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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  "His coachman-"
2.  "It would appear so."
3.  "Hopkins has called me in seven times, and on each occasion hissummons has been entirely justified," said Holmes. "I fancy that everyone of his cases has found its way into your collection, and I mustadmit, Watson, that you have some power of selection, which atones formuch which I deplore in your narratives. Your fatal habit of lookingat everything from the point of view of a story instead of as ascientific exercise has ruined what might have been an instructive andeven classical series of demonstrations. You slur over work of theutmost finesse and delicacy, in order to dwell upon sensationaldetails which may excite, but cannot possibly instruct, the reader.""Why do you not write them yourself?" I said, with some bitterness."I will, my dear Watson, I will. At present I am, as you know,fairly busy, but I propose to devote my declining years to thecomposition of a textbook, which shall focus the whole art ofdetection into one volume. Our present research appears to be a caseof murder."
4.  "But this danger, Holmes?"
5.  "But we have no warrant for his arrest."
6.  "This gentleman?" said he, with a wave in my direction. "Is itdiscreet? Is it right?"


1.  "I have given him notice. In a couple of weeks I shall have shakenoff his accursed slavery. A hard man, Mr. Holmes, hard to all abouthim. Those public charities are a screen to cover his privateiniquities. But his wife was his chief victim. He was brutal to her-yes, sir, brutal! How she came by her death I do not know, but I amsure that he had made her life a misery to her. She was a creatureof the tropics, a Brazilian by birth, as no doubt you know.""No, it had escaped me."
2.  And yet it opened in the blackest disappointment. With high hopes westruck across the peaty, russet moor, intersected with a thousandsheep paths, until we came to the broad, light-green belt which markedthe morass between us and Holdernesse. Certainly, if the lad hadgone homeward, he must have passed this, and he could not pass itwithout leaving his traces. But no sign of him or the German couldbe seen. With a darkening face my friend strode along the margin,eagerly observant of every muddy stain upon the mossy surface.Sheep-marks there were in profusion, and at one place, some milesdown, cows had left their tracks. Nothing more.
3.  "'My dear man,' said he, 'you will only ruin your own
4.  "'Some day, perhaps, but not just at present, Jack.'
5.  "Very likely. It would certainly be a dangerous exploit for anynormal man."
6.  Sherlock Holmes listened with closed eyes and fingertips together tothis remarkable account.


2.  "There, now!" she cried, throwing back her head and lookingdefiantly at Lestrade. "You hear! He gives me hopes."
3.  Holmes took the book from my hand.
4.  "Anything else?"
5.   "Quite so. Why did they fly? There is a big fact. Another big factis the remarkable experience of our client, Scott Eccles. Now, my dearWatson, is it beyond the limits of human ingenuity to furnish anexplanation which would cover both these big facts? If it were onewhich would also admit of the mysterious note with its very curiousphraseology, why, then it would be worth accepting as a temporaryhypothesis. If the fresh facts which come to our knowledge all fitthemselves into the scheme, then our hypothesis may gradually become asolution."
6.  "None, except what he states."


1.  "By no means."
2.  "I have known him for some time," said I, "but I never knew him doanything yet without a very good reason," and with that ourconversation drifted off on to other topics.
3.  "I'll tell you, Watson. He is the king of all the blackmailers.Heaven help the man, and still more the woman, whose secret andreputation come into the power of Milverton! With a smiling face and aheart of marble, he will squeeze and squeeze until he has drained themdry. The fellow is a genius in his way, and would have made his markin some more savoury trade. His method is as follows: He allows itto be known that he is prepared to pay very high sums for letterswhich compromise people of wealth and position. He receives thesewares not only from treacherous valets or maids, but frequently fromgenteel ruffians, who have gained the confidence and affection oftrusting women. He deals with no niggard hand. I happen to know thathe paid seven hundred pounds to a footman for a note two lines inlength, and that the ruin of a noble family was the result. Everythingwhich is in the market goes to Milverton, and there are hundreds inthis great city who turn white at his name. No one knows where hisgrip may fall, for he is far too rich and far too cunning to work fromhand to mouth. He will hold a card back for years in order to playit at the moment when the stake is best worth winning. I have saidthat he is the worst man in London, and I would ask you how couldone compare the ruffian, who in hot blood bludgeons his mate, withthis man, who methodically and at his leisure tortures the soul andwrings the nerves in order to add to his already swollen money-bags?"I had seldom heard my friend speak with such intensity of feeling."But surely," said I, "the fellow must be within the grasp of thelaw?"
4、  "Surely it is easily, decided, Hope," said the Premier. "Let us havethe despatch-box brought in."
5、  "So I gather."




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      "Who was the criminal, then?"

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       Mrs. Hudson, the landlady of Sherlock Holmes, was a long-sufferingwoman. Not only was her first-floor flat invaded at all hours bythrongs of singular and often undesirable characters but herremarkable lodger showed an eccentricity and irregularity in hislife which must have sorely tried her patience. His incredibleuntidiness, his addiction to music at strange hours, his occasionalrevolver practice within doors, his weird and often malodorousscientific experiments, and the atmosphere of violence and dangerwhich hung around him made him the very worst tenant in London. On theother hand, his payments were princely. I have no doubt that the housemight have been purchased at the price which Holmes paid for his roomsduring the years that I was with him.

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      "It may be so," answered Holmes, shrugging his shoulders. "I canonly say for certain that Mr. Joseph Harrison is a gentleman towhose mercy I should be extremely unwilling to trust."

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    {  At Baden the track was not difficult to follow. Lady Frances hadstayed at the Englischer Hof for a fortnight. While there she had madethe acquaintance of a Dr. Shlessinger and his wife, a missionaryfrom South America. Like most lonely ladies, Lady Frances found hercomfort and occupation in religion. Dr. Shlessinger's remarkablepersonality, his whole-hearted devotion, and the fact that he wasrecovering from a disease contracted in the exercise of hisapostolic duties affected her deeply. She had helped Mrs.Shlessinger in the nursing of the convalescent saint. He spent hisday, as the manager described it to me, upon a lounge-chair on theveranda, with an attendant lady upon either side of him. He waspreparing a map of the Holy Land, with special reference to thekingdom of the Midianites, upon which he was writing a monograph.Finally, having improved much in health, he and his wife hadreturned to London, and Lady Frances had started thither in theircompany. This was just three weeks before, and the manager had heardnothing since. As to the maid, Marie, she had gone off some daysbeforehand in floods of tears, after informing the other maids thatshe was leaving service forever. Dr. Shlessinger had paid the billof the whole party before his departure.

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      "I was struck dumb with astonishment at the sight of her, but myemotions were nothing to those which showed themselves upon her facewhen our eyes met. She seemed for an instant to wish to shrink backinside the house again; and then, seeing how useless all concealmentmust be, she came forward, with a very white face and frightenedeyes which belied the smile upon her lips.}

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      "As far as you are personally concerned," remarked Holmes, "Ido not see that you have any grievance against this extraordinaryleague. On the contrary, you are, as I understand, richer by some30 pound, to say nothing of the minute knowledge which you have gainedon every subject which comes under the letter A. You have lostnothing by them."

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       With a united effort we tore off the coffin-lid. As we did sothere came from the inside a stupefying and overpowering smell ofchloroform. A body lay within, its head ill wreathed in cotton-wool,which had been soaked in the narcotic. Holmes plucked it off anddisclosed the statuesque face of a handsome and spiritual woman ofmiddle age. In an instant he had passed his arm round the figure andraised her to a sitting position.

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      by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle