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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "Have I anything to pay?" demanded D'Artagnan.
2.  To delay it a single day would be in my eyes now to commit afresh offense.
3.  "To see Athos now, and if you will come thither, I beg you tomake haste, for we have lost much time already. A PROPOS, informBazin."
4.  "Ah, ah!" cried one of the Guards, "will you persist in saying,most discreet Aramis, that you are not on good terms with Madamede Bois-Tracy, when that gracious lady has the kindness to lendyou one of her handkerchiefs?"
5.  "And it is well I can, Chevalier," said Milady, "for do you know what isgoing on here?"
6.  "A spent ball?"


1.  "But," said he, as he retired as quickly as possible fromthe reproaches of Kitty, "I must not play the fool. Thiswoman is certainly a great liar. I must take care."
2.  "Certainly; but if you love me as much as you say," repliedD'Artagnan, "do you not entertain a little fear on myaccount?"
3.  Athos was delighted to find he was going to fight anEnglishman. We might say that was his dream.
4.  "Ah, monseigneur, do not mention it!" cried the host, in the mostpitiable voice imaginable. "Ah, monseigneur, how dearly have Ipaid for that fault, unhappy wretch as I am!"
5.  "It is not necessary for Milady* to be seen by this fellow,"continued the stranger. "She will soon pass; she is alreadylate. I had better get on horseback, and go and meet her. Ishould like, however, to know what this letter addressed toTreville contains."
6.  "Felton," said Milady, with a solemnity full of melancholy,"imagine that your sister, the daughter of your father, speaks toyou. While yet young, unfortunately handsome, I was dragged intoa snare. I resisted. Ambushes and violences multiplied aroundme, but I resisted. The religion I serve, the God I adore, wereblasphemed because I called upon that religion and that God, butstill I resisted. Then outrages were heaped upon me, and as mysoul was not subdued they wished to defile my body forever.Finally--"


1.  "That's true," said Athos, and he rang the bell.
2.  "Did he name no one in his passion?"
3.  The old man, wrapped in a large black doublet, in which thewhole of his slender body was concealed, was brisk and dry.His little gray eyes shone like carbuncles, and appeared,with his grinning mouth, to be the only part of his face inwhich life survived. Unfortunately the legs began to refusetheir service to this bony machine. During the last five orsix months that this weakness had been felt, the worthyprocurator had nearly become the slave of his wife.The cousin was received with resignation, that was all. M.Coquenard, firm upon his legs, would have declined allrelationship with M. Porthos.
4.  "Of Madame de Chevreuse?"
5.   D'Artagnan trembled.
6.  "Oh, my friends," said D'Artagnan, "you come once more tosave my life, not only mine but that of these gentlemen.Gentlemen," continued he, addressing the Guardsmen, "Irequest you will be silent with regard to this adventure.Great personages may have had a hand in what you have seen,and if talked about, the evil would only recoil upon us.""Ah, monsieur!" stammered Planchet, more dead than alive,"ah, monsieur, what an escape I have had!"


1.  "Three times she attempted to kill me, and I pardoned her; but shemurdered the woman I loved. Then my friends and I took her, tried her,and condemned her."
2.  "Are you quite sure of it?"
3.  "And I mine," said Aramis.
4、  The juncture was favorable. The English, who require, aboveeverything, good living in order to be good soldiers, onlyeating salt meat and bad biscuit, had many invalids in theircamp. Still further, the sea, very rough at this period ofthe year all along the sea coast, destroyed every day somelittle vessel; and the shore, from the point of l'Aiguillonto the trenches, was at every tide literally covered withthe wrecks of pinnacles, roberges, and feluccas. The resultwas that even if the king's troops remained quietly in theircamp, it was evident that some day or other, Buckingham, whoonly continued in the Isle from obstinacy, would be obligedto raise the siege.
5、  "Hush!" said Porthos, placing a finger on his lips. "Ibelieve her to be a cardinalist; she must know nothing ofthe matter."




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      "Oh, you are a just man!" cried Milady, throwing herself at hisfeet. "I can hold out no longer, for I fear I shall be wantingin strength at the moment when I shall be forced to undergo thestruggle, and confess my faith. Listen, then, to thesupplication of a despairing woman. You are abused, sir; butthat is not the question. I only ask you one favor; and if yougrant it me, I will bless you in this world and in the next.""Speak to the master, madame," said Felton; "happily I am neithercharged with the power of pardoning nor punishing. It is uponone higher placed than I am that God has laid thisresponsibility."

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      "Come, come, Treville, hold your tongue," said the king."If his Eminence entertains any suspicion against one of myMusketeers," said Treville, "the justice of Monsieur the Cardinalis so well known that I demand an inquiry."

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       "As to the man to be depended upon, I have him under myhand, monsieur," said M. Dessessart, pointing to D'Artagnan;"and as to the four or five volunteers, Monsieur has but tomake his intentions known, and the men will not be wanting.""Four men of good will who will risk being killed with me!"said D'Artagnan, raising his sword.

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      "You are very fortunate," said Athos, rising; "I wish Icould say as much!"

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    {  "Ah, my dear," replied D'Artagnan, "upon that very horse Icame to Paris."

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      "Yes, that's it, no doubt!" said Milady, returning the letter to Mme.Bonacieux, and letting her head sink pensively upon her bosom.At that moment they heard the gallop of a horse.}

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      D'Artagnan sank on his knees and prayed.

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      "Oh, nothing which was not right in the character of a creditor.""Well?"

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       "All for one, one for all."

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    {  "Faith! I am going to fight--because I am going to fight,"answered Porthos, reddening.

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      "A little town on the Lys; I shall only have to cross the river, and Ishall be in a foreign country."