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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "What is it?" asked Villefort, rushing from his room."Doctor, do you hear them call for help?"
2.  "Indeed, count," said Morcerf, "I thank you sincerely forhaving used so much candor towards me, and I gratefullyaccept the exclusion which you propose. You say you desiremy mother's good opinion; I assure you it is already yoursto a very unusual extent."
3.  "Since you interest yourself in my affairs, I think it isnow my turn to ask you some questions."
4.  "Of what did he die?"
5.  "More than my life."
6.  "When?"


1.  "They denounced Edmond as a Bonapartist agent."
2.  "Yes, my good master," cried Bertuccio, casting himself atthe count's feet, "it was simply vengeance -- nothing else."
3.  "But the son will be here; will you invite young M.Cavalcanti?"
4.  "Yes, sir," answered Caderousse; "and remorse preys on menight and day. I often ask pardon of God, I swear to you,because this action, the only one with which I haveseriously to reproach myself in all my life, is no doubt thecause of my abject condition. I am expiating a moment ofselfishness, and so I always say to La Carconte, when shecomplains, `Hold your tongue, woman; it is the will ofGod.'" And Caderousse bowed his head with every sign of realrepentance.
5.  "To tell you all I know," was the reply.
6.  "I dance?"


1.  "My father thought that this action had been miraculouslyperformed -- he believed that a benefactor had arisen fromthe grave to save us. Oh, it was a touching superstition,monsieur, and although I did not myself believe it, I wouldnot for the world have destroyed my father's faith. Howoften did he muse over it and pronounce the name of a dearfriend -- a friend lost to him forever; and on hisdeath-bed, when the near approach of eternity seemed to haveillumined his mind with supernatural light, this thought,which had until then been but a doubt, became a conviction,and his last words were, `Maximilian, it was EdmondDantes!'" At these words the count's paleness, which had forsome time been increasing, became alarming; he could notspeak; he looked at his watch like a man who has forgottenthe hour, said a few hurried words to Madame Herbault, andpressing the hands of Emmanuel and Maximilian, -- "Madame,"said he, "I trust you will allow me to visit youoccasionally; I value your friendship, and feel grateful toyou for your welcome, for this is the first time for manyyears that I have thus yielded to my feelings;" and hehastily quitted the apartment.
2.  Barrois took the glass, and, raising it to his purple lips,took about half of the liquid offered him. "Where do yousuffer?" asked the doctor.
3.  "Come when he will, it shall be kept for him. But how is ithe is not already returned? It seems to me the first care ofgovernment should be to set at liberty those who havesuffered for their adherence to it."
4.  Monte Cristo raised his eyes, but he could not see theheavens; there was a stone veil between him and thefirmament. He thought that there had been no less thick aveil before the eyes of those to whom Faria offered thetreasures. "Could the prisoners see each other?" he asked.
5.   "Well," said Albert, with a sigh, "it seems you aredetermined to marry me."
6.  The young girl herself generally passed her time in thechamber at the farther end of her apartments. This was asort of boudoir, circular, and lighted only from the roof,which consisted of rose-colored glass. Haidee was recliningupon soft downy cushions, covered with blue satin spottedwith silver; her head, supported by one of her exquisitelymoulded arms, rested on the divan immediately behind her,while the other was employed in adjusting to her lips thecoral tube of a rich narghile, through whose flexible pipeshe drew the smoke fragrant by its passage through perfumedwater. Her attitude, though perfectly natural for an Easternwoman would, in a European, have been deemed too full ofcoquettish straining after effect. Her dress, which was thatof the women of Epirus, consisted of a pair of white satintrousers, embroidered with pink roses, displaying feet soexquisitely formed and so delicately fair, that they mightwell have been taken for Parian marble, had not the eye beenundeceived by their movements as they constantly shifted inand out of a pair of little slippers with upturned toes,beautifully ornamented with gold and pearls. She wore a blueand white-striped vest, with long open sleeves, trimmed withsilver loops and buttons of pearls, and a sort of bodice,which, closing only from the centre to the waist, exhibitedthe whole of the ivory throat and upper part of the bosom;it was fastened with three magnificent diamond clasps. Thejunction of the bodice and drawers was entirely concealed byone of the many-colored scarfs, whose brilliant hues andrich silken fringe have rendered them so precious in theeyes of Parisian belles. Tilted on one side of her head shehad a small cap of gold-colored silk, embroidered withpearls; while on the other a purple rose mingled its glowingcolors with the luxuriant masses of her hair, of which theblackness was so intense that it was tinged with blue. Theextreme beauty of the countenance, that shone forth inloveliness that mocked the vain attempts of dress to augmentit, was peculiarly and purely Grecian; there were the large,dark, melting eyes, the finely formed nose, the coral lips,and pearly teeth, that belonged to her race and country.And, to complete the whole, Haidee was in the veryspringtide and fulness of youthful charms -- she had not yetnumbered more than twenty summers.


1.  "If you are already aware of the conversation that passed,the wooden partition which interposed between us and you hasproved but a slight security."
2.  "Has it ever happened to you?" said Monte Cristo.
3.  "I say that Valentine is dead!" replied d'Avrigny, in avoice terrible in its solemn calm.
4、  "I suffer from emotion?" said Monte Cristo.
5、  "No, I never saw him until a few days since, and am notresponsible for him."




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      "Still more, he talks seriously about the matter, puts on awhite tie, and speaks of his family. He entertains a veryhigh opinion of M. and Madame de Villefort."

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       "Hollo! what's the matter at the Chateau d'If?" said thecaptain.

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      "And he had five millions in your hands alone! Why, thisCount of Monte Cristo must be a nabob?"

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    {  "The very prosaic one of our landlord."

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      There was a cry of "Shut up!" from the audience. Thismanifestation on the part of the spectators of their wish tobe allowed to hear the music, produced not the slightesteffect on the two young men, who continued theirconversation. "The countess was present at the races in theChamp-de-Mars," said Chateau-Renaud.}

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      "Then it is to your excellency that this letter isaddressed."

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      "How did you know about it?"

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       "Delighted with you, was he not? Well, he is a man of badtaste, and is still more enchanted with another. I know notwhom; look and judge for yourself."

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    {  But the count did not answer. Mercedes opened the door ofthe study and had disappeared before he had recovered fromthe painful and profound revery into which his thwartedvengeance had plunged him. The clock of the Invalides struckone when the carriage which conveyed Madame de Morcerf awayrolled on the pavement of the Champs-Elysees, and made MonteCristo raise his head. "What a fool I was," said he, "not totear my heart out on the day when I resolved to avengemyself!"

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      "I think that the adventure is assuming a very agreeableappearance."