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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "CERTES," said Aramis, "I do justice to the beauties of thisthesis; but at the same time I perceive it would be overwhelmingfor me. I had chosen this text-tell me, dear D'Artagnan, if itis not to your taste-'NON INUTILE EST DESIDERIUM IN OBLATIONE';that is, 'A little regret is not unsuitable in an offering to theLord.'"
2.  But at the sight of the young man, who detached himself from thewall like a statue walking from its niche, and at the noise ofthe steps which she heard resound behind her, Mme. Bonacieuxuttered a little cry and fled.
3.  "That is not all," resumed Lord de Winter. "My brother, who made youhis heir, died in three hours of a strange disorder which left lividtraces all over the body. My sister, how did your husband die?""Horror!" cried Porthos and Aramis.
4.  significantly, "that it was I who came to seek you, and thatI did all in my power to prevent this misfortune befallingyou."
5.  "He still lives."
6.  "That I can have nothing to say to a man who does not keep hisword."


1.  Milady, under the influence of inexpressible terror, satdown without uttering a word.
2.  "Ah, this is too much!" cried Buckingham, making a step toward the door.Felton barred his passage.
3.  Both went into the bedroom, and as the door of communicationremained open, D'Artagnan could hear Milady for some timescolding her maid. She was at length appeased, and theconversation turned upon him while Kitty was assisting hermistress.
4.  "Go to! It appears to me you make dull jokes, my dear,"said Porthos.
5.  "You are stupid, friend Porthos. Why should we loadourselves with a useless burden?"
6.  "Guess."


1.  "Well, of the four horses of our lackeys we will make two for themasters, for which we will draw lots. With the four hundredlivres we will make the half of one for one of the unmounted, andthen we will give the turnings out of our pockets to D'Artagnan,who has a steady hand, and will go and play in the first gaminghouse we come to. There!"
2.  "And so, connoisseurs in wine as we are, we have sent yousome Anjou wine?" said Porthos.
3.  "And you will leave me then?"
4.  "This is the gentleman I am going to fight with," said Athos,pointing to D'Artagnan with his hand and saluting him with thesame gesture.
5.   "For my part, I ate but little. The day before yesterdaywas a fish day, and they had nothing but meat."
6.  "But we are no longer in the city, sir," said she.The young officer preserved silence.


1.  The queen appeared cheerful and happy, which seemed to astonishthe persons who surrounded her and who were accustomed to see heralmost always sad and full of care. The queen attributed thisjoyous feeling to the beauty of the fete, to the pleasure she hadexperienced in the ballet; and as it is not permissible tocontradict a queen, whether she smile or weep, everybodyexpatiated on the gallantry of the aldermen of the city of Paris.Although D'Artagnan did not at all know the queen, he soondistinguished her voice from the others, at first by a slightlyforeign accent, and next by that tone of domination naturallyimpressed upon all royal words. He heard her approach andwithdraw from the partially open door; and twice or three timeshe even saw the shadow of a person intercept the light.At length a hand and an arm, surpassingly beautiful in their formand whiteness, glided through the tapestry. D'Artagnan at oncecomprehended that this was his recompense. He cast himself onhis knees, seized the hand, and touched it respectfully with hislips. Then the hand was withdrawn, leaving in his an objectwhich he perceived to be a ring. The door immediately closed,and D'Artagnan found himself again in complete obscurity.D'Artagnan placed the ring on his finger, and again waited; itwas evident that all was not yet over. After the reward of hisdevotion, that of his love was to come. Besides, although theballet was danced, the evening had scarcely begun. Supper was tobe served at three, and the clock of St. Jean had struck threequarters past two.
2.  "They have abducted her," added the commissary; "and do you knowthe man who has committed this deed?"
3.  "And in that case, how shall I know where you are?""You do not want your lackey?"
4、  "I must go thither tonight?"
5、  D'Artagnan was profuse in gallant speeches and protestationsof devotion. To all the simple things which escaped ourGascon, Milady replied with a smile of kindness. The hourcame for him to retire. D'Artagnan took leave of Milady,and left the saloon the happiest of men.




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      "I pardon you, monseigneur!" said Bonacieux, hesitating to takethe purse, fearing, doubtless, that this pretended gift was but apleasantry. "But you are able to have me arrested, you are ableto have me tortured, you are able to have me hanged; you are themaster, and I could not have the least word to say. Pardon you,monseigneur! You cannot mean that!"

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      "What?" asked D'Artagnan, seeing that Mme. Bonacieux hesitated tocontinue.

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       "I know that you have been abducted, madame."

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      "My dear friend," said Aramis, "remember that he goes in an oppositedirection from that I which we are going, that he has a fresh horse, andours are fatigued, so that we shall disable our own horses without evena chance of overtaking him. Let the man go, D'Artagnan; let us save thewoman."

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    {  "All the details of his coming into and going out of thepalace--on the night when he introduced himself in thecharacter of an Italian fortune teller--you will tell him,that he may not doubt the correctness of my information;that he had under his cloak a large white robe dotted withblack tears, death's heads, and crossbones--for in case of asurprise, he was to pass for the phantom of the White Ladywho, as all the world knows, appears at the Louvre everytime any great event is impending."

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      D'Artagnan put the purse into his pocket.}

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      "Oh! The affair was not long, I assure you. They placedthemselves on guard; the stranger made a feint and a lunge, andthat so rapidly that when Monsieur Porthos came to the PARADE, hehad already three inches of steel in his breast. He immediatelyfell backward. The stranger placed the point of his sword at histhroat; and Monsieur Porthos, finding himself at the mercy of hisadversary, acknowledged himself conquered. Upon which thestranger asked his name, and learning that it was Porthos, andnot D'Artagnan, he assisted him to rise, brought him back to thehotel, mounted his horse, and disappeared."

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      The usher introduced him, and retired without speaking aword. D'Artagnan remained standing and examined this man.D'Artagnan at first believed that he had to do with somejudge examining his papers; but he perceived that the man atthe desk wrote, or rather corrected, lines of unequallength, scanning the words on his fingers. He saw then thathe was with a poet. At the end of an instant the poetclosed his manuscript, upon the cover of which was written"Mirame, a Tragedy in Five Acts," and raised his head.D'Artagnan recognized the cardinal.

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       "To wait, concealed in the neighborhood, and assure yourself who are themen who come to ask for you."

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    {  D'Artagnan trembled.

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      "And how so, if you please?"