named Mercedes,at the Catalans, and give her two lines from me."
4、  "Well?"
5、  "Bless me!" exclaimed Caderousse, "fifty thousand francs!Surely the diamond was as large as a nut to be worth allthat."




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      "In four days," said Morrel; "it is extraordinary!"

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      "Ah, it is really a serious matter, then?" asked themarquis, remarking the cloud on Villefort's brow.

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       "But you are sure you will promise me this?" said Morrel,intoxicated. "I not only promise, but swear it!" said MonteCristo extending his hand.

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      "No, you did not!" answered Caderousse, "you merely threw itby -- I saw it lying in a corner."

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    {  Faria followed him with an excited look. "and now," he said,when he saw that Dantes had read the last line, "put the twofragments together, and judge for yourself." Dantes obeyed,and the conjointed pieces gave the following: --

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      "Yes, yes," repeated the major, "yes -- there -- is -- a --postscript."}

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      "Real?" interrupted the count, smiling.

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      "Well, Caderousse, it is Monte Cristo."

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       "Then I shall enjoy as much happiness as this world canpossibly confer."

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    {  "Ah," replied Monte Cristo, "since that is the case, I willtake advantage of his presence to make my declaration."

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      "You seen incredulous," said Monte Cristo who repeated toAli in the Arabic language what he had just been saying toBaptistin in French. The Nubian smiled assentingly to hismaster's words, then, kneeling on one knee, respectfullykissed the hand of the count. This corroboration of thelesson he had just received put the finishing stroke to thewonder and stupefaction of M. Baptistin. The count thenmotioned the valet de chambre to retire, and to Ali tofollow to his study, where they conversed long and earnestlytogether. As the hand of the clock pointed to five the countstruck thrice upon his gong. When Ali was wanted one strokewas given, two summoned Baptistin, and three Bertuccio. Thesteward entered. "My horses," said Monte Cristo.