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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  The boy hastened away and the manager fell to his musings. Nowhe had done it. There was no use speculating over that. He wasbeaten for to-night and he might just as well make the best ofit. But, oh, the wretchedness of being forced this way! He couldsee her meeting the boy at the door and smiling sardonically.She would take the envelope and know that she had triumphed. Ifhe only had that letter back he wouldn't send it. He breathedheavily and wiped the moisture from his face.
2.  "Doesn't he?" said Carrie. "I won't do it any more after this."
3.  "Well, you never can tell," said Hurstwood. "There may besomething to it. I wouldn't bother about it myself, though. Bythe way," he added, "are you going anywhere to-night?"
4.  "I want to get some other things," said Carrie.
5.  "I hadn't thought of it," returned Carrie.
6.  "The man hasn't brought my coal, either," said Carrie, whoordered by the bushel.


1.  "What is your name?" said the manager, who was conducting thedrill.
2.  "Thank you," said Carrie weakly.
3.  "He was going to Wheaton," said Jessica, not noticing the slightput upon her father.
4.  "Oh, now, Miss Madenda," pleaded the youth.
5.  "If I don't get something pretty soon, I think I'll go home."
6.  By degrees she began to use him. Doing this, however, she lostthe weekly payment of twelve dollars.


1.  "By George! it's a shame they should have it all," he vaguelythought to himself on several occasions. "I didn't do anything."
2.  "No, I won't," said Carrie, flashing up. "I want you to take meout of this, or I'll tell the conductor. I won't go with you.It's a shame," and again sobs of fright cut off her desire forexpression.
3.  Hurstwood examined his watch and urged the man to hurry. For onein so delicate a position he was exceedingly cool. He could onlythink of how needful it was to make the train and get quietlyaway. Carrie seemed quite tractable, and he congratulatedhimself.
4.  "Sister Carrie has gone to live somewhere else."
5.   "Well, George," said another rotund citizen, whose avoirdupoismade necessary an almost alarming display of starched shirtbosom, "how goes it with you?"
6.  Neither paid the slightest attention to Hurstwood, who stoodfacing the cold wind, which was chilling him completely, andthinking of his orders.


1.  "I can't wait any longer," urged Hurstwood. "If that is toosoon, come Saturday."
2.  He did not intend to say any more. Now, if he should appear onthe scene with a few friends, he could say that he had been urgedto come along. Drouet had a desire to wipe out the possibilityof confusion.
3.  While they were still conferring there, several other ofHurstwood's friends entered, and not long after eleven, thetheatres being out, some actors began to drop in--among them somenotabilities.
4、  She gazed at him--a pythoness in humour.
5、  Chapter XII




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      "Yes, look up Shanahan. He was just asking for you a momentago."

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      He crept toward her with a light in his eye that was ominous.Something in the woman's cool, cynical, upper-handish manner, asif she were already master, caused him to feel for the moment asif he could strangle her.

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       "That's right," agreed Hurstwood, shamefacedly.

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      Jessica heard this last while walking out of the room, with atoss of her head and a flick of her pretty skirts indicative ofthe independence and indifference she felt. She did not proposeto be quarrelled with.

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    {  In Monday's second mail he encountered a very legal-lookingletter, which held his interest for some time. It bore theimprint of the law offices of McGregor, James and Hay, and with avery formal "Dear Sir," and "We beg to state," went on to informhim briefly that they had been retained by Mrs. Julia Hurstwoodto adjust certain matters which related to her sustenance andproperty rights, and would he kindly call and see them about thematter at once.

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      "I'll put a stop to this," he thought. "I'm not going to bebothered fooling around with visitors when I have work to do."}

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      It occurred to him that the positions of bartenders weresometimes open, but he put this out of his mind. Bartender--he,the ex-manager!

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      She sat with Minnie, in the kitchen, holding the baby until itbegan to cry. Then she walked and sang to it, until Hanson,disturbed in his reading, came and took it. A pleasant side tohis nature came out here. He was patient. One could see that hewas very much wrapped up in his offspring.

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       "Yes," said Hurstwood, whose face was a study.

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    {  "To make it good, of course," she answered.

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      "Aren't you going to shake hands with me? Well, you're a dandy!That's all right, shake hands."