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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "It was on the top."
2.  "What do you propose now, Mr. Holmes?" asked our client."Well, in investigating this minor affair we must not lose sightof our main inquiry. It would be a very great help to me if youwould come up to London with us."
3.  "It will probably be necessary for me to see you at the Hall,"said Holmes. "I would only ask you now, sir, whether you have formedany explanation in your own mind as to the mysterious disappearance ofyour son?"
4.  "We usually work together."
5.  "But how about our investigation in London?" asked Phelps ruefully."We can do that to-morrow. I think that just at present I can beof more immediate use here."
6.  "All very fine, Mr. Holmes," said he. "But there is one littleflaw in your splendid theory. I was myself in my room, and I neverleft it during the day."


1.  "Well! Well!" said Holmes after an interval of silence. "Mr.Gibson seems to have a nice loyal household. But the warning is auseful one, and now we can only wait till the man himself appears."Sharp at the hour we heard a heavy step upon the stairs, and thefamous millionaire was shown into the room. As I looked upon him Iunderstood not only the fears and dislike of his manager but alsothe execrations which so many business rivals have heaped upon hishead. If I were a sculptor and desired to idealize the successfulman of affairs, iron of nerve and leathery of conscience, I shouldchoose Mr. Neil Gibson as my model. His tall, gaunt, craggy figure hada suggestion of hunger and rapacity. An Abraham Lincoln keyed tobase uses instead of high ones would give some idea of the man. Hisface might have been chiselled in granite, hard-set, craggy,remorseless, with deep lines upon it, the sears of many a crisis. Coldgray eyes, looking shrewdly out from under bristling brows, surveyedus each in turn. He bowed in perfunctory fashion as Holmes mentionedmy name, and then with a masterful air of possession he drew a chairup to my companion and seated himself with his bony knees almosttouching him.
2.  "Could it be done on five thousand pounds?"
3.  "A complex mind," said Holmes. "All great criminals have that. Myold friend Charlie Peace was a violin virtuoso. Wainwright was no meanartist. I could quote many more. Well, Sir James, you will inform yourclient that I am turning my mind upon Baron Gruner. I can say no more.I have some sources of information of my own, and I dare say we mayfind some means of opening the matter up."
4.  We had not got halfway to the door before she had overtaken us andwas holding his arm. She had turned in a moment from steel to velvet."Come and sit down, gentlemen. Let us talk this matter over. Ifeel that I may be frank with you, Mr. Holmes. You have the feelingsof a gentleman. How quick a woman's instinct is to find it out. I willtreat you as a friend."
5.  "No, no, my dear sir; such a course is utterly impossible. When oncethe law is evoked it cannot be stayed again, and this is just one ofthose cases where, for the credit of the college, it is most essentialto avoid scandal. Your discretion is as well known as your powers, andyou are the one man in the world who can help me. I beg you, Mr.Holmes, to do what you can."
6.  "I tell you they were relatives."


1.  "The string was of the quality which is used by sailmakers aboardship, and at once a whiff of the sea was perceptible in ourinvestigation. When I observed that the knot was one which ispopular with sailors, that the parcel had been posted at a port, andthat the male ear was pierced for an earring which is so much morecommon among sailors than landsmen, I was quite certain that an theactors in the tragedy were to be found among our seafaring classes."When I came to examine the address of the packet I observed that itwas to Miss S. Cushing. Now, the oldest sister would, of course, beMiss Cushing, and although her initial was 'S' it might belong toone of the others as well. In that case we should have to commence ourinvestigation from a fresh basis altogether. I therefore went into thehouse with the intention of clearing up this point. I was about toassure Miss Cushing that I was convinced that a mistake had beenmade when you may remember that I came suddenly to a stop. The factwas that I had just seen something which filled me with surprise andat the same time narrowed the field of our inquiry immensely."As a medical man, you are aware, Watson, that there is no part ofthe body which varies so much as the human ear. Each ear is as arule quite distinctive and differs from all other ones. In lastyears Anthropological Journal you will find two short monographsfrom my pen upon the subject. I had, therefore, examined the ears inthe box with the eyes of an expert and had carefully noted theiranatomical peculiarities. Imagine my surprise, then, when on lookingat Miss Cushing I perceived that her ear corresponded exactly with thefemale ear which I had just inspected. The matter was entirelybeyond coincidence. There was the same shortening of the pinna, thesame broad curve of the upper lobe, the same convolution of theinner cartilage. In all essentials it was the same ear."Of course I at once saw the enormous importance of the observation.It was evident that the victim was a blood relation, and probably avery close one. I began to talk to her about her family, and youremember that she at once gave us some exceedingly valuable details."In the first place, her sisters name was Sarah, and her address haduntil recently been the same, so that it was quite obvious how themistake had occurred and for whom the packet was meant. Then weheard of this steward, married to the third sister, and learned thathe had at one time been so intimate with Miss Sarah that she hadactually gone up to Liverpool to be near the Browners, but a quarrelhad afterwards divided them. This quarrel had put a stop to allcommunications for some months, so that if Browner had occasion toaddress a packet to Miss Sarah, he would undoubtedly have done so toher old address.
2.  "Tut, tut! This sounds serious. It would be inhuman not to answerhis call. I very much resent any interruption to my work, Dr.Watson, but this case is certainly exceptional. I will come with youat once."
3.  "Yes, sir." He took a sheaf of worn and greasy forms from hispocket. Holmes glanced over them and returned them.
4.  A loud thudding noise came from somewhere downstairs. "That isMrs. Toller in the cellar," said she. "Her husband lies snoring on thekitchen rug. Here are his keys, which are the duplicates of Mr.Rucastle's."
5.   Monday, morning found us on our way to the famous university town-an easy effort on the part of Holmes, who had no roots to pull up, butone which involved frantic planning and hurrying on my part, as mypractice was by this time not inconsiderable. Holmes made noallusion to the case until after we had deposited our suitcases at theancient hostel of which he had spoken.
6.  "That he desired to conceal his handwriting."


