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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1"Confound the thing!" Terry cried in desperate impatience. "They've got it sewed up in a bag! And we've not a knife among us!"
2."Will you tell us how it came about?" Jeff pursued. "You said `for two thousand years'--did you have men here before that?"
3."How are you, Van? Alive yet?"
4.This was Jeff, always an enthusiast; but we could agree with him fully.
5.Then Zava, observing Terry with her grave sweet smile, quoted back at him: "Rather hard on Thomas, isn't it? Do they enjoy it--living without mates? Are your dogs as uniformly healthy and sweet-tempered as our cats?"
6.This water was somewhat clearer than that we had left, but we could not judge well from the margin. We skirted it for another half hour or so, the ground growing firmer as we advanced, and presently we turned the corner of a wooded promontory and saw a quite different country--a sudden view of mountains, steep and bare.


1."Oh, no MAN! You mean that is one of your sex distinctions?"
2."We keep the most careful records," said Somel. "Each one of us has our exact line of descent all the way back to our dear First Mother. There are many reasons for doing that. But as to everyone knowing which child belongs to which mother--why should she?"
3."Guess it's the girls you're most interested in," Jeff commented. "What are you going to fight WITH--your fists?"
4."LET out!" he stormed. "LET out--like children kept after school. I want to Get Out, and I'm going to. I want to find the men of this place and fight!--or the girls--"
5."I never fought with women in my life," said Terry, greatly perturbed, "but I'm not going in there. I'm not going to be-- herded in--as if we were in a cattle chute."
6."They've got architects and landscape gardeners in plenty, that's sure," agreed Terry.


1."But does not each mother want her own child to bear her name?" I asked.
2.Terry was reduced to a rather combative group: keen, logical, inquiring minds, not overly sensitive, the very kind he liked least; while, as for me--I became quite cocky over my general popularity.
3.There were no spectacular acrobatics, such as only the young can perform, but for all-around development they had a most excellent system. A good deal of music went with it, with posture dancing and, sometimes, gravely beautiful processional performances.
4."Well, what'll we do then?" I asked, rather gloomily. "How do you know we'll ever get out?"
5. They were considering these two things: the advisability of making the Great Change; and the degree of personal adaptability which would best serve that end.
6.Yet they were not old women. Each was in the full bloom of rosy health, erect, serene, standing sure-footed and light as any pugilist. They had no weapons, and we had, but we had no wish to shoot.


1."Nothing venture, nothing have," I suggested, but Terry preferred "Faint heart ne'er won fair lady."
2."Most delightful girls, I call them," said Jeff, his blue eyes dreamily contented.
3."I don't see any cattle," I suggested, but Terry was silent. We were approaching a village.
4、"They may have some peculiar division of labor we've never heard of," I suggested. "The men may live in separate towns, or they may have subdued them--somehow--and keep them shut up. But there must be some."
5、All our teachers were eagerly interested.




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    "Both!" insisted Terry.

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    An ocean voyage is an excellent time for discussion. Now we had no eavesdroppers, we could loll and loaf in our deck chairs and talk and talk--there was nothing else to do. Our absolute lack of facts only made the field of discussion wider.

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     We stopped breathless, at last, at my repeated admonitions.

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    Here we had the advantage of our small personal experience with those three fleet forest girls; and that served to draw us together.

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    {A Unique History

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    The solidity of those women was something amazing. Terry soon found that it was useless, tore himself loose for a moment, pulled his revolver, and fired upward. As they caught at it, he fired again--we heard a cry--.}

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    We were rather doubtful on this point, and inclined to hold that there was more chance of improvement in greater physical variation.

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    "No--why should she? The child has its own."

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     I haven't said where it was for fear some self-appointed missionaries, or traders, or land-greedy expansionists, will take it upon themselves to push in. They will not be wanted, I can tell them that, and will fare worse than we did if they do find it.

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    {"Thousands--in a large city," said Jeff, "and nearly every family has one in the country."

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    "We can't fight them, of course," Jeff urged. "They're all women, in spite of their nondescript clothes; nice women, too; good strong sensible faces. I guess we'll have to go in."