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1. Apple. Brand love: 57% / Rank: 32



Among the major U.S. airlines, US Airways had the best holiday on-time performance, coming in fifth with 15.57 percent of its flights arriving late during Thanksgiving and Christmas. Meanwhile, American Airlines, with which US Airways plans to merge, was the fourth worst, with 19.7 percent of flights arriving late, according to FlightAware.

This year, online storefronts will generate an estimated 4 billion, or approximately 9% of all U.S. retail sales, according to forecasts by Forrester Research. By 2018, e-commerce will account for more than 11% of the total, or approximately 4 billion, with transactions made with tablets and smartphones accounting for about 20% of the online total, Forrester projects.

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Only nine further schools participated in all four rankings. They are ranked between third place (IE Business School) and 38th (Politecnico di Milano School of Management).<ŷѧԺоγ̵͹ȡѧԺ4ʸ÷֡׶ѧԺȥΪ״β4

Talk show host and comedian Ellen DeGeneres will host the Oscars ceremony for a second time.

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During the RoboCup 2500 contestants from 40 countries competed in 15 competitions with various types of computerized soccer robots, healthcare robots, rescue robots and dance robots.

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9. Occupational therapist





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