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We should have to piece it out from our bedding, rugs, and garments, and moreover, we should have to do it after we were shut in for the night, for every day the place was cleaned to perfection by two of our guardians.


With their united power and wisdom, they had studied and overcome the "diseases of childhood"--their children had none.

Hangings, rugs, robes, towels, as well as bed-furniture--even the mattress covers--we left not one stitch upon another, as Jeff put it.

The others moved a bit farther out, holding firmly, watching. Terry's smile was irreproachable, but I did not like the look in his eyes--it was like a creature about to spring. I could already see it happen--the dropped necklace, the sudden clutching hand, the girl's sharp cry as he seized her and drew her in. But it didn't happen. She made a timid reach with her right hand for the gay swinging thing--he held it a little nearer--then, swift as light, she seized it from him with her left, and dropped on the instant to the bough below.

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Of astronomy they had a fair working knowledge--that is a very old science; and with it, a surprising range and facility in mathematics.<"But have you names enough to give a new one to each child?"

"Yes," answered Zava.

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When we reached that and slid out on its broad glistening bosom, with that high gray promontory running out toward us, and the straight white fall clearly visible, it began to be really exciting.

"A punitive expedition," I urged. "If the ladies do eat us we must make reprisals."

"We each go without a certain range of personal joy," she said, "but remember--we each have a million children to love and serve--OUR children."


<"What are you going to do with it when you do find it--if you do?" Jeff asked mildly."You speak as if it were done for the convenience of the consumer--not the pride of the producer," I suggested.

"Whatever do you do without milk?" Terry demanded incredulously.





ƽַ̨ȶ²ɽҽԺҩƷ?ߴҩ»(ͼ) Even their shortcomings and misdeeds in childhood never were presented to them as sins; merely as errors and misplays-- as in a game. Some of them, who were palpably less agreeable than others or who had a real weakness or fault, were treated with cheerful allowance, as a friendly group at whist would treat a poor player. ϸ

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ƽַ̨񡤻˹ȫ¹ڷ3694 ۼ28018 But very early they recognized the need of improvement as well as of mere repetition, and devoted their combined intelligence to that problem--how to make the best kind of people. First this was merely the hope of bearing better ones, and then they recognized that however the children differed at birth, the real growth lay later--through education. ϸ

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