1.  "The leader of the gang. I shall have the others, but hefirst."
2.  "When I arrived at the house," continued Holmes, "I at once wentvery carefully round it to observe if there were any traces in thesnow which might help me. I knew that none had fallen since theevening before, and also that there had been a strong frost topreserve impressions. I passed along the tradesmen's path, but foundit all trampled down and indistinguishable. just beyond it, however,at the far side of the kitchen door, a woman had stood and talked witha man, whose round impressions on one side showed that he had a woodenleg. I could even tell that they had been disturbed, for the woman hadrun back swiftly to the door, as was shown by the deep toe and lightheel marks, while Wooden-leg had waited a little, and then had goneaway. I thought at the time that this might be the maid and hersweetheart, of whom you had already spoken to me, and inquiry showedit was so. I passed round the garden without seeing anything more thanrandom tracks, which I took to be the police; but when I got intothe stable lane a very long and complex story was written in thesnow in front of me.
3.  "What has all this talk to do with the jewel of which you spoke?""Gently, Count. Restrain that eager mind! Let me get to the pointsin my own humdrum fashion. I have all this against you; but, aboveall, I have a clear case against both you and your fighting bully inthe case of the Crown diamond."
4、  "All very fine, Mr. Holmes," said he. "But there is one littleflaw in your splendid theory. I was myself in my room, and I neverleft it during the day."
5、  Faithfully yours,




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      "Had it been raining all evening?"

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      "She left the office and I followed her. She walked up theKennington Road, and I kept behind her. Presently she went into ashop. Mr. Holmes, it was an undertaker's."

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       "Not too busy to listen to you."

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      "The matter is very important. I would offer you a sovereign for theuse of a bicycle."

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    {  I had called upon my friend, Mr. Sherlock Holmes, one day in theautumn of last year and found him in deep conversation with a verystout, florid-faced, elderly gentleman with fiery red hair. Withan apology for my intrusion, I was about to withdraw when Holmespulled me abruptly into the room and closed the door behind me."You could not possibly have come at a better time, my dearWatson," he said cordially.

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      "That is the problem which we have to solve," Holmes answered,"and for my part I shall set about it by presuming that my reasoningis correct and that a double murder has been committed. One of theseears is a woman's, small, finely formed, and pierced for an earring.The other is a man's, sun-burned, discoloured, and also pierced for anearring. These two people are presumably dead, or we should have heardtheir story before now. To-day is Friday. The packet was posted onThursday morning. The tragedy, then, occurred on Wednesday or Tuesday,or earlier. If the two people were murdered, who but their murdererwould have sent this sign of his work to Miss Cushing? We may takeit that the sender of the packet is the man whom we want. But hemust have some strong reason for sending Miss Cushing this packet.What reason then? It must have been to tell her that the deed wasdone! or to pain her, perhaps. But in that case she knows who it is.Does she know? I doubt it. If she knew, why should she call the policein? She might have buried the ears, and no one would have been thewiser. That is what she would have done if she had wished to shieldthe criminal. But if she does not wish to shield him she would givehis name. There is a tangle here which needs straightening out." Hehad been talking in a high, quick voice, staring blankly up over thegarden fence, but now he sprang briskly to his feet and walked towardsthe house.}

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      "I am very busy just now, and I desire no distractions," my friendanswered. "I should much prefer that you called in the aid of thepolice."

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      "I thought I might surprise you. Mycroft draws four hundred andfifty pounds a year, remains a subordinate, has no ambitions of anykind, will receive neither honour nor title, but remains the mostindispensable man in the country."

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       "Very good, Lestrade," said Holmes, laughing. "You really are veryfine indeed. Let me see it." He took up the paper in a listless way,but his attention instantly became riveted, and he gave a little cryof satisfaction. "This is indeed important," said he.

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    {  "The greatest and perhaps the wealthiest. I am aware, Mr. Holmes,that you take a very high line in professional matters, and that youare prepared to work for the work's sake. I may tell you, however,that his Grace has already intimated that a check for five thousandpounds will be handed over to the person who can tell him where hisson is, and another thousand to him who can name the man or men whohave taken him."

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      "The hero of the Long Island cave mystery?" said Holmes. "Sir, Iam pleased to meet you."